Saturday, June 1, 2013

One of My Favorite Stores, Ever!

Everyone has their favorite store that they can walk into and without fail walk out with something new in their hands. For a long time my favorite store was Forever 21, which still is one of my favorite, don't get me wrong. However, probably two years ago I discovered a new store that I have completely fallen in love with just as much as Forever 21 if not more.

Cotton On is an Australian-based retailer that sells clothing for men and women primarily. Their other brands include Cotton On Kids (obviously for kids), Rubi Shoes (also obvious), and Typo (stationery and accessories for the home, hipster-type style). I see them as a much cheaper version of Urban Outfitters, with their styles of clothing being a combination of Urban and Forever 21, sort of. Some of the blazers and jackets slightly remind me of H&M as well. It's hard to describe. They have a lot of simple pieces, which makes them easy to dress up or down. 

For example, I have this really cute dress from there (pictured below) that I have worn at a dressy casual/semi formal awards night, but I have also dressed it down with a denim vest. It's one of my favorite dresses that I try to dress differently every time I wear it.

As you can see, I love this dress. I always like to try something different. But anyway, this just goes to show the versatility of Cotton On's pieces and their simplicity as well. Quite a few of the things I have from there are solid-colored, but if something has a printed pattern, it is usually really simple. Nothing too crazy, but I like it.

Another reason I love this store are the prices of course! I almost always go straight to the sale section because they have so many tops for 5 dollars and dresses/jeans/other bottoms for 10 or 15 dollars. Usually these items are marked down from being originally 30 dollars or more! I bought a laptop case from their accessories and home brand Typo that was originally 35 dollars but I got it for only 5! It was a great day. My favorite bag from the store was originally 30 dollars but I got it for only 11, and that's with tax!

Still not sold? Find the nearest Cotton On to you and find out for yourself. I could talk about it for days but don't take my word for it. Try it out for yourself, I can almost guarantee that you'll fall in love. (Even their employee discount is half off everything except sale items!)

Ever been to Cotton On before? Think you have a favorite store that beats this place? Let me know in the comments!

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