Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting Acquainted

At the airport! [:
The past couple days have been an adventure so far! Sunday was such a long day because my flight was so late, so most of my day seemed like any other day. Darell had dropped me off to the airport and I got to meet up with my team.

We finally boarded our plane hours later to head over to Panama before jumping onto a connecting flight to Lima, Peru. Both flights together were only nine hours long, but for whatever reason it seemed to have taken longer. However, I loved being on the plane though because I love long flights. With the Philippines being a 16-hour flight away from LA, most other flights aren’t so bad. Other than the cramped spaces and the scary flushing toilets, I love the experience of being on a plane. I love looking out the window and observing where I am, knowing that I am in a totally different world. I love the anticipation one goes through on the plane before they land at their destination.  I love the little tickle in my stomach as the plane slowly descends, although I hate that feeling on rollercoasters.

Anyway, we arrived in Lima, Peru at 1pm. We went through immigration and got our stuff ready to go to the Bible Institute we are staying at. The airport was super nice, clean, and not crowded at all. The process of going through was so much easier than LAX or the international airport in the Philippines.

A few of the girls and I then rode with one of the pastors we will be working with to the Assemblies of God Bible Institute here, in Lima. We all met up and got our rooms in the dorm. Everyone so far has been so nice and generous to us! They’ve been asking if we’re okay and trying to learn a couple English words to try to communicate with us better, but we ourselves are trying to communicate with them.

Two of the girls on my team when we first found out about wifi here, haha.
We had a few hours of rest before exploring a bit so the girls talked until we were tired enough to nap for a bit. When it was time to get ready, our group leader, Fernando told us about where to get wifi. We all immediately woke up and walked over to the library! We’re such Americans haha. We all savored the time to update and communicate with friends/loved ones before heading out into the town.

We ate at this place called Roky’s that is known for their chicken. We all just ate rotisserie chicken for the first night because Fernando said that the ingredients and flavors used in other dishes are so strong that we’d get sick so we stuck to something simple. We had great fries and chicken, but I forgot to take a picture of it all! However, I did take a picture of my dessert, Peruvian Flan. It was so good but I couldn’t finish it because I was so full.

Roky's--probably the best rotisserie chicken I've ever had. 
Afterwards we went around one of the main squares of Downtown Lima and took pictures with all the buildings and their wonderful architecture. The president’s palace is in that main square as well, and it was huge and beautiful from the outside. Guards were at every opening to the palace, it was crazy.

The beautiful President's palace!
After walking and being tourists for a bit, we went to the huge grocery store in the area to buy water (because we can’t drink or use tap water to brush our teeth for fear of getting sick) and other miscellaneous items, like toilet paper (you have to bring your own everywhere) and snacks. Everyone was so tired by then we just got ready for bed when we got back and went to bed not too long after. It is currently just past 9:30am here so I gotta go now, we’re going to have breakfast and a devotional before doing our first bit of ministry for the day. Thanks for reading & I'll try to update again soon!


  1. I'd like to visit Peru. It's got so much to offer and I could practice my spanish!


    1. You definitely should! It is such an amazing place! [:


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