Monday, June 3, 2013

Good Company and Good Clothes

This past week has been one of the best I’ve had in a while. It was filled with good company and lots of food (the good clothes come later).

This week I spent most of it with my boyfriend, Darell, and his friends Chris, Norm, Paul, Dave, and occasionally James. They all go to Family Church Signal Hill together, and I must say that my experience with the guys and the church have been really good so far.

I’ve been attending the Sunday services and midweek services with them while I am home, and because I haven’t been involved with a church in a while, I’ve been appreciating the time I’ve been spending with the people in the church. I’ve also loved hanging out with the guys because quite frankly, I’ve been spending most of my time with mostly girls for the past few weeks (maybe even months). Other than my boyfriend, I haven’t been had the chance to really hang out and get to know some really good guy friends in a long time. I’ve honestly really loved having their company because they are such great people to hang around with. Shoot, I’m already comfortable enough to hang out with them without Darell! Haha. I’d totally post a picture with them but unfortunately I don’t have any because I don’t want to be the super girly girl in the group that takes pictures every time we hang out, haha.

However, I was able to catch up a bit with a guy friend of mine that was in the Philippines for the past few months but recently came back, Edrev. I hung out with him, Darell, and Darell’s little brother the other night. We had some boba and a lot of popcorn chicken.

I also caught up with three of my girlfriends from high school! I was so happy to see my friends Nalani, Leilani, and Danica after not getting to really spend time with them these past few months. Unfortunately, Danica couldn’t hang out with us more, but that’s okay, more adventures to come this week! [:

In other random news, before I get to the awesome clothes I got this week, I got to meet Nikki Soohoo from the movies Stick It, Bring it On Fight to the Finish, and The Lovely Bones! I was helping Darell film an event for someone from church and I recognized her! At first I couldn’t remember where she was from, but after she told me what movies she did, I remembered her mostly from Stick It from watching it so many times. That was a nice, random addition to my great week.

Now, onto my clothes!
My mom just came back from the Philippines on Friday, so that means pasalubong (pah-sah-loo-bōhng)! If you don’t know what that means, pasalubong is Tagalog for “gift.” The gift, however, is usually from a trip abroad.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I got a dress and four tops from her. What I also got but isn’t pictured here is a cut-out dress I bought from Black Friday that finally had its zipper fixed in the Philippines because it’s so much cheaper.

The dress is a sleeveless, scoop-neck dress that is a creamish color. It has knitted details in the shoulders and lace throughout the dress.

The top at the top of the picture is a white, collared sleeveless top with vertical ruching. The one right beneath it is a cream-colored short-sleeved top with knitted sleeves and top of the back. The one beneath it to the right is another collared sleeveless top in black and white with crisscrossing lines. The last one on top of all the tops is a tank with a collar, and underneath it is a mesh lining in the shape of the collar.

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P.S. I would've posted this earlier, but I apologize due to my very inconsistent internet connection.
P.P.S. Stay tuned for my next post on my new series of OOTD's! [:

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