Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebratin' Amurica (Ootd Post)

Hi everyone! It's technically July 5th (my boyfriend's and my own 37 month anniversary haha), but I hope you all had a great Independence Day/4th of July with your friends and families! I know I did with mine!

So since I haven't done one in a while, here's my ootd (outfit of the day for those who didn't know) for today!

Now I know that most people do holiday-inspired outfits before the day of so that you can have an idea of what to do for that day, but even I didn't know what I was going to wear until today, and besides I think that for some people, they don't need one day to celebrate America! Some celebrate us all year long! #AmericanPride haha.

The picture quality is a little weird... yay for iphone cameras haha!
  • Headband: Actually it's a scarf from the Philippines that my boyfriend's mom gave me a couple years back (Thanks Tita!). You can find something similar here.
  • Top: I'm wearing a white pleated bib button-up from Forever 21 in the Philippines (Thanks Mom!). You can get it here.
  • Shorts: These navy blue, high-waisted shorts are from Goodwill. I got them for only $2! You can find a similar denim version here.
  • Shoes: These red printed loafers were from Target for $19.99! You can get something similar here.
This outfit mixes the colors of America in a really simple, yet 60's inspired manner with the headband done the way it is and my cat-eye liner (which you may not be able to see well). This is my own version of colorblocking, haha. 

Wanna see more from my 4th of July celebration with my family? Follow me on Instagram or Twitter! I'm always updating on days like this and more! Until next time, chau for now! [:

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