Saturday, July 6, 2013

Imagination Exploration / Outfit of the Day

Today, I went to the California Science Center with my friend, Danica, and her family to see the space shuttle Endeavor! I love museums, and I love how the science center is so interactive, so I was pretty excited to go.

When we saw the Endeavor up close and personal in the exhibit it was in, I almost couldn't believe it. It was so weird but really cool that I was staring at the same space shuttle that has gone back and forth between Earth and space 25 times. Now it was sitting in a room in LA, where I could go see it. I like that it's here because it can serve to be an inspiration to those that want to aspire to be part of something historical or do something that seems totally crazy, like all those astronauts did when they went up into space. It's a cool reminder of what humans can accomplish.

Another aspect I liked about today: my outfit! Haha, I totally wasn't expecting this, but here's another ootd post about what to wear when you're out and about! 

I wanted to come up with an outfit that was easy to move around in for going to a museum, but nice-looking at the same time. I threw a few pieces together and came up with this outfit! The skirt is a little too nice for a museum visit, but the shirt and denim together make it a little more casual and fitting to the situation. Note: Denim is perfect to make any outfit more casual!

  • Top: Gold-chained printed shirt from Cotton On, on sale for $5! It was hard to find something similar to this that looked decent, but here's something.
  • Vest: This is a gold-studded denim vest from Forever 21 that I got for $17.80, I believe. Here is a similar one.
  • Skirt: This bodycon skirt is from Forever 21 (got it from my sister). Here's something similar.
  • Shoes: Well, I wore these yesterday. Check out yesterday's blog post if you wanna see where you can get a similar pair! 

So that was today. Stay tuned for this weekend! I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing, but I'm hoping it'll be something fun or different!

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