Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer of Something New: Pacific Rim Movie Review

This is a very late post, but better late than never, right? I've decided to try this project out that my friend Annaliese over at Southern Belle in Training is doing as well! I've already been doing and trying out so many new things this summer, I might as well add them into a post!

So for the rest of my summer, I'll be posting about something new I've done for that week (except for next week, I won't be here). Having said that, let's get on with this! [:

I started reading a book, courtesy of my lovely boyfriend called "The Gospel According to Jesus." I haven't gotten too far into it, but I'm excited to read it because anyone could always use more clarification on the Bible. I love reading about that kind of stuff.

I also watched the new movie, Pacific Rim, when it came out Thursday night! I watched it with some really good guy friends of mine, and I must say that the movie was pretty good!

*NOTE: Spoilers ahead! 

It's about a war between the human race and monsters from an alternate world called kaiju. The humans develop jaegers (yay-gers) to fight off the kaiju. They are successful at first, but as they begin to adapt to the jaegers, they get stronger. Years later, the program gets shut down and there are only four jeagers left. Former pilot Raleigh is re-recruited to fight in the old jaeger he fought with his brother in until his brother was taken out of it and killed by a kaiju. He is paired up with Mako, adoptive daughter of the marshal of the entire fleet of jaegers, out of compatibility to "drift," or share thoughts and fight together, basically.

Long story short, after two jaegers go down and another one gets injured, Mako and Raleigh team up to help fight off the last bit of the kaiju and close off the bridge that is connecting the two worlds. You can guess how the story ends.

I totally butchered the movie's plot, but I think it's a movie everyone should watch for themselves. Of course, being the girl that I am, I wished that the relationship between Mako and Raleigh had progressed more throughout the movie, but I do like the deep emotional (and almost spiritual) connection they had to each other without physically showing it, unlike most movies. Some of the acting by other actors on some parts were really cheesy and bad, but I think that was intentional.

Although I love Romantic Comedies and Sci-Fi Action films aren't my first choice, this movie was done really well! I loved the special effects and just the flow of the plot in general. It also had its funny moments, which I enjoyed as well.

This week wasn't too crazy; I spent most of it preparing for the camp I'm leaving for later on today (Saturday). This is it for now! Chau for now, lovelies [:

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