Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday Best (Ootd Post)

This weekend has been lots of fun! I've been pretty busy so I haven't been able to post until now. I have a food review post coming up for you guys soon, but until then, let's talk about today (Sunday)!

Today, I got back on stage to sing worship at the church I've been going to for the summer! It's been a little over a year since I last sang worship on stage. It felt good. It was kinda like a reminder of how good God has been to me over the past few months. He is so good. 

Anyway, so back to the outfit post! This is the outfit that I put together to wear to church today [: I wanted to look nice, but I also wanted to cover up a little bit because the top of my dress was just knitted and hole-y (get it? Hahaha I'm so punny). Besides, I was also going to be on stage so I wore the button-up top instead of a regular cardigan.

  • Billabong Chambray Button-Up (was a gift from my mom)
  • White lacey and knitted dress from the Philippines (Also from my mom, haha)
  • Forever 21 Black Waist Belt: $5.80
  • Forever 21 White Crew Socks with Pink Bows: $2.80
  • Forever 21 Black Wedged Leather Booties: On sale $9.50

I love this dress that my mom got for me from the Philippines! It's very simple but it's so pretty. It's very easy to dress. I decided to wear the black booties instead of flats because I wanted to toughen up this pretty dress. And even though you can't see it, my button-up has studs on the pockets too. Another random thing I like is having exposed socks when I wear booties or boots. 

I haven't done an ootd post in a while. I was so excited to wear this today, so I just had to share it with you all! I hope you had a very relaxing Sunday [: Until then, chau for now!


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