Thursday, August 1, 2013

Latepost: Update

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting the past few days, most of it was due to my laziness, so that's my fault. I keep telling myself to post but for some reason I don't. Don't you feel that your work environment plays a huge part in how well you work? Well, my current work environment is my dad's house, which is pretty messy and without much room, so it doesn't motivate me to work. It just makes me feel lazy. However, whenever I'm in my dorm room at school or Starbucks or something like that, I'm more inclined to want to work and get things done because it's spacious and mostly clean (if it's my dorm, haha).

What have I been up to? Well, on Monday I didn't do much, but the most significant event was visiting my favorite teacher at his home to see his family and update him on the camp I went to just two weeks ago. He's the one who introduced me to that camp but hasn't been back as long as I have because of lots of things going on in his life, mostly starting a family with his lovely girlfriend. [:

Tuesday, I visited Vanguard to get some financial aid stuff sorted out and to have a meeting with my boss. I'm pretty stressed right now about money because I have to pay more for school this year than I did last year (which isn't much), but even then my family was barely able to make the payments. Right now I'm really leaning on God to provide a way. He always does. It's just really stressful trying to figure out how you'll pay for school, buy books, pay for other school expenses. I'll have a job on campus next year, but I'm hoping that it will sustain me throughout the school year. Other than handling school stuff (which I'll be writing a lot more about when school comes around), I went to worship practice! I'm so thankful that God has allowed me the privilege to be on a worship team again after being off for over a year. I couldn't be more humbled at the opportunity. Since I don't really sing to perform anymore, if I do sing, it is usually towards worship, rather than a performance for others. I love worshipping God through song. It's such a beautiful thing, what words can do and what they can mean.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I had to drive back to Vanguard, which is a 45 minute drive in traffic I might add (20 on a good day), just to double check some financial aid stuff. I dropped my dad off to work at the airport before driving back down to church. I realized today that I spend probably the same amount of time running errands as I do driving. My dad and I are currently sharing my car because he still hasn't gotten his fixed (8 months, really?) so I've been taking him to work so that I can use it to get to wherever I need to get to. But anyway, once I got to church, we had worship practice for the youth night, then I went over to the community groups (bible studies) for adults 18 and up. I really love hearing other peoples' interpretations of God's Word, especially since I'm one of the youngest there. People from so many different walks of life and age groups all have such different ways of dissecting the Bible, which I think is awesome.

So now, here I am, a week and a half away from moving back to school. I am beyond excited! Other than the financial issues I've been having, I'm super excited for everything that's going to happen this year. I'll be writing more about it next week and when I move back into my dorm.

There you have it, that's what's been happening with me lately. Keep your eyes out for a post about my hometown/college town, a restaurant review, and... a vlog? Haha all that will be coming at you within the next week! I hope you all are doing well [: If you have any questions or comments that you want me to address in my upcoming vlog(s), comment below or email me!

Chau for now! ♥

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