Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Good and Bad About Starting a New School Year

Earlier this week, I started another school year. I am now officially a sophomore in college.

My roommate Alissa, & I!
So far, I must say that I like my schedule so far! Other than the time for my New Testament class (it's an 8am), I'm really excited for my classes this upcoming year. I'm excited to study the New Testament in depth, improve the school's newspaper, be in choir again, and so much more. I have a heavy schedule, but it is nicely spread out, which is something I need because I need to have breaks throughout the day. I also love my roommate, Alissa! You'll be meeting and getting to know her soon. [:

On another note,
I'm not sure if it's just me or if it's because it's only the second day of school, but I'll be honest, there are times that I feel out of place. Maybe it's cause I know live in the building in the farthest corner from the main part of campus. I'm not so sure, but it's a thought that's been running through my head. I feel like a floater. I sure hope that I'm not doing this to myself, but that's something that I really wonder about. Maybe it's just the second day of school and everyone is still figuring out their schedules. Who knows. I just have to keep reminding myself where my worth is found and Who I belong to, no matter what the situation really turns out to be. I really need to be relying on Jesus not just for these sorts of things, but everything. I'm still working on it.

Have you ever felt this way?


  1. YES! I felt like this in my first year of uni and it probably took me the whole year to settle in in fact. So don't stress, you'll be fine :)

    1. Okay, that makes me feel a lot better. Thanks for the encouragement and assurance, Suzy!

  2. Hi! just discovered your blog because we both sponsor the darling prepster and I'm a comm/PR major too! Can't wait to follow along!

    1. Cool, thanks so much [: I'll check you out & follow along as well!


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