Friday, November 1, 2013

Blog Updates // Announcement!

If you're on my blog (which, you obviously are if you are reading this), then you may notice one tiny change. If you look at the top of your page, the URL is different than the rest of my blog, although you probably typed in Don't worry, it is not a mistake, but I am in the works of renaming and completely redoing my blog! My new blog name will be entitled Livin' and Lovin'.

After spending the past few weeks and months deliberating, I had finally decided to change my name. I wanted to shorten my blog's name for the sake of being able to find it and I wanted something that fit me better and that I was more comfortable with. Although I love Through the Eyes of a Cali Girl, I was never fully comfortable with the name and the name never fully grew onto me. I decided to change my blog's name to "Livin' and Lovin'" because I feel like the name is shorter and fits me. I also think it rolls off the tongue better than Through the Eyes of a Cali Girl. 

That being said, the change will be gradual. I will be keeping Through the Eyes of a Cali Girl as my Facebook page and on my blog until I am done redesigning the look of my blog. It shouldn't be too dramatic, but I will start using Livin' and Lovin' once the rebranding process finishes. I am really excited for what is going to happen as my blog undergoes these changes. As my readers, I appreciate all of your support and patience with me through this process, as it is not a quick and easy one. I love you all! 

Until next time, chau for now!

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