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Don't Put Metal in the Microwave [Guest Post]

Hi lovelies! As I am dealing with tons of curveballs being thrown my way and being so busy with my roommate's birthday celebration, here's Erin from Hooley with a "Z" talking about a funny roommate story from her senior year of college! 


Thanks for having me Kriselle! Guest-posting for a blogger who lives in California makes me feel a little warmer now that the Minnesota chill is in the air for real lately. 

Before I was an old married woman and a homeowner, I was a college student like Kriselle. and as I read her posts about college life (seriously, are we not all jealous of how much fun she has??), it brings me back to those good old days. Because college was the best. You're always doing something fun, meeting new people, and living some of the best days of your life. 

I loved college, but I have to tell you guys, I am so happy that I never have to live with roommates again (except my husband OBVIOUSLY). For any of you are in college living with roommates, I hope that you never have the experiences I had.

Me & roomie #1!

Without fail, there was always one roommate in my houses/apartments/dorms who defied the laws of sanity and normal behavior. The only explanation for it is that there must have been a sign on my forehead that said, "Attention crazies! I need one more roommate, and since the others are normal, I need to shake it up a bit! Apply within."

One of the funnier stories that I love to tell people happened during senior year. I lived with three girls in a gorgeous, brand new apartment. we had all accumulated enough stuff over the last three years to decorate and make it ADORABLE, and overall it was amazing. 

The only part that made me a little nervous was the fact that the fourth roommate (a girl none of us knew very well) didn't seem to have much common sense. She had never had to do chores in her life, and it was a struggle to get her to care about normal things like cleaning the bathroom or cleaning her gross food out of the fridge. She would walk around naked in front of the open windows (we lived in the middle of the city), and not understand why that maybe wasn't the best idea in the world.

Aside from those minor things, everything was fine for a few months. And then one day, as I walked up the stairs to our place after an early class, the smell of burning rubber hit me hard. None of my roommates were home, so my first thought was, "Someone must have burnt something in one of the other apartments". At the same time, my phone beeped and I read this text from roommate #4: "Sorry for the mess. I'll clean it up when I get home tonight." 

I was upstairs and in the door in two seconds. Turns out the smell was coming from MY apartment. Because roommate #4 had put a travel mug in the microwave to warm it up and then she walked away to get dressed. A metal travel mug. In the microwave. 

travel mug(a travel mug much like this one [image via])
Spoiler alert: the travel mug burst into flames and was fully on fire by the time she got back. 

How did I know all this? Because she left the melted mug in the microwave. She apparently didn't know that metal and microwaves don't mix, and that melted plastic hardens and is impossible to clean up.

So the good news was that the apartment didn't burn down. The bad news was that roommate #4 didn't want to buy another microwave because she thought it would be fine to keep using the flame-ridden one. Well, us other three roommates said no to that idea. And we didn't have any money either, so on principle, we weren't going to buy one for her. We went our whole senior year without a microwave. 

And that's the story of how my crazy roommate is the reason I learned how to make nachos in the oven. 

hooley with a zErin is a true Minnesotan (without the accent) and a Laura Ingalls wannabe who loves parentheses and ellipses…a lot. She loves to share the silliness she finds in everyday life, along with a little seriousness thrown in here and there. She is a big fan of this new adventure of marriage with her husband (who she lovingly refers to as Mister Man), prefers her gin with tonic, and believes the perfect Sunday is spent going to church and drinking coffee all the live-long day. You can find Erin squawking about her life and anything else that inspires her at (She tweets and instagrams @hooleywithaz).

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