Saturday, October 12, 2013

Writing is Good for You [Guest Post]

My birthday is coming up in a few short days! Because of that, I've been busy catching up on school work before I celebrate my birthday with a few close friends of mine for the next few days. Today is part 1 of my birthday celebration, and I have no idea what I'm doing, courtesy of my roommate, Alissa. 
I'll write about that later on, but for today I have a guest post from a blogging friend of mine, Ashley from Chaos and Words. She loves to write, and wants to encourage others to blog and write as well! (I endorse this message).
I started blogging as a way to journal, to discuss daily activities, to track my recovery from spinal surgery, and to begin the path of redefining my life. What did I want out of it? Where was I heading? At the time of my surgery, I was working in retail despite a Bachelor’s degree in English. I had learned what many other twenty-somethings had also experienced: the job market is not in our favor. Thus, I wrote, almost daily. It was something that remained comforting despite the unsteadiness of my life, my goals, and my choices. It served as a therapeutic release and it cultivated my passion further for the written word – both creatively and otherwise.
Eventually, I decided to completely start over and write more meaningful posts than what would normally appear in a diary. I began writing about what inspired me, what writing meant for me, and I also began sharing more of my fiction. This helped me develop more of a network of other writers, which then nurtured my path all the more. It has been a great journey, and a lot of it has to do with self-discovery.
Writing and blogging both play a role in this development of self-awareness. To write is to bare all, whether intentioned or not. The words come from our brains, and our personality, imagination, thought processes become visible for all to soak in. There is a vulnerability to writing that is both exhilarating and terrifying. Often times, people view writers as introverted people sitting quietly alone in coffee shops. How many people choose to unabashedly share a part of them for all to read, however? As Henri Matisse stated, “Creativity takes courage.”
In beginning the process of launching a literary arts magazine, I rediscovered my craft, the reason I started my blog in the first place - the reason I wanted to make more out of it. I love writing. It fulfills me, empowers me, and moves me. I love reading other people's writing because I admire the nerve it takes to be imaginative. To mold mountains out of perfectly placed letters is not an easy task. But we do it because... well, what else is there?
As a twenty-something, it is mostly innate that I’m not going to have it all figured out. In having conversations with mentors of all ages, I realized that no one truly does. That is part of the excitement of the journey. Never a dull moment with change seeping in through all the nooks and crannies of our lives. I’m okay with this because it serves as a reminder to keep going after what I desire, and nothing else. Blogging, it seems, is often a place for young adults to work out what their life’s meaning is. Whether it is humor, vlogging, fashion, or book reviews – we are exploring our daily activities in a more meaningful way.
To write is to analyze, discern, listen, and then formulate into cognizant thought. To write is to explore and pick apart what we’ve learned. People may dismiss this as nothing, but words transformed into understanding is a feat not everyone can accomplish. Take pride in it. The world is a rather large place, but only you can perceive it in the way that you do. There is something enthralling about having the ability to share your unique insight. With that kind of ability, again I ask, what else is there?

Ashley is a twenty-something writer and editor from South Carolina and is a language and literature enthusiast. She is a lover of all things bookish and wordly but is also an activist in the cause to end violence against women, volunteering in her spare time. Her blog, Chaos and Words, is currently being revamped into a literary arts magazine. You can also reach her on her Twitter or Facebook.


  1. First, I love Ashley.

    Second, as a writer I don't know that NOT writing is an option for me. Of course it is good for you. It helps you connect with yourself on a level most people don't, with the world around you, and helps you to better understand the workings of relationships. I honestly believe that being a writer has made me a better person. Well said, Ashley.

    1. I definitely agree with you on both points, Julie. Ashley is a great writer!

    2. Thank you both! And I agree, Julie. It's hard to imagine NOT writing, and it has definitely made me a more thoughtful and in many ways, insightful, person. I feel it helps me connect better with others, and I tend to seek to understand their emotions, motivations, etc. Many thanks for having me, Kriselle, and for reading/commenting, Julie.

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