Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Fest 2013

This past Sunday, my church held our largest event of the year, which is Thanksgiving Fest! We gave away 400 full turkey dinners to people in the church and around the community--in the process, we filled up our church to its capacity with over 500 people overflowing everywhere, and over 100 people gave their lives to Christ!

Source: Family Church Signal Hill's Facebook
We had over 70 volunteers from church help out with ushering, greeting, giving free haircuts, giving out turkeys, giving out boxes with the makings of a Thanksgiving dinner, and so much more.

I was an usher, so I had to sit people in their seats and engage with them and make them feel welcomed. I had so much fun getting to know these people and hearing little bits and pieces of their stories. I had asked most of these people I'd talked to after the service what they thought, and they all enjoyed it and hoped to come back again next week. I genuinely hope that I get to see them all again soon.

There is such a joy when you get to give back to the community, and it means so much more during the holidays because it shouldn't be a time for people to go hungry or be sad. People should have a good time with their friends and family, wherever they may be. Family Church hoped to relieve some of that by providing a box filled with all the makings of the Thanksgiving dinner: corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, stuffing, dressing, place mats, and a huge turkey to carry with this box filled with food. Seeing the joy on these people's faces was such a sight to see.

Here, I'll let these pictures speak for themselves [:

There were three different cameras capturing all the action of that day, and these are just a few of my favorite from one of the cameras. The amount of people that we all came into contact with and helped in some way really warmed my heart. It was amazing to see so many of us come together to serve the community in a beautiful way. 

I can't wait for next Sunday, because all of the new people to our church (aka from this past week) get free In-n-Out Burgers, on us! I'm excited to see who really decides to come back.

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