Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This Past Week in Photos

It's been a busy weekend and now it's back to another week. On the plus side, Thanksgiving is next week!

So I haven't posted since last Friday, but that's because I've been so busy prepping for finals and this weekend was just a lot of celebrating, which is obviously not bad. Here are a few photos of some highlights of last week [:

I tried this nail hack I found through Pinterest that was supposed to get rid of all your nail polish with one cotton ball... Can you tell how successful I was? 

The next day, as I went to check my mail and found that i got a letter in my mailbox. I soon realized that it was a letter I wrote to myself from when I was in Peru this past summer. It was unexpected, and so it was a nice little gift/reminder of my time there. I still miss it.

My outfit of the day for the day too, as taken from my Instagram. What I'm wearing:

  • Beanie: stole from the boyfriend 
  • Blue top with lace: from a friend
  • Khaki Shorts: Forever 21
  • Red and Black Loafers: Target

The next day, I got a new Bible! It finally came in the mail so I was so excited to dive into it. It's a study Bible and I love all the little tidbits and random info that gives me more insight into the book. 

On top of that, I had a really good hair day so I had to take a few pictures (here's one of them). [:

Last Wednesday two awesome spoken word artists, Janette...ikz and Ezekiel came and spent the day performing at school in a morning and night chapel. I had the opportunity to hang out with them for a bit but I unfortunately wasn't able to take pictures with them! There's always next time!

On Thursday morning I woke up to a very encouraging text message from my boyfriend, Darell. He hasn't sent me a long text like this in a while and the fact that he was encouraging me about my blog was so nice and it really helped jump-start my day! I love him. (Btw, ignore our weird pet names hahaha)

I also decided to dress up a bit and I liked my outfit of the day that day, too. So I decided to take some pictures and have fun with it!
What I'm wearing: 
  • Black & White Collared Sleeveless Top: Forever 21 in the Philippines // Gift from mom
  • Navy Blue Cardigan: Hollister
  • Navy Blue High-Waisted Shorts: $4 // Goodwill
  • Cream Socks with Peach-colored Bows: $2.50 // Forever 21
  • Black Oxfords: Downtown LA

Friday - Helped Darell out at church for most of our night. It was long but I had fun with him. It made me appreciate how much he is of a best friend to me, even though I was helping him. 

Saturday was my mother's birthday! I treated her to a Vietnamese place in my hometown called Blue Lotus! She definitely enjoyed that. [:

Sunday was spent at my cousin's (pictured above) baby shower after church! This was Darell's first time actually hanging out with my family, and the top picture was taken right before we played a game where I had to feed him baby food blindfolded. It was pretty hilarious. The video is on my Instagram!

With that said, there goes my week! It was a busy, but really fulfilling and joyful week. I'm stressing a little about the next few weeks, but I think I'll survive. On another note, I just got a new roommate! I'll be posting about her soon [:


  1. Awww happy birthday to you Mom! Don't worry about blog comments - it's not the only thing to count as a form of "success." But here's a blog comment. :)

    1. Aww, thanks Chris! Haha, and I know I've learned to realize that blog comments don't always determine success, but I really appreciate your comment [:


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