Friday, December 6, 2013

All My Energy is Being Drained

Finals week is next week, and this week is so crazy! My school is having our final Christmas Fantasia performance tonight and I'm working a wedding tomorrow. I'll be posting about both of those sometime next week.

Until then, I've been busy prepping for finals and stuff, and like most college students right about now, I am beyond drained. I'm falling asleep writing this post. Her Campus posted a great post earlier this week with gifs explaining finals week and how we go through them. It is actually quite accurate; so many of my friends were posting this on their walls this week!

Wow, I am so drained. I'll keep this post short. Does anyone have any tips on staying awake or battling exhaustion on finals week? Please share!


  1. Good luck on this - I suggest, whenever possible, catnaps. 20 minutes of rest/relaxation be help perk you up.

    1. Thank you Beverly! I'm hoping that I'll have time to take naps here and there.


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