Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Fantasia Vlog

I have a new vlog up on my channel! It's a little sneak peek into Christmas Fantasia, since I am a singer and in choir. I'll let the vlog speak for itself, but I will say that I had fun but am now excited that I am that much closer to winter break!

I also loved my hair & makeup for last Friday's concert... You know when you are so happy with your hair and/or makeup that you're just conceited for the rest of the day?

....Yeah that was me on Friday.

Although concerts are tiring, I love singing and don't mind them as much as a result. I'd always been a Soprano growing up, but coming to college I was placed as an Alto I, which I've grown to love and learned how much fun it really is.

One thing I'll always love about Fantasia--it puts me in the Christmas spirit, that's for sure!

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