Monday, December 9, 2013

Kerfuffle Lip Balms are Yummy

Disclosure: I received these products to review from Kerfuffle Lip Balms. I was not financially compensated for this post, and all of my opinions are completely my own. 

As a kid, I loved getting the flavored lip balms where it smelled so good I'd lick the chapstick off my lips just so that I could reapply it again... and again.

That being said, I was reintroduced to tasty lip balms through Elise Caloca, creator of Kerfuffle Lip Balms! These lip balms are all hand-crafted and created with all natural ingredients. The flavors I received are Amaretto Chocolate Vanilla, Mango Lassi, and Orange Sangria! There are other flavors like: Horchata (yum!), Spicy Chai, Vampire Kiss (how sultry sounding), and Gingerbread House, just to name a few.

All flavors are sold individually for $4 and under, but for a limited time, Kerfuffle is offering Holiday Gift Packs for only $12, coming with four different flavors: Orange Cider, Mexican Chocolate, Gingerbread House, and Pumpkin Cheesecake. If you don't like those flavors, you can always choose any four of the other flavors in stock as well. These would make great gifts, wink wink.

As you can see, I've had my share of usage from each of the lip balms, and I must say that I enjoy them. All of them smell as if you could buy them in a candle store, and they do work wonders for your lips. Over Thanksgiving weekend my sister borrowed one of the lip balms for the weekend and she said it helped her chapped lips and soothed them. I would say that the Orange Sangria (the reddish one) has the strongest and most unique scent. At first I only liked the Amaretto Chocolate Vanilla because it was the scent I was most familiar with, but I have since then grown to love all of them and appreciate their natural scents and mixtures.

I say buy them! The holiday packs sound especially yummy as well, and they are a really cheap, but all-natural and great gift! You can find Kerfuffle's lip balms on their Etsy shop. Let me know what you think of them!


  1. i'm loving the name of that lip balm... i think i'd like to try the Amaretto Chocolate Vanilla :)

    rhea @

    1. I like it! It's so good I almost wish it was edible, haha.


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