Tuesday, December 30, 2014

BEST OF 2014: Posts, Bloggers, and More

Christmas is over and that only means one thing: the countdown to the new year officially begins! 2015 is now a few days away, and I guess now is about the right time for me to reflect on this past year. As a blogger, 2014 was crazy for me mostly because it was my first full year of blogging, and so learning to balance it with school (and now work) was pretty interesting for me. 

So without further ado, let's get right on to my favorites of this year, and I'll talk about everything to my favorite posts, bloggers, and more. Let's get started!

This is solely based on which posts have the most pageviews. I'll post my personal favorites after this list. 

1. DIY Denim Shorts from Dad Jeans
This post was by far the most popular post on the blog this year. I posted this back in May, so people were probably just trying to find an easy way to create some cute cut-offs while upcycling old jeans. I kinda free-handed the shorts because I was making them on a whim and didn't want to make it complicated for girls acting like me--spontaneous and cheap--because I didn't have a lot of the materials other tutorials were asking for. 

2. Struggles of a Christian Blogger
This was a post that I definitely did not expect to get as popular as it did! I wrote it in response to a conversation that I had with my friend Jordan who blogs over at what is now Odyssean Trail, and this post started a long string of conversations on the blog post and I got a wide range of opinions on Christians and faith-based posts from both Christian and non-Christians alike, whether they write about their faith openly or not on the blog. It was such an amazing thing to see, and it is also one of my favorite posts for that reason. 

3. So You Want to Start a Blog? 
I was surprised that this post did as well as it did (especially on Pinterest) because there are so many posts about starting blogs out there. I tried to make this post different by talking about non-technical aspects (what platform to use, social media, followers, etc) and talking more about the person themselves and the vision they see for their blog. Because honestly, I think it's more important to have a mission and clear idea for your blog before you think about anything technical. 

4. Spontaneous Adventures
This post was really just a recap of a random night I had with some friends where we drove around everywhere--even to Disneyland's Downtown Disney and ate a whole bunch of different foods while we were at it. The first image was a quote that I created through Canva, and people definitely seemed to enjoy it. It remains one of my top-pinned pins to date on Pinterest.

5. Gamer Girlfriend Problems
This one makes me laugh. I wrote this post after my boyfriend, Darell, bugged me to write a post about being the girlfriend of a gamer. He still bugs me to write about it and wants me to start a whole series about this on the blog! Haha. This post got great responses as well, and I enjoyed reading what everyone had to say about the men in their life and gaming. Maybe I will turn this into a series in the near future. We'll see. 


To The People Getting Engaged and the People Who Hate It
I wrote this post back in January in the midst of frustration, a lot of posts circulating the internet (aka Facebook) about couples getting married young and how it is a negative thing, and many people I knew getting married/engaged. It has always been interesting to me going to a public school where teachers pretty much discourage getting married young then going to a private Christian school where people won't stop talking about "MRS" degrees and finding "the one God has for you" in college. I've experienced an interesting mix of both sides of the story. 

Two Ways to Wear: Tribal Print Crop Top
I had so much fun shooting these outfits! One of my favorite outfit posts to date. I'm aiming to do more fun outfit posts like this with the boyfriend in the coming year!

The Love Story
This is probably my favorite post that I've ever written. Ever. It's basically the story of how my boyfriend & I came to be in a novel format. It's a little wordy but worth the read, if I do say so myself. I wrote it in celebration of our 4 year anniversary just over 6 months ago. We're headin' up on 5 in 2015!

I'm Hungry For: Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ is such a unique dining experience and usually has some really tasty and flavorful meats for you (Don't worry, there are veggies too!). I really enjoyed this post because it's one of my favorite types of food and since coming to college I had introduced so many people to it, so I figured it would make sense to talk about it on the blog. 

To Love in the Right Love Language
I enjoyed writing this post because this year has been a year of growing pains, especially in my relationship. One of the growing pains we've experienced is learning to love each other in our love language, and although we're not perfect, we're improving quite a bit. This post offers tips for you to be able to show love to everyone in your life in the ways that they will notice & appreciate.

Snow White Inspired Makeup Look
For Halloween I tried out a couple different looks, but my original plan was to be a Disney princess, and this year was Snow White. I was able to whip up a quick and easy way to mimic Disney's first princess for those of us who cannot afford the whole costume. I had so much fun with it, and I loved how it turned out!


Shannon is a New Zealand Youtuber that I discovered through a collaboration she did with itsjudytime (I'll talk about her right below). I love her accent and the style of her videos. I don't really know how to explain it, but I love the way she talks about and reviews products and does tutorials. Maybe her accent contributes to that. Haha. Either way, she's one of my favorite Youtubers and I got the chance to meet her at BeautyConLA earlier this year! (forgive the terrible camera quality)

I started following Judy this time last year because one of my cousins said to check out the Filipino Youtuber with millions of subscribers. So I did. So her being Filipino contributes to why I like following her, but when it comes to her actual content, she's just very detailed in her reviews and I like the lighting and setup of where she films her videos. Completely style wise, I would like my videos to look like hers one day. We also have similar skin types so her reviews directly relate to me and help me in buying makeup haha.

Dani is loud, funny, talkative, and honest. I LOVE HER! She does whatever she wants on her channel and I love it. She also talks about brands that not as many bloggers talk about, so she's also helped me discover some new makeup brands as well. She's not as well known as the other two beauty vloggers I've mentioned, but she's still amazing and I think she should be more popular!

Megan Batoon
Megan is a dancer who makes punny Youtube videos. She's just so awkward I love it! She posts some choreography videos and I love them because they always have a story behind them, and she posts lots of other random videos, with many of them including puns, which if you know me are my love language. Hahahaha.

The Fung Bros
The Fung Brothers are the only non-female, non beauty vloggers that made the list! I love these guys so much because they talk about Asian American culture and issues in a way that is funny, but still straight to the point without being offensive (in my opinion). They also try out all different types of food (Asian and non Asian) and they try to show you the real, authentic stuff too. Whether you're Asian or not, if you like or are interested in Asian culture or just like food, then the Fung Brothers are for you!


Into Mind
If you are looking for a blog all about minimalism and minimalism fashion, this fashion blog is for you. To this day, this blog is still one of if not my favorite fashion blog. I discovered this blog sometime last year, but this year Anuschka (the blogger behind it) has branched out into talking not only about minimalist fashion, but the minimalist lifestyle in general. It has inspired me to potentially try out minimalism for myself in the coming year or so.

Chriselle - The Chriselle Factor
I first discovered Chriselle through Michelle Phan probably 4 or 5 years ago. Other than that she's a fashion stylist, the fact that we even shared the same name made me want to follow her. An Asian girl with my name was making it big in the fashion industry? Heck yeah that's someone I want to follow! 

I have always viewed her style as chic, no matter what she's wearing, and her style is the type of style I want to emulate for myself as well. She's definitely one of my biggest fashion icons, and I was so lucky to have had the chance to meet her and talk with her in person myself! I found out that day that I'm the only other Chriselle/Kriselle she's met in person, and I found out a few weeks later that Express was her first job/first step into the fashion industry and that's where I'm currently working as well! She is seriously such an inspiration and I love not only her blog, but who she is as a person.

Gina Alyse
Gina is a creative, and I love how her blog is a good balance of creativity, faith, and lifestyle. There's just something about the way she integrates everything that attracts me to her blog. The fact that she also openly shares her faith on her blog was a plus for me too. 

Southern Belle in Training
How much more can I talk about this girl?! Haha I recently talked about her and she's also been featured on the blog last year as well. I think I'll just let those posts speak for themselves. If you haven't read about me raving about Annaliese, then you need to get reading!

Harper Honey
Harper is honest and quirky. Those two words describe her best. She's brutally honest about the things she cares about (and we care about most of the same things, like Asian American issues, yay!) but yet she's also cute and quirky about her hobbies. She calls herself a geek and is into things like Monster High and cosplaying every now and then and other things like that. She's a cool girl and her blog reflects all of the above. 

Angry Asian Man
I discovered Angry Asian Man through ISAtv, a Youtube channel that I'm subscribed to. Earlier this year, after meeting some people who were just as passionate about issues in the Asian American community as I am, I began to intentionally seek out outlets where Asian Americans are featured. Angry Asian Man was one of the first of many blogs and sites and Youtubers that I found this year. 

Angry Asian Man Phil Yu writes articles that highlights different things happening with Asian Americans around the country and sometimes the world as well. As the title of the blog suggests, many of the posts talk about different issues in the Asian American community regarding representation and discrimination. However don't worry, Yu also writes about positives in the community as well, whether it's about the new upcoming ABC sitcom "Fresh of the Boat," or other accomplishments or justices. He'll also occasionally have some humorous features as well, like featuring a keychain Sriracha bottle

This blog talks about a lot of positive and negative things in the Asian American (also including South Asian Indians as well) community and Phil Yu isn't afraid to talk about them. I enjoy reading his blog and knowing what's happening in my community. 

A Lovely Allure
Michelle could probably make me buy all the products she features (if I had the money) with just her photos alone. She has some of the most appealing photos, and I like her voice when she writes, making her one of my favorite beauty bloggers. 

Beautzy Blog
The woman behind Beautzy Blog is a local Southern California blogger, which is one of the reasons why I like to follow her. She's another blog that has high quality and many times up-close photos of the products she tries out. I also like how detailed and honest she is about everything she uses. 

College Beauty Buff
I live vicariously through Sammi's reviews of subscription boxes! College Beauty Buff features many more beauty-type posts, but I always get so jealous of all her subscription box reviews that I am too poor to subscribe to myself. So I always go to her blog to check out what different subscription services are giving out each month and sometimes they're also suggestions for products that I want to try out for myself. 

Because I Said So
This is one of my new favorite blogs! Allison (the girl behind the blog) has chosen to sponsor the blog for the next TWO MONTHS! Whoa! Haha as a result I've gotten around to reading through her blog and really liking what she writes about. She wants to be an event planner and is really girly and really sweet. She writes about things from her dog to her boyfriend to other random things she may come across. Go check her out! Why? Because I said so! (okay bad joke, but you get the point)

Girl Vs Globe
Sabina (the girl behind the blog) does a great job at feeding all of your wanderlustful (is that a word?) desires! She is truly a world traveler, having been all around Europe and visiting a few parts of Asia & Africa. I am jealous of her travels and I definitely hope to get to travel the way she does one day. Did I also mention she's still a student? It just goes to show that travel isn't impossible in college. I'll have to ask her how she (and her wallet) does it. 

Joojoo Azad Blog
Hoda perfectly blends fashion and social justice in her blog, which is why it's one of my favorites. She brings in both so effortlessly. Not to mention, she also talks about her Iranian/Persian culture a lot on the blog too, and I aspire to get to be able to talk about my Filipino culture as fluidly as she does. I HIGHLY recommend following her!

Raewyn - Be A Warrior Queen
Raewyn has turned into a real life blogger friend (and she's one of my "blog besties!") and I have loved meeting her and getting to know her over the past few months. She's a really happy person and is just really fun to hang around! As I've heard her say about her blog, she's not your typical lifestyle blogger with the monograms and the photos looking a certain way and all that, but I like her & her blog for that. She writes a lot about female empowerment (hence her blog name) and she's also recently started writing about her new pregnancy! I'm so excited for her in this new phase of life and if you like female empowerment and babies, then definitely check her out into the new year! 

Amanda - Feast Fashion Faves
I discovered Amanda's blog last year (I don't remember how) and followed it for a while and just stopped for no particular reason at all. I met her at a blogger event earlier this year and she became someone I admired from afar to a real life, blogger friend. I love her blog and the work she does in the fashion industry, and I hope that I can take my blog to the level she's taken hers to someday. She's one of the few female entrepreneurs that I have met and really admire. 


The Flair Exchange
TFE gave out some goodies at the #bloggersunplugged event that I went to at Great Over Good back in September, and I have been in love with all of their products since. They sell party supplies--confetti, balloons, garlands--all the party supplies that you can think of! And everything looks so cute (see photo above). Shop them for all your party needs because I definitely will in the coming year. 

She Reads Truth 
It's on my sidebar & I've already written a post about them, what else can I say? She Reads Truth is an online, women's devotional I discovered a few months ago that I absolutely love. They do in-depth studies on the Bible, whether topical or by book. They have helped so much in helping me get back on track with spending more time with God. 

Audrey Magazine
I want to be a writer for a magazine when I grow up, and Audrey is one of the magazines that I follow that I want to write for someday. They're an Asian American lifestyle magazine. They feature Asians (including South Asians) doing big things in the world, they talk about issues we face as a community, and other lifestyle things like fashion, food, and beauty. I want to subscribe to their print edition but can't at the moment, but until then I just read through almost everything they post on Facebook and interact with their articles often. 


So there you have it! Those are my favorites of 2014! I love reflecting on every year and I cannot wait for 2015! What have been your favorite things of 2014?
Chau for now


  1. Thank you so much for the mention and all of your kind words! You're far too sweet! Looks like you had a wonderful, exciting, and successful 2014! Here's to an even better 2015! Can't wait to see all of the beautiful things you have planned for the next year! xx

  2. Oh thank you so much Kriselle for mentioning my blog! I'm so glad we have had the chance to connect :) I'm now clicking through all your favorites since I'm loving finding new blogs and then seeing old posts from you I love! The Struggles of a Christian Blogger was a post I'll never forget! Cheers for a happy 2015!

  3. Thanks so much for the mention, Kriselle! I'm glad you've been enjoying my blog. :) I still remember reading your post about Engagement all those months ago. Here's to another great year!

  4. oh hi, I'm just blushing over here!!!!!! I have absolutely loved getting to know you this year and seriously hope we have wayyy more time together in 2015!!!


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