Sunday, September 29, 2013

I've Got Sunshine... Award!

A couple days ago, I got my first blogger award, the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you to Chris Lam from What I Run Into. It's nice to know that someone enjoys my blog, haha.

So the first part of the award is answering the 10 questions she asked me:

1. Use a current or past TV show/movie title to describe your life right now.
Going the Distance. Not just in my relationship, but in every aspect of my life. 
2. Do you censor yourself on your blog? If yes, then to what extent?
I try not to, but I definitely do. I try to talk about both good and not so good aspects about my life, but I definitely don't disclose every second of my life. There are a few details that I'd prefer to talk about with close friends and in person, but if you ask me almost anything, I will definitely try my best to answer as honestly as possible. I want to talk about a number of different topics on my blog, even if people may disagree. 
3. Who is an underrated blogger in your opinion?
A month or so ago, I found fashion blogger Anuschka Rees through Pinterest, and I instantly got hooked on her blog! Her blog is so clean and minimalistic (that is her approach, after all) and her posts are very well-written! I think more people should be talking about her. 
4. What do you think your next profession/career will be? (The average American has 3 careers in their lifetime.)
I like to think that I can be a journalist or being my own boss, depending on where this blog will be by the time that I graduate. I love to write and tell stories so that would be ideal. If I'm not a writer, I'd probably be a worship leader at a church. 
5. Have you ever sexted? (Liars, all of you.)
Haha! No, I most definitely haven't. I definitely would not feel comfortable enough to take a picture in the nude. If I can't be naked around my roommate, I most definitely can't be naked for a picture. 
6. What is your most popular/most visited blog post? Link it!
Surprisingly, it's my post about all the little Pinterest-y projects I did for my dorm room about a month ago! You can read it here.
7. If you couldn’t live in the United States, what country would you move to?
I've thought about moving to Australia after graduating from college. Other than there, I'd love to try out Spain someday. The Philippines would be a choice for me too, when I'm much older. 
8. Give me a new man crush (or woman crush) that’s not mainstream. (I will subtract 1,000 points if you list Johnny Depp or any other “People’s Sexiest Man Alive.”)

Brett Davern- my first cutie!

Nolan Gerard Funk - He's not the best character
in the show, but his bad-boy-ness is hot

Well... I currently have two man crushes that I absolutely love! Both are from one of my favorite shows, Awkward. One of them is the adorable, Brett Davern! I've loved him from the first season, and that won't change any time soon. The other one is Nolan Gerard Funk, most notably from Glee, but I discovered him as the bad boy from Awkward. His character isn't too good for the show's protagonist, Jenna Hamilton, but I don't care I just think he's hot!
9. What is a funny video you’ve seen on the internet? Link it!
Okay, so my roommate has been showing me some really hilarious videos! But here's one that one of my friends showed me and it is now a thing that all my friends at home and school have been talking about! It's really stupid, but I got a good laugh out of it. 

10. What’s your mantra/philosophy that you live by? (Keeping Melissa’s question 10 because it’s awesome.)
I've never really stopped to think about this before, but I think it is "patience is a virtue." Yeah, I know it is so cliché, but I feel like it really applies to my life. My whole life I've been forced to wait for everything, and while I complained a lot about it, when I actually got what I waited for, it felt so worth waiting for. To me, being patient equals a victory in the end. I wish I had a cooler quote, but this quote is really the story of my life.

So now...

The Rules: 
  • Include the Award Logo in your blog post 
  • Link to the person who nominated you 
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself 
  • Nominate 10 bloggers and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

My 10 Questions for my Nominees: 
1. What is your favorite type of food and why? I want you to get passionate about it!
2. Have you ever been out of the US? If so, where have you gone? 
3. Where is the one place in the world (US or not) that you want to visit and why?
4. What is your favorite TV show?
5. What is one piece of clothing that you cannot live without?
6. If you could drop everything you're doing right now and do anything (money isn't an issue), what would you do?
7. What is your ideal sleeping situation/setup? (I've really been in love with sleep lately)
8. What is a beauty/hair trend that you think should go away?
9. Favorite season of the year? (Mine is fall! ♥)
10. Who/What inspires you?  

My Nominees: 
1. Jess - IRockSoWhat
2. Julie - Wrongway Peachfuzz
3. Alyssa - My Life's a Cup of Cake
4. Sockwun - ExtraExtravagant
5. Emma - ItsEmmaElise
6. Gina - Gina Alyse
7. Britt - itbritt
8. Lauren - A Delightful Dream
9. Rhea - Rhea Etcetera
10. Wendy - Wendyful World

I'd love to read your answers to some of these questions! Or is there anything you have to say about my own responses? Am I too weird for you yet? Leave a comment below!

Chau for now ♥  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm still alive, I promise!

I finally posted a new video! I may just start vlogging and if I want to do more with my vlog, I'll do it when I have the time. Until then, my vlog may just be a recorded version of my life. I wanted to do fashion posts, reviews, little sketches, and so much more but I'm starting to realize that I maybe just need to talk. That's what's important for me right now. So we'll see. Excuse the quality, but other than that, I hope you like & follow!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mini Wardrobe Update!

When school started, I wasn't able to shop for new clothes for the fall, so when I finally got some extra money to buy some, I was so excited!

I'd attempted to go shopping at the nearby mall, but I wasn't so successful, so I resorted to going online. I found some really great stuff in the process.

I was able to find four pieces that I really liked from Cotton On and Charlotte Russe. From Cotton On, I found myself a printed floral dress and the black full skirt. From Charlotte Russe, I got the printed scarf and pointed flats. 

Cotton On: 
Charlotte Russe: 
I didn't get much, but I think that these are just enough to update my wardrobe for now. Stay updated for some ootd's with these babies!

Chau for now ♥  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Living out an Asian Invasion

Another week since I last blogged? This school thing just isn't working for me, is it? I really hate this because there is so much going in my life but there's just no time to record it all down! But for me this past week that I've been MIA (missing in action if you didn't know), my life has been dedicated to an asian invasion--in other words, I've been spending my time planning my first event for the Asian/Pacific-Islander Club (APIC).

My lovely officers & I! MIA Tammy

As I've briefly mentioned before, I'm the president of APIC. Since I've already advertised the club quite a bit throughout campus, then the craziness of running the club begins.

A goal that my cabinet and I had come up with at our first meeting was that we wanted to inform the school about our culture while also celebrating the amazing-ness that is being Asian/Pacific-Islander. So, for our first event we decided to have it center around the food and the people, the only things needed for a great Asian/PI party. Everything else is optional and just a plus.

Last Friday, I went shopping with my friends, Mele and Andy, who are also two of my officers, to buy ingredients for food and some minor decorations. It was pretty hard to buy because we were on such a tight budget, and I didn't realize how pricey Asian food can get. I had to finish shopping the day after because I had to clarify with my VP, Jared, that I wasn't getting anything I shouldn't have gotten, and how much meat to buy as well.

Sunday was spent actually making the food. The first (and most anticipated) dish? Lumpia. For lots of people at my school, it's the first thing they think of when I tell them I'm Filipino. It is also one of the most popular Asian dishes around here, so we decided to make them. What I didn't realize, however, was how long it would take to make them. On Sunday, it took 8 hours to prep, with the help of my friend Chelsea and Jared, who was only able to help a little in the morning. On Tuesday (the day of my event), it took another 4 hours to fry all those 240 pieces of lumpia. It was pretty exhausting, but it made me appreciate my family who has spent countless hours cooking and prepping for family parties when I was younger. I now feel their pain. My friends, and other officers, Tammy and Emily cooked the spam musubi the morning of.

I don't have the exact measurements of the ingredients because we bought waaay too much meat and estimated the rest of the ingredients, but here's what we got:

Jared's family lumpia recipe:

  • Ground pork
  • 2 packs of 30 sheets of rice paper (we cut them into fours)
  • 4 sticks of carrots
  • 2 heads of cabbage (not lettuce! I didn't know that at first. Whoops!)
  • Sesame oil
  • Soy sauce
  • Salt 
  • Pepper
Spam Musubi (we made about 32 pieces but cut them into fours):
  • 4 cans of Spam
  • Sheets of seaweed
  • Soy sauce
  • Rice

Despite the draining long hours it took to prepare all the food, I'd say it was well worth it. I learned how much meat it takes to make 240 pieces of lumpia. I learned how to stretch my money to spend a little to invest in something that will last and how to get a good quality anything for really cheap and a little creativity. I wasn't as worried about the amount of people who came more than how much they enjoyed the food. My team and I worked really hard on prepping it for everyone, so it's my only hope that they loved it, and so far, so good. No complaints, which is what I like to hear.

I'm so happy with the success of the first event; I'm so excited for more to come! I hope to accomplish the goals of this club this year and teach my peers about my culture and celebrate it at the same time. I don't know how God is going to use me through this club this year, but I also have my arms open wide to do whatever is necessary for his will to be done! Let's get on with this asian invasion!

Some more of my favorite pictures from the night!

Didn't I have a great hair day? [:

If you want to know what I'm up to on a daily basis, follow me on Twitter and Instagram! I update often!

Until next time,
Chau ♥  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Beauty and the Fake

Recently, I watched a video in my Marriage and Family class that I had also watched in my Sociology class last year, entitled, Killing Us Softly 4 by Jean Kilbourne. It's a video that mostly talks about women and how they are sexualized in media today. There is little that talks about men, but mostly because the way men are sexualized in media are different and much less detrimental to their well-being than with women.

Watching this had an impact on me because I think that mainstream media has brainwashed everyone (men and women both) into seeking an ideal portrayed through ads that no female can ever reach. I know that I, myself, have been victim to this, always believing that because I had acne or because certain parts of my body didn't match up to the pictures I saw, that the way I looked was never good enough. I've heard guy friends talking about physical traits they want to see in a girl that most girls don't have or that are really shallow. When I was a camp counselor this summer to eight- and nine-year-old girls, they were already talking about being fat and wanting to lose weight and put on makeup to look prettier. I was quite disgusted and told my girls that they are way to young to be thinking about those kinds of issues and that they are beautiful just the way they are.

Source: NY Times

Killing Us Softly 4 talked about how much we subconsciously take in from these ads. Women are dehumanized, sexualized, and looked upon as helpless, and as a society, we all subconsciously agree with the ads, whether we like to admit it or not. The picture above shows just a woman's legs, objectifying her by not giving her a face, and she is in a position that makes her look like she could be dead, if you really think about it. It is images like these that can cause men to think that violence towards women is okay, even if they won't outright admit it, or may not even know it.

I was originally going to use a picture that might as well be pornography to help my point, but it was so indecent that I couldn't even bear to keep it on my post as I typed. It was an ad for a clothing company in London, where the girl was wearing a beanie with pom-poms that barely covered her nipples. Pictures like those showing almost the entire naked body are supposed to be selling clothes. Where are they? And when we keep being exposed to pictures of women with perfectly round breasts, clear faces, and really skinny bodies, we think that is what we need to be to be attractive or beautiful. It also influences guys also think that way too, and they are disappointed when the girls in front of them don't match up to those fake pictures. For some magazine photos, editors will use portions from different faces to make one very flawless and unrealistic picture.

The famous Dove commercial on the "Evolution of Beauty" got a lot of attention when it highlighted how drastically models are photoshopped to make them appear "perfect." Not even the models can match the standard we see on magazines and in ads. It's not real.

Don't get me wrong, it's not always bad to look at fashion magazines and to want to wear makeup and look nice and lose weight to be healthy if necessary. I just think that many of us (myself included) get caught up in all of it and lose sight of why we're really doing what we do. Am I wearing makeup because I enjoy it and like taking extra time to look nice or am I hiding my acne scars? When we do these kinds of things, we need to ask ourselves these kinds of questions everyday. I see all of this as a constant self-reflection on our own parts.

Media. It has a very powerful effect on us, whether we like it or not. It's up to us to be intentional with how we react after seeing it and knowing how it effects us, men and women alike. Us women need to constantly check up on ourselves and make sure that when we dress up or think about our appearance, we need to check why we're doing what we're doing and why we think that way. As for the men, they need to realize that the women they see on tv and in magazines aren't real. And seeing women being taken advantage of in ads is no excuse for a man to do the same in real life.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taking Safety to Another Level with React Mobile

I remember my freshman year of high school when I was walking home with a friend of mine when a couple older girls stopped us. They had asked us if we lived in the area before threatening us with a gun, so they went through our bags and stole all the cash we had on us (thank God it wasn't much) and my iPod, worth about $300 at the time.

Eventually, the girls and their accomplices got caught, but not before they were able to rob a few other people from my school as well. Thankfully, none of us got hurt in the process, but it was still a terrifying experience.

The Home page
Robb Monkman created a free app for the iPhone and some Android devices to prevent incidents like mine from happening after he, himself was held at gunpoint while in college. React Mobile is an app that was launched earlier this year to help protect students from becoming victims of crimes and to prevent other crimes from happening, if spotted from afar. The app turns your smartphone into a safety tool for you to have the ability to inform close contacts and/or your social media sites of your whereabouts at any given time, if you allow the app to do so.

With the push of a button, one is able to send an SOS alert with your GPS location to the authorities, and to whoever you decide to tell. Users also have the option of posting the alert to Facebook and Twitter. The app automatically dials 911 if an SOS alert is triggered.

The screenshot just after sending an SOS
React Mobile, however, doesn't need to be used just for emergencies. The app has been created so that it is available for everyday use as well, if necessary. The "Follow Me" feature allows users to notify friends and family of their location in real-time if they are every concerned for their own safety. Friends and family have the ability to view the user's location and track them until they get to their destination. This feature would be especially useful if someone was running around at night or if they were meeting someone for the first time or going to an unfamiliar place. I hope that I will never have to use this app, but it is very comforting to know that I have a way to safety, if necessary.

I always say that classic quote, "it's better to be safe than sorry," and I honestly hold that to be true. I encourage downloading the React Mobile app to have it handy if (God-forbid) you were to be placed in an unsafe position. You never know, it just might save your life.
The "Follow-Me" feature

The map of someone tracking you using
the "Follow Me" feature

Still not convinced?
Visit React Mobile's website:

Chau for now, & stay safe!

This post was sponsored by React Mobile. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Why I've Been MIA

It's been a week since I last posted?! Oh no, I can't believe I let it go for this long. I hadn't expected to go so long without posting on here; actually everyday I kept telling myself to find some time to do so--except that never happened. But all in all, I can say that this week was a good week!

It's only the second week of school, so I'm still adjusting to my schedule. My schedule isn't as intense as I expected (so far), but this week was surprisingly eventful. I didn't expect so much to happen.

Tuesday was normal with school, but that night I had a 1 on 1 meeting with my RA and a meeting with the Diversity team. We met up to advertise an event we were having the next day, but I took a detour and decided to visit a friend of mine in the freshman dorms. We spontaneously hung out in her room before inviting her to come help me distribute flyers in the sophomore dorms (the one I live in) and watching Tangled in my air-conditioned room (I seriously love that so much). It was unexpected, but it was fun hanging out with her and I'm excited to get to know her more throughout the school year, especially choir...

After blindfolding my friend, Vikki
Speaking of which, early Wednesday morning was the initiation for all the freshman & first-year choir girls! I woke up at 4:30am to help the officers make it happen. A couple of us weren't officers but we still wanted to help out and watch the girls go through it. The theme of this year is gnomes, so all the newbies had to wear gnome hats, beards, and carry around pinwheels. But before all that, we kidnapped them from their rooms (and got a few neighbors/roommates angry in the process) and blindfolded them before taking them to our mutual meeting place for everyone.

After we met up with everyone else (we all split up to kidnap girls so that it would be quicker), we took them on a little adventure around the school. We took them through trees, bushes, across campus, and even got them on the statue Scotty the Lion (our mascot)! It was so entertaining to watch them and their reactions to doing this since they were blindfolded and were only able to hold hands with the people in front and behind them.
Women's Chorus Initiation
After the adventure was done, we allowed them to take off their blindfolds and they had to do a few relay games in the grass. By this time, it's about 6am. And when all the games were done, we finally welcomed them all into Women's Chorus and gave them their own gnome hats, beards, and pinwheels. The catch? They had to wear them all day, whether to class or chapel (work was an exception), and if anyone yelled out "GNOME" to them, they had to stand still like a lawn gnome for a few seconds until someone let them go. The officers and returners of choir had fun with it, and lots of other random people got into it as well. It was quite the entertainment for the day. Later on that day I had some more adventures all in the name of the Asian/Pacific-Islander Club (APIC)!

Adventures with Andy & Jordan
After I had gone back to sleep before waking up for classes which started at noon for me, in between my last afternoon class and night class I went for a drive with my friend Andy, who is my Treasurer, and Jordan, who decided to tag along, to Irvine to buy some Asian snacks for the Sweets & Greets event all the clubs were having later that night. It's a night full of desserts and clubs advertising themselves to prospective members. We went to Irvine to buy some Hi-Chews and Andy donated some Korean Rice Puff treats. He also showed us around to a few Asian stores, which made me so happy! I told him that he will have to show me those places and that I'd have to try them out. Seeing all the Asian stuff made me so happy after not getting enough of it at school.

My Bruxië Chicken & Waffle!
When we bought all that we needed, I got myself some dinner from Bruxië at Irvine Heritage Plaza for the first time! Because I needed something I knew I'd like and eat quickly before my next class, I got their Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffle. It was very simple, and although I wanted syrup with my waffle, it cost an extra dollar to add it so I just opted out. However, I did still enjoy it very much. I definitely want to go back again soon to try some of their other dishes.

So I went to class after getting back to school, but I had to leave halfway through the three-hour class to help set up the APIC table for Sweets & Greets. My friends and two of my officers, Tammy and Mele, helped me set up and advertise to the other students when the event started. As part of our decorations, we had a Filipino and Hawaiian flag to show off our Asian and Pacific Islander pride! Lots of people came by the table and were interested in the club, which made me so happy. At least half, if not more, of the people who signed up weren't even Asian/PI! Part of it is because of the small population my school has, but it's okay because I love and appreciate that people want to get to know our culture (and the food as well). With that, it is now time for APIC to officially launch for the school year, and I'm excited to see what will happen and how my fellow peers will react to an Asian invasion on campus!
Tammy & I reppin' Asians & PI's
Thursday: Nothing was particularly spectacular with this day, other than getting to hang out with some of the Diversity team at our friend, Hollye's apartment. After spending a lot of time together throughout the summer, not seeing each other during the week is weird for us, so we had burgers and a movie night watching Admissions with Tina Fey and a long conversation about relationships and the opposite sex (we had one guy in the group). It was a fun and laid-back night with the team, one that I had missed since school started.

My delicious appetizer
Friday: It was the birthday of one of my closest friends, Sierra! After a long day of classes and watching more Avatar, I got ready to celebrate her surprise birthday dinner at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney! It was one of the most fun birthday dinners I've ever been to! I have some of the funniest and greatest friends anyone could ever ask for. Because of Jazz Kitchen's priciness, I split a sampler appetizer with my friend, Kaciny. On it there was popcorn calamari, coconut shrimp, Louisiana meat pies, and parmesan artichoke hearts. It was all really good and filling in itself. I really enjoyed it.
I'm really happy that I got to celebrate Sierra's birthday because we hadn't seen much of each other over the past few weeks. I could tell she enjoyed being with all her closest friends as well.

Sierra's birthday group
The birthday girl!
The other beautiful birthday girl!
Saturday: It was a busy day, I'll tell you that! The first half of the day was spent doing absolutely nothing, although I did finish watching all 3 seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender! If you want to read more on my obsession with the series, you can read it here. But anyway, my dad and sister picked me up cause I needed to buy some groceries with them and I wanted to get out of my room. I ended up only buying rice and a large package of potstickers at the local Japanese market, but it's okay. We spent some time at Target before deciding to go shopping at South Coast Plaza's Forever 21, but my sister and I didn't have much luck because we were so focused on the prices that we couldn't enjoy all the cute clothes in the store. But afterward I quickly got ready for Kaciny's karaoke night! It was mostly a ladies night, other than one of my friends' boyfriends, but it's okay, he's cool so it didn't affect the night in a bad way. It was really nice meeting him, actually! But anyway, we sang a bunch of fun songs and were really wild and random about it--it sucked that Kaciny & some other friends made it halfway through our mere one-hour session (it was meant to be a surprise for her but there were some delays), but we made the most of it and it was fun! At the end of it all we had some delicious In-n-Out, a classic late-night meal for the typical Vanguard student.

I also want to make a special shout-out to my roommate, Alissa! I haven't formally introduced her to my blog/vlog yet, but there have been some technical issues & life getting in the way, but I must say how much I've enjoyed living with her so far! She is such a contrast to my lovely roommate from last year, Janelle, but it's a good change. She's from Southern California like I am, grew up in a similar household as me, and a bunch of other things, so I've really loved getting to know her lately. I will have an intro video to her coming up soon, so keep out for that and I apologize for the delay!

My lovely roomie & I<3

Whew, that was a really long post. But this is all why I've been MIA this past week. I will work on scheduling more posts so that I don't have to worry about it with my hectic schedule, and now that I've finished this post, I can now get onto cleaning and homework! I've been so distracted and lazy to do anything else, now that I've gotten this done, I feel like I can finally go on with my day. I hope you all have a great week! 

Chau for now ♥  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Help! I'm Obsessed with the Avatar

With Book 2 of Legend of Korra coming up on September 13th, I've been obsessed with all things involving the Avatar series: Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Avatar Korra! Source: Wikipedia
Last week I rewatched (I watched them all the first time last year) all of Book 1 of Legend of Korra out of excitement for the upcoming season. I cannot wait to see what the producers do with the show! It was pretty intense last season, and I can't wait to see what happens between Korra and Mako and more bending! I lowkey wish I could bend--being the Avatar seems so cool! If I had to pick one element, I think I'd want to be an earthbender.

So after finishing Book 1 of Legend of Korra, I decided to go back to basics. I decided to start over with the original Avatar. I watched most of the last book of the series, but I had only watched bits and pieces of the older episodes, so I decided to start from the beginning.

I have just finished Book 1 and am going to start on Book 2. I've been getting so into it and spending lots of time in my room lately just to watch it. I'm such a nerd for being so antisocial. I'm usually an extreme extrovert who doesn't like being alone for more than a couple hours, so locking myself in my room to watch the series is a big deal. That just shows my dedication to finishing the series.

Avatar Aang. Source: Braids and Glasses
There are only a couple downsides to starting over with the series. One, because I know the ending and what happens at the end of the series, I keep getting mad that Aang can only airbend and waterbend a little bit. It does also make me a little too excited because I know what happens towards the end of the series and with Legend of Korra. Two, school is in the way. If it weren't for school, I'd be halfway through the series already. Sheesh, what is school? Ain't nobody got time fo dat! Haha. I'm only kidding, but I wish I had school without the homework.

I may not have cable at school, but I still have so many shows to catch up on. Legend of Korra is one of them. I don't know why I love the series so much, but it's something about the plot that is just very addicting. Now that Book 2 of Korra is coming up, I can't wait to see what happens this time as Korra encounters the spirit world. The graphics look pretty amazing too. I cannot wait til the premiere!

If you're not into the series already, I highly recommend both Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra! The storylines are different, but many aspects of the two shows intertwine with each other, most notably, Katara, who was friends with Aang as a kid but later married him and was Korra's waterbending teacher. I'd love to go into more details, but I don't want to give away too many spoilers if you haven't already checked out the series. It's very complex and well-written.

I hope I've convinced you if you haven't watched it already; let's be friends and watch Book 2 of Korra together!

Chau for now ♥

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pumped to Do What I Love Most

Most of this past week has been a lot about planning ahead for this school year and thinking about what goals I have for this year. I've begun the intensive work that I call Diversity, which has been mostly event planning for the past few weeks (and probably will be for a lot of the school year), I've started thinking about ways to help with the revamping process of the university newspaper along with some friends of mine, and I plan to stay involved in some kind of ministry with worship at the church I currently attend.

It's been a tiring and busy first week of school, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm very excited for what is going to happen this year! I'm excited for the students I'll be working with (particularly the Asian/Pacific Islander students), I'm excited for the ways that the other editors and I will be expanding the (totally online) newspaper, and I'm excited for the ways God is going to use me this year and the ways he'll push me out of my comfort zone.

With the Diversity Department, I've planned out so many events that I hope to make happen so that people can gather and not only be proud of the Asian/PI culture that they come from, but for others to learn about it as well.

With the newspaper, we'll be making a few changes to how it is run and the kinds of post that will be on the site. I have quite a few ideas to help improve my section, and I am also really excited to be able to apply the things I learned at the Associated Collegiate Press Journalism Convention I went to last year. If you'd like to take a look at the site, you can right here. 

Finally, there is worship. I love the church that I'm currently going to, called Family Church. I go to the Signal Hill campus and I am so blessed to know the people that I know there and to be part of such an open and understanding community. I'm also blessed that God has allowed me to serve in ministry there, and I only hope to be used to the fullest. Even more than just that, I want to be open to whatever doors God may open for me to serve. Another goal for mine is to listen to the Holy Spirit no matter what. I've always had trouble with that because sometimes I'll feel like I need to do something that might make me look crazy, and this year I want to acknowledge and follow through with every single one of those requests in humility and confidence.

I'm expecting an intense and crazy year this year; I'd love if you followed along this journey with me. What do you say?

Chau for now, and God bless ♥