Friday, February 27, 2015

Business and Casual

Photos by: Tysu Photography
I like mixing up styles. Whether it's something preppy with something edgy or something ultra casual with something structured, I just like mixing up textures and styles to give my outfits something different that what you would normally expect. 

I remember reading in Seventeen magazine when I was a freshman year in high school about a fashion tip based off an outfit Selena Gomez wore. The tip said to pair a loose graphic tee with a nice and neat pencil skirt. The casual and loose look of the graphic tee and the fitted, fancier pencil skirt balanced the outfit together. 

So here I am, 7 years later, recreating my own version of the outfit. And I must say, I still agree completely with that tip. 

Graphic Tee: H&M (old) // Pencil Skirt: Express // Cropped Furry Cardigan: H&M (old) // Necklace: Target // Booties: Forever 21 (old)

Thank you, Selena Gomez & Seventeen Magazine for inspiring me with this outfit for the past 7 years.

What are your favorite unexpected fashion combos?
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Going Clear with Proactiv

HI EVERYONE! I apologize for my absence for the past week or so; last week was just a crazy week and if you've been following me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, then you'd know that my cousin's wedding was in Vegas as well, so that prevented me from doing tons of stuff for my blog as well as far as actual blogging. 

One thing that I was able to do in Vegas was maintain the facial routine that I've been using for the past couple of months! 

I have been SO blessed to get to work with Proactiv for the past few months on a project to improve my skin! Proactiv is a brand that I've been hearing of on tv for so many years and through a cousin who used it when he was in high school 10 years ago too, so I was excited to finally try it out. 

I received 4 products of theirs, 3 that go together in a 3 step routine and a 4th one that can be used in conjunction with the three: the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator, the Pore Correcting Treatment, the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator, and the Skin Purifying Mask. 

I will say that I don't have terrible acne to begin with, but sometimes I will have breakouts where I have a few big pimples on my face that are pretty embarrassing. I also have a lot of acne scars especially on my cheeks from previous breakouts.

Here are my before & after photos from before Proactiv til today: 

There isn't a major difference, but you can definitely see that on my right cheek (middle photo), although I still have acne scars, they have definitely faded quite a bit since when I first started using Proactiv. 

When I first started using it, however, my skin dried out A LOT (I have combination skin) and I broke out a lot too. During the times when I had breakouts, Proactiv did a great job at getting rid of them within a few days. And even though my skin dried up (winter probably also contributed to it), the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator helped my skin feel lively. 

Having a 3 step process to clearing my skin with 3 different products may seem like a lot, but it really isn't. It just takes some getting used to. 

When I wash my face, it goes like this: 

1. Use the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator all over my face then wash it off. 

2. Use the Pore Targeting Treatment on the parts of my face with acne on it. It's used like a medicine so you don't wash it off.

3. Use the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator to moisturize. 

It's that simple! For a bonus step, you can use the Skin Purifying Mask and leave it on for 10 minutes or spot-treat with it overnight. 

Proactiv has helped control my breakouts and even fade some of my acne scars so I'm pretty happy with the way my skin has turned out as a result. If you have acne like mine or worse, I definitely recommend giving Proactiv a try! 

This post was sponsored by Proactiv. All opinions are my own.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NEW SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT: Gamer Girlfriend Problems

I've written about this before, and Darell has suggested that it become a regular thing. I've said no to this a couple of times, but after thinking a lot about it, I've decided that I want to do this!

One of the things I love about Darell is his enthusiasm for helping me out with my blog. I also love the way he gets when he is explaining something he is really passionate about with me. I love the energy he gets when that happens. 

If you've been following my blog for a while, then you will have seen the original post that I wrote about Gamer Gf Probs last year. 

It was after that post that Darell suggested that it become a regular series. We went back and forth about it for months and I've finally decided to take the plunge & go for it! 

If you know anything about my boyfriend, he is an introvert. He doesn't like talking about himself and he definitely would not like talking about himself on a platform such as this and as often as I do it. 

I love his involvement with my blog, so for the next few months (until he leaves for Australia :( ), at least once a month, Darell & I will be collaborating and putting together #gamergfprobs for you guys! I know for a fact that I'm not the only gamer girlfriend out there, and I'd love to connect with you if you are as well! 

So that is all for now! You'll be seeing my first official #gamergfprobs post next month! 

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Relationship Tips from Every Stage: Single, Dating, Engaged, Married

It's almost Valentine's Day. This is the day where all the single people mope around and are depressed while all the couples rub it in the singles' faces that they're not cuddling up with someone on this day. 

The truth is, we are all at different stages in relationships... even if you aren't in one. Singleness is still a very valid stage of relationships to be in. Besides, we all start out that way. 

Anyway, I'm really excited to present this post to you all because it's a post that has actually been on my mind since about January of last year, but with my original plans for this post being much more complicated than how it was now, things fell through. HOWEVER, I was thankfully able to get this post together in time for Valentine's Day this year! 

So the premise of this post: I originally wanted to feature people from different stages of relationships (dating, engaged, married) and film their stories for my Youtube channel. Since I wasn't able to make that happen, I had to wait a whole year to do this, but this time I shifted it for my blog and instead of sharing whole stories (which I may still do another time), I decided to feature singles/couples and ask them to give their tips for relationships. 

Everyone has different experiences with relationships and I wanted to showcase that with real people. 

So you'll see below that I have people of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, and relationship statuses (btw, all non-bloggers except me, hehe) sharing something they've learned about relationships. I wanted to provide a little bit of their relationship background so that you can also get an idea of where they are coming from as well. I hope you read through these and enjoy (and hopefully learn) from what these people have to say. 


Dominique D, 20
Has never been in a relationship. 

"Appreciate the relationships you have with your friends and family and really focus on cultivating those. You're either single for a reason, in a relationship for a reason, or married for a reason, and I think that singleness in general is a great time to focus on the loved ones you have surrounding you."

Emma O'Brien, 21
Has previously been in a relationship.
"Instead of going out to look for the best person, be the best person. If you love yourself, you can love others more effectively, especially in romantic relationships. Don’t try to be a certain way or look a certain way for someone because they’re going to eventually find out, so just be yourself. "

Marc Ibarra, 24
Has previously been in relationships; has had one serious relationship.
"Really get to know a person before committing to a relationship. Just because you are attracted to each other, doesn't mean you're compatible. There HAS to be more good than bad, especially in the beginning." 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Living on (Straight) Edge

I like to think that when it comes to my personal style, that I have an edge to it. I wouldn't call myself or my style edgy, but I like to think of it as classic with an edge. I like wearing classic silhouettes or classic pieces with something to toughen it up a little bit. Whether it's boots or a leather jacket, I like to add an edge to my outfits. Is it weird to say I like to look like a "bad" (for lack of a better word) girl without actually being one?

I mean, I don't like to party or drink or smoke or most things that people my age like to do. I'm pretty straight edge but I feel like when you dress edgy, you can give off the impression that you aren't. 

However, while I do not consider my style edgy, I do have a couple edgy outfits. Like this one. I had so much fun with it because I own a purple crop top courtesy of Express (I won a contest at work and my prize was a free outfit), and I really wanted to incorporate it into an outfit that could work for a more casual setting (the top was marketed as a New Year's Eve party type of top). 

It was just a fun outfit because it wasn't something that I wouldn't normally wear but still liked, and I felt so cool in it, haha. 

Purple Crop Top: Express // Leather Jacket (hand me down): Nine West // Black High Waisted Jeans: Forever 21 // Gray Booties: c/o Macy's // Black & Gold Purse: Forever 21

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

January + February Sponsor Spotlight: Allison

Because I Said SO
If you visit my blog regularly, you probably have noticed over the past almost 2 months now, that I've had Allison from Because I Said So on my sidebar. She has been my premium sponsor since late December now, and it has been great having her around and getting to know her! If you want to hang out on my sidebar like she did, check out my sponsorship options!

Allison is from the South and is an aspiring wedding planner. She has a dog and loves the color pink! Her blog is called Because I Said So because everything she says and she likes are "because [she] said so!" 

If you're wondering what she talks about on her blog, it's primarily weddings, her dog, and her recent braces! She still looks cute with them :] 

Allison has been really cool to get to know recently, and she is super passionate about what she does! Whether it's her dog or her dream to become a wedding planner, she really puts a lot of effort into what she loves. She also has a quirkiness to her that is fun! I think it's the way she writes and the voice she has on her blog, but you can tell she has energy in her posts and that she's having fun with what she's doing.

Another thing that I have admired about her is her 6+ year relationship with her boyfriend! Of course, I love when she posts about her man because it's encouraging to me. Usually, people are surprised that Darell and I have been together for almost 5 years, so when I meet people who have dated longer than us, it makes me happy because they inspire me. Seeing dating couples date long periods of time encourage me when I am surrounded by engaged/married friends who haven't dated as long as I have. 

Check out Allison if you haven't already! Why? Because I said so!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Glam, Edgy, or Boho: Azura Box Review

I love subscription boxes. They are the best way to try out and discover new things, whether it is makeup, clothes, or sometimes even snacks. Plus, it's always fun to get something new in the mail. 

Not too long ago, I got into contact with a brand new fashion/beauty subscription called Azura Box, and they sent me a box to review! They sent out their first boxes just last month so I was excited to get to be part of this. 

The whole premise of Azura Box is that you take a style quiz and determine if your style is edgy, glam, or boho to determine if you will receive things like dainty or statement jewelry or silver or gold jewelry. Then they'll send you a box with two pieces plus a bonus beauty product for a surprise! And the price of this is only $19.99, which is a good price for two quality pieces of jewelry. 

For my box, I was sent a statement necklace, some dangling earrings, and a moisturizer. I was also sent some extra chains for my earrings or necklace in case I would need to replace a few. 

My favorite item is hands down, the necklace! The earrings are nice and they match really well with the necklace, but they're not really my style. But the necklace, I will wear it as often as I can, whether with a fancier outfit or to dress up a casual one. It's a bib-style necklace which I've always wanted to try for myself. I also like that it's a statement necklace but it is still simple because it's just hanging chains. It's a great balance of edge and standing out without being gaudy. 

I still haven't tried the moisturizer yet, but I will definitely do that soon! It looks pretty promising. 

Another great thing about Azura is that you can shop past boxes or different styles from other boxes on their site! They have a few dainty bangles that I want to get my hands on. I think it's great that they also provide that if you are like me and have a wide range of styles. 

I love finding newer subscription boxes that aren't as mainstream as Birchbox or Ipsy. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I love even better finding subscription box gems that have some great stuff too. 

If you're interested in subscribing or want more info on Azura Box, check them out on their website or their other social networks:

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Disclosure: I received this box courtesy of Azura Box. I received no financial compensation and all opinions are my own. 
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Best Things About Being Raised by Immigrant Parents

I've mentioned before that the Fung Brothers are two of some of my favorite Youtubers because I like the way they talk about Asian American culture (and more recently, different cultures in general). They are able to educate people without making things too serious, which is always good with these topics that may be sensitive for some people. 

They released a video yesterday on the "10 Best Things About Being Raised by Immigrant Parents." I watched it and related to almost all of what they said if not everything because I, too, was raised by immigrant parents. 

Some of the things they said were being bilingual, getting to eat great food, knowing how to budget (because we all know how cheap our parents are haha), and more. 

Growing up, I actually didn't realize the difference of being raised by immigrant parents and parents that were born in America until maybe middle school or high school because most of my friends were raised by immigrant parents as well. When my friends with American-born parents would talk about how they were raised, I thought it was because they were white (because my friend I'm talking about is white) or because his parents had different personality types than mine. 

In high school and most definitely college, I was able to think more about how being raised by my immigrant parents in my home affected who I am. Coming to a school where most people were White and raised by American-born parents (white or an ethnic minority), it hit me in the face how my parents' parenting styles and their immigrant status (but they're American citizens btw) affected my habits. I had a white roommate my freshman year so seeing how her relationship with her mom was and how she was because of her parents really opened my eyes to understanding my relationship with my parents and how they've affected me as well. 

It's hard to be raised by immigrant parents when you don't live in an ethnic community or live in a predominantly white area, but learn to embrace it! Although there are negatives to it, there are also positives, and it helps shape our unique views on the world :] 

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crazy Changes and Blessings

It seems that I haven't written a personal post in a while, and if you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram at all, then you may or may not already be aware of some things happening in my life. 

I've been going through a lot of changes and lots of things have been happening--all good things! It has just been such an intense past couple of weeks. 

I haven't posted on Instagram or Facebook yet, but on Twitter I mentioned it a few times--but Darell is moving to Australia! 

It's only for a year, but in July he'll be moving to go to school at Hillsong International Leadership College to study TV & Media. I am beyond excited for him and so proud of him for taking this step out of his comfort zone and being independent and pursuing his dream. The biggest struggle will definitely be the long distance relationship part, but we will definitely be working on that as time goes on, and thankfully Darell is so encouraging when I get sad or discouraged especially in that area. 

Darell has such a great heart and I'm so excited to see what's in store for him in Australia! If you feel led to do so, please feel free to donate to him as he fundraises for mostly his plane ticket! Even if it's a dollar, any little bit counts. AND, if you donate as a result of my blog, please email me and I'll send you a little gift as a thank you :] & Darell isn't making me do this, I'm just doing this because I love him and just want to support him in any way possible. You may donate through here

So that's what's happening with my boyfriend/relationship right now, and as for me...


I basically got the closest I can get to my dream job while still a full time student. I just got hired to work for Knotty, an accessories company, primarily to do wholesale sales with social media on the side. I've worked with them previously and have featured their accessories in a couple outfits before.
It's crazy how I started just as a blogger who spotlighted them in a couple posts and now I'm actually working for them! I only promote products or brands that I absolutely love and believe in, so when I feature Knotty on here in the future, please know that it is not because I was asked to feature them, but because I genuinely wanted to. Besides, if I didn't genuinely love this company after working with them as a blogger in the past, I probably wouldn't have applied to officially work for them, right?

My dream job would be to either work at a fashion/lifestyle magazine or work for some type of fashion/beauty/lifestyle brand doing social media/blogging. Even though that's not my primary job here, I still get to do it and I love it. 

In the meantime, we are having a Valentine's Day special at Knotty! From today until the end of February, use the code BEMINE15 at checkout to get 15% off your purchase! If you're unsure of Knotty, don't worry, you'll be seeing more of them on the blog soon [: 

Also, follow Knotty on social media if you haven't already! 

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These next few months with this new job and Darell prepping to leave for a year is going to be such a difficult one, but it'll be worth it in the end. Please keep both of us in your prayers during this time of transition and change and growth! We'll definitely need it! 
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