Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review: Anastasia Brow Wiz Isn't That Great of a Wiz

Normally, I love most of the products that I buy. And for the most part I am usually satisfied with them. However, when it came to the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette (now Dark Brown), I loved it up until a few days ago.

Last week I posted a Spring Haul with my first impressions/mini reviews of each product, and the Brow Wiz was included in that haul, with only good things to say the least. Here's the video below if you'd like to watch, and don't forget to subscribe if you like it [;

Anyway, long story short, here are the pros and cons of the Anastasia Brow Wiz:

Pros: I love the Anastasia Brow Wiz because it's accurate and precise. I don't have to worry about sharpening the pencil, and it comes with a spooley (not sure how to spell that) brush to feather out my brows and make them look more natural, so I don't have to carry one around!

Cons: The stick of the pencil itself breaks easily. Not too long after I started using it, the pencil snapped. Of course, I just stuck it back into the tube to continue using, but it was frustrating that it did. And the worst part? I ran out of it after only having it for three weeks. What makes that so bad is that it costs $21. If I have to fork out a Benjamin every three weeks for this, I say it's not worth it. I expected it to last at least a couple months or so, but I was disappointed when I needed to fill in my eyebrows and there was nothing to fill them in.

If I had more money, I don't think I'd mind rebuying all the time, but because I don't, when I get something good quality, I also expect it to last a long time. I thought I had found my go-to eyebrow pencil, but I guess it's back to square one for me. Any recommendations?

Friday, April 25, 2014

New Design, New Hair, New Feeling


It seems as if every few months I redo my blog. Well, I'm always trying to improve my blog and make it better, and I think I just may have hit gold with my design this time!

With the referral of a blogger friend of mine in the Her Campus Blogger Network that I'm a part of, I found Nicole Rose Designs. As you can see, my blog has been completely redone with her help. I'm still trying to tweak a couple small things, but the basis of my blog redesign is done. Doesn't it look beautiful?

If you need Rose to design your website or blog, I would definitely recommend her. The best part? She does designs for FREE. I know, it's a word you almost never hear nowadays.

Of course, she does accept donations, but she does amazing work and I will definitely keep coming back to her for blog designs! Don't believe me? She has her portfolio posted on her blog and she can do just about anything that you ask from her. If you decide to ask her to do designs for you, let her know that I recommended you [:

Ka Mate, Ka Mate

Lately, life has been so busy and I've been doing a lot with school! Most notable if you follow my Insta: I threw my school's first-annual Asian/Pacific-Islander Cultural Night (APIC Night)! It was a night that celebrated all of the different Asian and Pacific-Islander (API) cultures through a number of different types performances, but primarily dances. We featured a few different performances (I was in two of them) and the lineup was:

  • Hula
  • Filipino/Japanese Martial Arts Demonstration
  • Singing of an Islander song on the ukelele
  • Indian, Bollywood-style dancing
  • Tinikling (a traditional Filipino dance)
  • Tahitian (faster version of hula, from Tahiti)
  • The Haka (a Samoan war chant)
It was the highlight of me leading the club! It was really stressful but it all came together and was worth it in the end. I'm excited for what my friend, Mele (she's taking over next year), will do with the event next year!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Love Decals

First of all, I just want to apologize for being such a bad blogger! I haven't been very consistent in posting lately due to school getting in the way. But in 3 weeks, it will be all over. Yay! 

So anyway, I decided to write today's post about my laptop's decals. I love stickers and used to collect them hardcore as a kid, but today I just stick to decals when I get them. 

My laptop currently has only four decals on it, but I totally wouldn't mind if I got some more to put on here! I usually get them randomly and figure that my laptop is the best place to put it. 

From top left to right, here are my decals: 

Monogrammed Decal: This decal is of my initials, KRM. You're probably wondering why the "M" is in the middle, and that is because in monograms, the last name is typically in the center and the largest letter. It looks weird, but it makes sense because wouldn't it be weird to have your middle initial be the largest letter? 

Anyway, I received this custom decal courtesy of Bowtique by Jacqueline, who creates bows, monogrammed things, painted canvases, and other pretty things! Everything is handmade and she is based in LA, so check her out!

He > i Decal: I received this one from one of my closest friends last year for Christmas. She's from Hawaii, so I think she got this decal from there, but they sell these at the HE>I online shop in three different sizes too! Unfortunately, the dot for the "I" fell off. 

Make Him Visible Decal: I got this last year from a good friend of mine because her church was giving them out to promote a campaign they were doing at their church, I believe. I like it. It was the first decal I got for my computer. 

I Aloha (Love) L&L Decal: L&L is a Hawaiian Barbecue restaurant with locations on the West Coast, Hawaii, as well as a couple other states and even countries. I love their food so much! I got this decal from them for free on my 18th birthday, haha. 

So those are my four decals. I'm hoping to get more decals for my laptop soon. In the meantime, check out my latest video on Youtube and enjoy my new, revamped site! I will be posting about it later on this week [:

Disclosure: I received the monogrammed decal courtesy of Bowtique by Jacqueline. All opinions are my own. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Miss Alk + Charlotte

Today, I am highlighting two of my sponsors, Miss Alk from Southern Belle in Training and Charlotte from Velvet and Vinyls. Both of them are my medium sponsors, meaning that they both get an introductory post about them!


Look at her, isn't she beautiful? Credits: Merideth Sledge Photography
First, let's start with Miss Alk!

She is one of the first bloggers that I began following when I started this blog, and I had always admired her for being a Christian blogger who also loved talking about fashion, beauty, college life, and other things like that. I've also really loved watching her blog evolve over the past year and seeing how she's still remained humble despite her blog growing as much as it has.

Other facts about her: She's originally from Maine (I've always wanted to know someone from Maine), but she's going to school in the South (hence her blog name!). She is also a sorority girl in Alpha Delta Pi!

Get to know her and follow her!

This is the awesome, Charlotte behind Velvet and Vinyls! Photo cred: Twitter
Up next, we have Charlotte!

Charlotte is a blogger from the UK, and although I only recently started following her blog and getting to know her, she seems like a very cool girl! She is a lifestyle blogger who writes about Fashion, Beauty, and whatever else is on her mind! She is also a baby blogger who just started her blog back in February, so help a girl out and check out her blog! 

Other facts about her: She's turning 21 this year! Haaaaay! If you couldn't tell already, she loves listening to vinyl records and is also studying photography in school.

Check her out!

Check out these lovely ladies and all the other ones on my sidebar for this month! Just click on their ad and it'll take you directly to their website! [:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Airheads. All opinions are my own.

I've always loved Airheads Candy growing up. I liked biting into them and ripping them apart to eat them. I definitely distinctly remember them a lot during Halloween time!

Well even today, Airheads are still a beloved candy brand and are taking things to the next level. They are looking for Airheads!

Now before you get offended, let me explain.

Airheads wants to showcase life's mishaps and "airhead" moments and showcase them through their campaign that they recently launched, "The World Needs More Airheads." They are looking for fans like you to post a Vine, Insta-vid, Youtube video, anything that shows your airhead moment! All videos submitted will be featured on their site, and if you have one of the top 3 videos, you can be featured in an Airheads tv commercial!

If you want to enter:

  1. Upload a Vine, Insta-vid, or Youtube video of your airhead moment. 
  2. Hashtag it #AirheadsNeeded
  3. Visit the Airheads Tumblr to submit your video for a chance to win. 
Your video can be one that you recorded a long time ago, or it could be one that you just created! 

Keep an eye out for my Youtube channel for my entry. You know I can't pass up an opportunity like this! Show me your Airhead moment!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

YOUTUBE: 100 Subscribers + Filipinos at Boxing Matches

Soo lately, I've been busy with lots of school-related activities, but aside from that, I've also been working on improving my Youtube channel and getting around to uploading videos more regularly.

I recently passed just over 100 subscribers and so I found the time in my schedule to make a short update video and to thank my viewers for their support in my channel so far!

While my channel has primarily been a beauty/random vlog channel, I stated in my channel's introduction video that I would soon be getting into more different types of videos. I want to do more comedic videos where I get to talk about things I've noticed around me in a funny way, and I also hope to get back into the habit of doing cover videos. Since coming to college, most singing that I do is purely for choir or church due to the fact that I've been focusing so much on my writing lately.

I also just posted my newest video on my channel; you should check it out! In honor of boxer Manny Pacquiao's recent win against Timothy Bradley, I decided to talk a little bit about the different types of Filipinos you meet at a Pacquiao fight! Hey, even if you aren't Filipino, maybe your family gets this way too, whether it's at boxing matches, football games, or whatever sport you guys watch together. Let me know what you think!


Until next time,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

4 Not-So-Typical Date Ideas

My boyfriend, Darell, and I have been together for almost four years. In the span of those four years, we've tried out and done so many different dates. Doing too much of the same thing is boring and can be unhealthy for your relationship (although it doesn't necessarily mean it is).

For Darell and I, our usual dates we resort to (which I'm sure you all in relationships can relate to) are:
eating out, watching movies (either at home or in theaters), or lazy days at home.

Some days they're really fun or memorable but let's face it: unless you're eating out somewhere fancy or watching a midnight premiere or have tons of things to do at home, then it's not always the most fun thing. (And besides, staying at home for us means that he's on his computer playing videogames while I fend for myself!)

Anyway, onto the date ideas!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Restoring the Sparkle

Last Friday, my school had a free concert, featuring the indie/folk Christian band, All Sons & Daughters. It was a concert and worship service rolled into one.

When some people think about worship services that change their lives or that really make them think, some may think about bawling your eyes out and having some divine intervention. That wasn't the case for me. The night was serene, and I felt like the quietness and calmness was necessary.

A lot of questions popped in my mind that I had been putting off for a while, and I just felt compelled to write. I wrote down whatever came to my mind and many of the scriptural references that the band had made throughout the night. A lot of things were coming to me and it didn't always make sense. I have this urge to share what I wrote, hoping to encourage someone out there who may be feeling the same way/going through the same things. Here's what I wrote:

God's glory. 
What could be more beautiful than that? How could we be so blind and want anything else? God's glory, his goodness, his embrace is never-failing and always open. 

What is worship?
It is singing loudly to the heavens even if you're off key. It is looking around you and seeing the beauty and glory displayed in the people around you. 

"Restore the sparkle to my eyes, or I will die." 
-Psalm 13:3b

"But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me. I will sing to the Lord because he is good to me."
-Psalm 13:5-6

How long, God? What am I looking for? What do I need?

Why am I so lost? Why am I in hiding from everyone around me? Even those who love me?

Open my heart and cleanse me. Wash me clean, O Lord. Rid me of the dirt that is clogging up my soul. So much burden and worry is in my heart, but I can't shake it. 

I guess this post turned out to be more personal than I thought. I didn't realize it until I got to the last bits of what I wrote that night. 

I don't write posts like these as much as I used to, but I still see my blog, this space, as my personal diary and a place for me to write my thoughts on whatever it may be. I hope you enjoy this space just as much as I do. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Top 5 Macy's Shoe Lust List

Macy's Shoe Lust List
I wish I could have all the shoes.
It is the last and final week of the Macy's Campus Tour! How am I ending this series? Well, why not end with the last thing you put on you before heading out for the day: shoes! 

If you know me, it won't take long to realize my love for shoes. While I love all clothes and fashion in general, I have a special place in my heart just for shoes. 

I was searching through Macy's mobile app one day and I was admiring all of the beautiful shoes that Macy's mstylelab carries. They have so many cute things, I wish I wasn't just limited to the $100 I was provided a few weeks ago! These 5 pairs (pictured above) were my tops!

From the top left: 

1. Jessica Simpson Oxford Flats: I've had a slight obsession with cut-out shoes lately, and shoes with all of the cutouts with the lines like these have been on my mind lately. I. Want. Them.

2. Report Simba Two-piece Flats: These also look like cut-outs, even though they are much smaller than the previous shoe. I have also been a fan of two-piece flats for a while, and I love that they are finally becoming a thing!

3. Rocket Dog Bena Huarache Flats: I've also been a fan of this style of shoes since I first spotted these at Downtown LA's Olvera Street. I've been searching for a pair to call my own ever since. 

4. Chinese Laundry Raven Platform Wedge Sandals: I've always liked the clog-type of sandals/shoes, and these are just like that! They're not completely wedges (but basically are), which makes them super comfortable, and they are high, which is how I like my heels! As a short girl, shoes that will make me look taller are a must for me. 

5. Steve Madden Cori Cut Out Oxford Flats: I love Steve Madden Shoes, and as I said before, I love cut-out shoes. These shoes are the perfect combination of the two. They remind me a little bit of my old roommate's oxfords that she has (Shoutout to you, Melissa), and I've always liked them. They looked a lot like these except these ones have cut-outs. 

All of these shoes have some sort of cut-out element and somewhat resemble a full-on, "normal" shoe (except the wedges), but the cut-outs give them a unique flair that I like in my shoes. And there is also a lot of brown. I prefer brown over black in shoes most of the time; I don't know why. 

These shoes would be perfect for almost any school function, whether it needs to be dressed up or down! A girl can dream. 

So, that concludes the #macyscampustour! Have you missed any posts? You can catch everything--my haul, my Two Ways to Wear miniseries, and my other wish list here! Don't forget to visit for what others are doing with Macy's mstylelab and for a 15% off coupon!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Macy's. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

PMS Prep with the Tampon Fairies

WARNING: This post may contain too much bloody information for the male reader. You've been warned. 

As a female, there are so many things that we have to deal with: constant scrutiny of our looks, the glass ceiling, and PERIODS.

I remember in elementary/middle school wishing that I had gotten my period because all my friends were getting it and it was one of the signs of becoming a woman. When I finally got it myself, I have no idea what I was thinking, wishing for it!

As women, we are always trying to find ways to soothe ourselves and make things a little easier for us during our periods because it's tough dealing with cravings, random emotions, and well, you know, all at once!

That's where (or the Tampon Fairies, as they like to call themselves), come in!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Beauty (and Struggle) of Not Knowing

Is anyone else a planner like me? I like to have my life planned out, from this summer to graduation to my future family. I know that things won't go my way, I like to know where I'm headed and work towards that goal.

On the day to day basis, I love spontaneity. If I have time, I love randomly eating out with good friends or going on a random adventure with random people. It's fun. But beyond that, I like to know what I'll be doing a month, a year, five years from now.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about why I plan so much. Did something traumatic happen to me as a child to make me so set on my life? Is that just my personality? I'm one of few college students who know almost exactly what they want out of life and what they want to do with it. Why is that the case?

It's good to plan... until it doesn't work out.

After a series of events that have been happening in my life, it is a sure thing that I don't know what I will be doing this summer or even next school year, and it kills me. I always feel the need to know.

When I get disappointed in something or get into an argument with my boyfriend, it can all trace back to high expectations on my part.

One thing that I've learned among all of this: calm down. 

When I say "calm down," I mean stop freaking out. And I'm mostly saying this for myself. When we walk into certain situations without overthinking everything, that's when good things happen. We are at ease with ourselves and the situations around us.

It's good to have a plan, actually, it's great! Just remember to calm down a bit and stay grounded on the fact that things almost never go as we expect it to.

A Bible verse that I recently came across that I hadn't seen in a while reminded me of this:
"We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." -Proverbs 16:9 (NLT)
I'm still trying to figure this all out, but I'm working on it! If you have any tips on dealing with the balance of planning things out and dealing with disappointment/failed plans, I would appreciate the encouragement [: