Sunday, April 6, 2014

PMS Prep with the Tampon Fairies

WARNING: This post may contain too much bloody information for the male reader. You've been warned. 

As a female, there are so many things that we have to deal with: constant scrutiny of our looks, the glass ceiling, and PERIODS.

I remember in elementary/middle school wishing that I had gotten my period because all my friends were getting it and it was one of the signs of becoming a woman. When I finally got it myself, I have no idea what I was thinking, wishing for it!

As women, we are always trying to find ways to soothe ourselves and make things a little easier for us during our periods because it's tough dealing with cravings, random emotions, and well, you know, all at once!

That's where (or the Tampon Fairies, as they like to call themselves), come in! is a period prep subscription box that just recently launched that ships you the essentials to make your time of the month as easy and smooth as possible. The box is meant to come to your rescue for those days when you forget to buy some tampons or suddenly have terrible menstrual cramps.

Each box comes with three things: A box smooth slidey tampons (there are 15), Tutu Towels (15 feminine wipes), and PMS pain relief (16 ibuprofen tablets).

I like the packaging for everything. The red and white keeps it simple and the idea of "customized" looking products makes you feel like a cool kid, especially since you won't find these in stores.

When it was my time of the month, I had the opportunity to try each of the products to see what made these "Tampon Fairies" so good.

The tampons are wrapped in a bright yellow packaging, easy to spot when scrounging around for it in your bag. It works just as well as any other tampon that you could get in-store, and I was able to get away with wearing just a liner with this (I normally wear pads with tampons for possible leakage).

My favorite of everything in this box were the Tutu Towels, or feminine wipes. I usually am never able to get any for myself, so having these on hand when I needed them was very refreshing and made me feel so clean. They're unscented too, perfect for anyone who may be allergic to scented wipes! I also like the packaging because it was small enough to be easy to carry around in your bag. 

The wipes themselves don't look any special, but I decided to take a picture for you in case you've never seen/used them before. [:

And finally, there were the ibuprofen tablets. They work just as fine as any ibuprofen tablets, but the packaging makes you feel cool because you can't get these specific ones anywhere else. I took a couple for my headache and cramps and soon enough I was feeling fine again. 

The final verdict: I say get this! For $15 a month, you get tampons, feminine wipes, and ibuprofen tablets too! Considering how much you get of each, it is honestly a really good deal, and everything is perfect for sharing or even using for more than one month. Another plus? Ten percent of every purchase goes to an organization that empowers women every month.

Besides, if you're on the fence, PMS is giving out their first boxes for FREE! That's right, you can get your first PMS box for free, and only pay for shipping, which is only $2.99 anyway. Seriously, you have no reason to say no now. What are you waiting for? Your time of the month will be here again before you know it!

Follow the Tampon Fairies wherever you go for more updates and ways to cope with your time of the month: 

Disclosure: I received this subscription box courtesy of for review. As always, all opinions are my own. 


  1. Dude, that looks awesome. I love the packaging of the ibuprofen pills in particular, even though I don't actually need physical painkillers when I'm PMSing - I'm more the terribly emotional kind. I... was going to look if they shipped internationally, but I can't even ACCESS the store from my country. What the fuck?

    1. Lix, I am so sorry about that! The company was only launched recently, and it turns out that they only ship within the US at this time. If you want updates on international shipping and all that, you can connect with their facebook and twitter!

  2. In LOVE with this packaging! This is such a genius idea, I'll have to check them out for myself!

  3. This is pretty cool. Thanks for this article, not sure if I would have heard about it otherwise.


  4. I like this! When my daughters go through it and have to take care of themselves, I am totally gonna get them this. You know, actually, this would make a cool gift for my bff. Thanks for the review info! Good Job!

  5. This is straight up hilarious. I'd be in if they threw in a chocolate bar, a good book, and tissues. haha. There is so much potential for growing this to make it the complete PMS package. Love it though.

  6. I've been wanting to make my own for the longest! Thanks for the motivation! Love your btw! :)

  7. It's pretty great, actually. You should definitely try them out! and that would be a good idea too!

  8. Hi Janeen! Were you talking about the DIY shorts I made? Because I think you accidentally commented on my review of a tampon package I got!

  9. No problem! I'm sure they'll enjoy it!

  10. You definitely should!


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