Sunday, April 13, 2014

4 Not-So-Typical Date Ideas

My boyfriend, Darell, and I have been together for almost four years. In the span of those four years, we've tried out and done so many different dates. Doing too much of the same thing is boring and can be unhealthy for your relationship (although it doesn't necessarily mean it is).

For Darell and I, our usual dates we resort to (which I'm sure you all in relationships can relate to) are:
eating out, watching movies (either at home or in theaters), or lazy days at home.

Some days they're really fun or memorable but let's face it: unless you're eating out somewhere fancy or watching a midnight premiere or have tons of things to do at home, then it's not always the most fun thing. (And besides, staying at home for us means that he's on his computer playing videogames while I fend for myself!)

Anyway, onto the date ideas!

The boyfriend and I on a 7 mile hike recently.

1. Hiking! This one is a free date idea that you can set aside a morning or a whole day for! I can't speak for every state/place, but Southern California does have a lot of mountainous as well as beach trails, even though we're primarily known for the beach. I feel like hikes allow you to really get to know a person (especially if it's an all day hike) because you see how they are in such a raw form, where you both only have water bottles, snacks/food, and other survival-type items to keep you safe in case of an emergency (this is more so in mountain hikes than beach hikes).

Bang Bang! I was terrified.

2. Shooting Range. This is definitely not something you do everyday, especially if you're anything like me. I am clumsy and I have the worst luck, so when Darell surprised me with this date one day, I was terrified of actually shooting someone or myself out of my own clumsiness.

With shooting ranges, you purchase a target, bullets, and rent out a gun if you don't have your own. It's a little pricey, but it's a good date if you want to try something completely out of your comfort zone! You are given goggles and earmuffs for protection, then you go into the designated space. That is where you hang up your target, set it as far back as you want, load up your gun, and start shooting. As a girl with almost no strength in her arms, pulling the triggers of the two guns I tried (a revolver and a normal handgun) were difficult at times. The jerking of the handgun especially caught me off guard so whenever I shot it, my hands jerked a little bit upward. It was freaky, but fun.

Although I was slightly scared for my life, this date was so different from any other date I had been on so far and it was a good experience. I learned a thing or two about guns from Darell that day, which might be useful in the future (although I hope I never need to use this knowledge).

Darell doesn't normally go in front of the camera, but he did this just for fun!

3. Filming Videos. Darell is a film major and I am a vlogger on Youtube, so we both work together when I'm home from school to film videos for my channel. You don't have to do what we do to film videos, however. You don't even have to post them online! Just take any camera, whether it's your iPhone camera or your DSLR camera, go anywhere (or stay home), and start shooting! You can just drive around and film or come up with skits and film or whatever you can think of and are willing to do together! It's a simple thing you can do together with endless possibilites.

We haven't exactly crafted together yet... but I'm working on it!
4. Crafting/Making Something Together. Crafting may not be for every girl or guy, but even making something that isn't Pinterest-related would be cool! Buy a whole bunch of supplies and make clothes together or create a garden or something from Pinterest together. Darell and I haven't actually done this ourselves...yet. Don't worry, we'll do this together someday. Plus, it's a different type of stay-at-home date, rather than just watching tv at home.

Sometimes I wish we had more money to do some more types of dates, but if you're on a limited budget, these are really good! I'm always looking for more date ideas, what are yours?


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