Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Miss Alk + Charlotte

Today, I am highlighting two of my sponsors, Miss Alk from Southern Belle in Training and Charlotte from Velvet and Vinyls. Both of them are my medium sponsors, meaning that they both get an introductory post about them!


Look at her, isn't she beautiful? Credits: Merideth Sledge Photography
First, let's start with Miss Alk!

She is one of the first bloggers that I began following when I started this blog, and I had always admired her for being a Christian blogger who also loved talking about fashion, beauty, college life, and other things like that. I've also really loved watching her blog evolve over the past year and seeing how she's still remained humble despite her blog growing as much as it has.

Other facts about her: She's originally from Maine (I've always wanted to know someone from Maine), but she's going to school in the South (hence her blog name!). She is also a sorority girl in Alpha Delta Pi!

Get to know her and follow her!

This is the awesome, Charlotte behind Velvet and Vinyls! Photo cred: Twitter
Up next, we have Charlotte!

Charlotte is a blogger from the UK, and although I only recently started following her blog and getting to know her, she seems like a very cool girl! She is a lifestyle blogger who writes about Fashion, Beauty, and whatever else is on her mind! She is also a baby blogger who just started her blog back in February, so help a girl out and check out her blog! 

Other facts about her: She's turning 21 this year! Haaaaay! If you couldn't tell already, she loves listening to vinyl records and is also studying photography in school.

Check her out!

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