Sunday, February 8, 2015

January + February Sponsor Spotlight: Allison

Because I Said SO
If you visit my blog regularly, you probably have noticed over the past almost 2 months now, that I've had Allison from Because I Said So on my sidebar. She has been my premium sponsor since late December now, and it has been great having her around and getting to know her! If you want to hang out on my sidebar like she did, check out my sponsorship options!

Allison is from the South and is an aspiring wedding planner. She has a dog and loves the color pink! Her blog is called Because I Said So because everything she says and she likes are "because [she] said so!" 

If you're wondering what she talks about on her blog, it's primarily weddings, her dog, and her recent braces! She still looks cute with them :] 

Allison has been really cool to get to know recently, and she is super passionate about what she does! Whether it's her dog or her dream to become a wedding planner, she really puts a lot of effort into what she loves. She also has a quirkiness to her that is fun! I think it's the way she writes and the voice she has on her blog, but you can tell she has energy in her posts and that she's having fun with what she's doing.

Another thing that I have admired about her is her 6+ year relationship with her boyfriend! Of course, I love when she posts about her man because it's encouraging to me. Usually, people are surprised that Darell and I have been together for almost 5 years, so when I meet people who have dated longer than us, it makes me happy because they inspire me. Seeing dating couples date long periods of time encourage me when I am surrounded by engaged/married friends who haven't dated as long as I have. 

Check out Allison if you haven't already! Why? Because I said so!

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