Friday, February 6, 2015

Glam, Edgy, or Boho: Azura Box Review

I love subscription boxes. They are the best way to try out and discover new things, whether it is makeup, clothes, or sometimes even snacks. Plus, it's always fun to get something new in the mail. 

Not too long ago, I got into contact with a brand new fashion/beauty subscription called Azura Box, and they sent me a box to review! They sent out their first boxes just last month so I was excited to get to be part of this. 

The whole premise of Azura Box is that you take a style quiz and determine if your style is edgy, glam, or boho to determine if you will receive things like dainty or statement jewelry or silver or gold jewelry. Then they'll send you a box with two pieces plus a bonus beauty product for a surprise! And the price of this is only $19.99, which is a good price for two quality pieces of jewelry. 

For my box, I was sent a statement necklace, some dangling earrings, and a moisturizer. I was also sent some extra chains for my earrings or necklace in case I would need to replace a few. 

My favorite item is hands down, the necklace! The earrings are nice and they match really well with the necklace, but they're not really my style. But the necklace, I will wear it as often as I can, whether with a fancier outfit or to dress up a casual one. It's a bib-style necklace which I've always wanted to try for myself. I also like that it's a statement necklace but it is still simple because it's just hanging chains. It's a great balance of edge and standing out without being gaudy. 

I still haven't tried the moisturizer yet, but I will definitely do that soon! It looks pretty promising. 

Another great thing about Azura is that you can shop past boxes or different styles from other boxes on their site! They have a few dainty bangles that I want to get my hands on. I think it's great that they also provide that if you are like me and have a wide range of styles. 

I love finding newer subscription boxes that aren't as mainstream as Birchbox or Ipsy. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I love even better finding subscription box gems that have some great stuff too. 

If you're interested in subscribing or want more info on Azura Box, check them out on their website or their other social networks:

Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest

Disclosure: I received this box courtesy of Azura Box. I received no financial compensation and all opinions are my own. 
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  1. Great review! Love that necklace too :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. Now I'm the one with the subscription box envy! That necklace is so awesome, but I don't think I would have the guts to wear it. What did you say you were in your quiz? I want to guess glam, but the necklace is also kind of edgy. I haven't heard anything about this box, so thanks for sharing!


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