Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Best Things About Being Raised by Immigrant Parents

I've mentioned before that the Fung Brothers are two of some of my favorite Youtubers because I like the way they talk about Asian American culture (and more recently, different cultures in general). They are able to educate people without making things too serious, which is always good with these topics that may be sensitive for some people. 

They released a video yesterday on the "10 Best Things About Being Raised by Immigrant Parents." I watched it and related to almost all of what they said if not everything because I, too, was raised by immigrant parents. 

Some of the things they said were being bilingual, getting to eat great food, knowing how to budget (because we all know how cheap our parents are haha), and more. 

Growing up, I actually didn't realize the difference of being raised by immigrant parents and parents that were born in America until maybe middle school or high school because most of my friends were raised by immigrant parents as well. When my friends with American-born parents would talk about how they were raised, I thought it was because they were white (because my friend I'm talking about is white) or because his parents had different personality types than mine. 

In high school and most definitely college, I was able to think more about how being raised by my immigrant parents in my home affected who I am. Coming to a school where most people were White and raised by American-born parents (white or an ethnic minority), it hit me in the face how my parents' parenting styles and their immigrant status (but they're American citizens btw) affected my habits. I had a white roommate my freshman year so seeing how her relationship with her mom was and how she was because of her parents really opened my eyes to understanding my relationship with my parents and how they've affected me as well. 

It's hard to be raised by immigrant parents when you don't live in an ethnic community or live in a predominantly white area, but learn to embrace it! Although there are negatives to it, there are also positives, and it helps shape our unique views on the world :] 

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  1. Very interesting! For me it was the opposite--I grew up in a pretty middle-class area with mostly American-born parents and it's been really cool to come to a diverse university and see how my friends were influenced by their parents' background.

  2. That is so awesome, Olivia! Thank you for sharing that :]


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