Saturday, September 12, 2015

DIY Sugar Skull Pt. 2

It's barely mid-September, but it's seriously never too early to start thinking about Halloween. I mostly like Halloween because it's a day to dress up and be something (or someone) different, and for me, I like transforming myself into different things to see how much different from myself I can look and how closely I can get myself to resembling whatever (or whoever) I am. 

I decided to paint myself as a sugar skull from Dia de los Muertos again (see my first skull from last year) because I was inspired by a couple sugar skull designs that Paper Source carries on some of their Day of the Dead products. (However, please note that this post is not sponsored by them. I simply work in one of their retail stores and stare at these products every time I work!)

 So it's pretty simple. 

+ Start with a clean face, with no makeup (I had my eyebrows done in this photo & realized I had to wipe them off after). 

+ Use a sponge and apply white face paint all over your face, or half of it, whichever is comfortable with you. I did half of my face last year, so I decided to go full face for this look. (Forgive me for looking so creepy). 

+ I did the eyes next, & unfortunately I got so into doing my face that I forgot to stop & take photos at each step. I painted my eyes as red hearts using a paintbrush and then I filled them in before outlining the outside of the heart. 

+ I took yellow paint afterwards & painted flower petals & also outlined them with black paint.  

+ I did the teeth next by simply drawing a line through the natural line of my lips & slightly extending them past my natural lips. I filled in a little bit of pain in the inner portions of my lips to show a slight space between the teeth.  I then drew lines through it to represent teeth. 

+ I painted the flowers at the top of my forehead next, and they were the part that I was most excited about. I simply used a sponge to create a space of orange or pink (I demonstrated an orange rose in this case). I then took my brush and did an uneven spiral to represent rose petals. For the pink flowers I did in this look, you simply paint a circle for the center of the flower then paint the petals coming out of that. 

+ You can really customize the look doing whatever you want after this. I did a few squiggly lines, a few petals, a few dots under my eyes, and a purple heart for a cool color to balance out all the warm colors on my face. 

I'm still working on my face painting skills so my face doesn't look as perfect as a lot of the photos that come up on Google, BUT the good thing about that is to let you know that it's okay if your face doesn't come out as picture perfect and evenly spaced like what you come across on Google, because chances are if you're reading this you typically don't do face painting or makeup for a living. You're probably just someone looking for an easy but cool look for Halloween, and that's totally fine. 

I got at least one more Halloween look coming up on the blog, but that won't be until next month, so keep an eye out! If I get inspired, I might do some more looks :) 

I still don't know what I'm gonna be for Halloween though. Do you have an idea? 
Chau for now

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