Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Left My Heart Down Under: Trip Recap!

Hi strangers. Haha, it's been almost 3 weeks since I last posted and I am so sorry about that! Other than being busy in Australia, I've been going crazy with work and school since I've been back home. I finally have a little window to write my first post of a few about my time down under. 

Because there were a lot of aspects about the trip (being reunited with Darell after 3 months #oceansapart, tons of adventures, traveling alone for the first time, etc) I'll divide it into a few different parts & spread out the posts over the next few weeks! So sorry if you get tired of hearing about Australia, but not sorry at the same time. I'll try to break up the posts with some other posts I've been wanting to do as well, but no guarantees. I'm 6 weeks away from being done with undergrad so that will be my first priority. 


So I basically had the time of my life in Australia. From going to the beach, getting to catch up with my cousin I haven't seen in 10+ years, Hillsong Church, to adventuring around Australia with Darell and new + old friends, it was amazing. 

I'll spare unnecessary details for now, so here are a few photos to tell the story: 

Being reunited with Darell at the airport!
Hillsong Church: #SundaymeetsFriday

I have to take some time to talk about this girl! Her name is Fernanda, and two days after meeting her she had a birthday party to celebrate her turning 19! Little did I know how much of an impact on me in such a short time, but I have so much love for this girl! She's the girl that I stayed with while I was in Australia. She's Brazilian but is from Dubai with her parents. She is one of the best people you will ever meet, and since I've been back I've been in constant contact with her always telling each other how much we miss each other haha. Love you, Fern! #yallafrangos

Don't worry, we know the girl photobombing behind us! Haha.

Queen Victoria Building in Downtown Sydney
Coogee Beach
A couple days after I arrived, it started getting really hot, so of course we went to the beach! When we went to Coogee Beach, we were there for 8 hours, doing a combination of swimming, laying out, and jumping off rocks. It was pretty chill and I also got really dark. 

Darell took me out on a date in the city the Tuesday I was there. We visited the Sydney Opera House // Harbour Bridge and visited the Museum of Contemporary Art! It was fun having Darell plan the day out for me. I'll talk more about the dates & whatnot in a future post :)

On our way to finding a white sand beach on our daylong road trip, we came across some wallabies! So of course, we had to get photos or it didn't happen...

I love this group. This was basically the group of people I spent most of my time with while in Australia. So thankful for these guys in different ways! We went on some pretty awesome adventures and I can't wait to go back hopefully soon for some more! Of course, other than Darell & Fernanda, the two other guys are basically Darell's best friends from school. They're pretty funny. Matt (the white guy) is American too & Andy (the one taking the selfie) is from Australia. Love these guys!

Darell & Abi (the girl in the front) also worked together to surprise me with a visit up to Northern Australia (Brisbane) to visit her & her family! Abi is a girl Darell & I were in a youth group with when we were in high school, but she was originally from Australia & moved back after living in the States for a couple years. We hadn't seen her in about 3 years I think, so it was a cute reunion to spend a little over a day with her! This was also mine & Darell's first trip together, so that was pretty great as well.

Of course, can't forget my last Sunday at Hillsong

I have to also give a special shoutout to my cousin (on the very right) for hanging out with Darell & I whenever we could & taking us out! This was unfortunately the only photo I got with him (and my aunt next to him) while I was there, but I'm hoping to take more photos next time I go over there :)

This post was long overdue so instead of going into intense detail I figured I'd just share a few photos right now then get into detail as I break down the trip into multiple posts about traveling solo, reuniting with a long distance love for a few days, visiting Australia, and more.

Australia has truly stolen my heart. These photos don't even do it justice! And as I continue to write about it over the next few weeks, I think you'll figure out why.

Until then, 
Chau for now

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