Sunday, December 20, 2015

Open Heaven / River Wild + My Christmas Gift to You

Taken when I went to Jervis Bay, NSW
I have always loved any kind of music that has come out from Hillsong Church. The times that the songs came out or the times that I first heard the songs all represent a different time in my walk with God, and as I've gotten older I have learned more and more what it truly means to worship God. 

With Hillsong Worship specifically, those songs have been best for me to listen to when I am worshipping with other people in church because the meaning of those songs I think are a reflection and prayer that we all have. Hillsong Worship's newest album, Open Heaven / River Wild has emphasized that more than ever for me. 

This current album is my prayer & desire for my life at the moment. Every song on this album touches my heart in a different way. I heard some of the songs live in Sydney when I visited but once I got my hands on the whole album, I was hooked! 

In the last few weeks that I've been playing the album on my phone, I have been cycling through the songs over and over again and still have not gotten tired of them. Of course, the top tracks & the singles off the album are "O Praise the Name," "Open Heaven (River Wild)," "Transfiguration," "Love on the Line," and "One Thing." However, I also recommend listening to all of the songs if you get the chance. 

There are certain songs that I like more than others of course, but for whatever reason I love the bridge of pretty much every song on the album. There are 12 songs on the album. Some of my favorites: 

"Remember love, 
Remember mercy, 
Christ before me, 
Christ behind me

Your love & kindness
Has never failed me
Christ before me, 
Christ behind me" 
- Jesus I Need You

"There'll be a season
For joy & weeping
In everything our God is faithful

His arms are open
I will come running
Now & always our God is faithful"
- Faithfulness

"I'm covered by your love,
In searching in my heart
Forever I am found in You, my God

My feet have wandered far,
But now I'm where you are
Forever I am found in You, my God"
- Never Forsaken

I could honestly go into detail about each song and talk specifically about why I love it so much. Musically, the songs are not very complicated, but they are also not stripped down by any means. Lyrically, they are beautiful. If they're not a prayer, they are a really great reminder of God's power and place in our lives. I have gone through a couple times where I was driving and sobbing to these songs as I cried out to God in desperation for some peace and praying what these songs are praying for myself. 

And now, I want to share the blessing of these songs of worship with you this Christmas! 
I have partnered with Hillsong Worship and Capitol Christian Music Group to give away a copy of this album to share with you in the hopes & prayers that you would be just as blessed by this music as I have been. 

Just enter the giveaway using the Gleam platform below and/or go to my Instagram @krisellerhiax and go to the photo just like this one to enter! Depending on when you see this post the photo may or may not already be posted so just keep an eye out for it! The giveaway will end on Christmas eve right before it hits midnight on Christmas, and I will choose a winner either right on Christmas day or the day after, depending on how busy I get with my family. 

This will most likely be my only post this week because I will be preparing for Christmas & prepping the blog for a renewal in 2016, so Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you enjoy your time with your loved ones and if you decide to enter my giveaway with Hillsong, good luck! I pray that you are as blessed as I have been by this album. 

"Open Heaven / River Wild" Christmas Giveaway

Chau for now

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