Monday, October 21, 2013

Being at the First Hillsong Conference in LA!

If you have been keeping up with my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, then you would have an idea of why I haven't posted in the past couple days. If you haven't, that's okay too. But this past weekend was the Hillsong Conference LA, and I could not have been more excited or blessed to go!

As a way to end my birthday week/start Darell's birthday week, his parents bought him a ticket to the conference while he bought me one to go with him!

If you don't know what Hillsong is, they're one of the largest churches in the world. They're a church that originated in Sydney, Australia and now has churches in Ukraine, London, New York City, all over Australia, and soon enough Los Angeles. They are most known for their worship band, Hillsong UNITED.

So anyway, back to the conference...

It was really surreal, to be honest. Being in the same room as a band that I had listened to for the past six years of my life was a little hard to believe for me. These are people whose songs had touched so many people around the world on so many levels. Getting the chance to worship with them and over 7,000 other people was such a breathtaking experience.

The worship leaders are so anointed and the music live sounds just like their recordings, which makes the songs so much better live. I loved hearing Hillsong Young & Free's songs played live and in person, and it was definitely a party every time they played one. I fell in love with Taya Smith's voice--she is one of Hillsong UNITED's newest worship leaders and one of the members of Young & Free.

There were also a number of speakers, like Brian and Bobbie Houston, Robert Ferguson, Christine Caine, and Judah Smith. Judah Smith was personally my favorite because he was so funny and really put the topic he was preaching about into perspective through humor.

This conference was a great time of reflection for me. It was very humbling to see everyone around me, worshipping God with their everything and all gathering in one place for one reason: Jesus. Whether someone wanted to learn more about Jesus, learn from him to help their ministry grow, or just to worship him, everyone wanted Jesus. It almost made me feel unworthy for having such an amazing opportunity to worship among all those people, but God never fails to bring upon that spirit of peace when I need it. I was immensely blessed by the worship and the speakers and the atmosphere of the entire conference.

This weekend was also a great time for Darell and I to spend together. I think that we grew as individuals and as a couple. We really bonded over this experience, and I am happy that I got to share this with him. He truly is a blessing and my best friend.

So that is my experience in a nutshell. I didn't want to summarize everything I did because I will be making a YouTube video for that (keep an eye out for that! Subscribe so you can stay updated with my future vids :) I decided that a reflection on the adventure would be better for this post. Hope you liked something about this post [:

Chau for now ♥


  1. Lol, I was so excited for you to go! Glad you enjoyed it (:


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