Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ask Me Anything + Another GIVEAWAY!

So yesterday was mine and my boyfriend's 4 year anniversary, and to celebrate it here on the blog, I wrote out our love story of how we happened in the form of a short story/novel-type of writing. Although I write blogs and articles and stuff, I have such a love for writing stories and making them up in my head, except this one was real. (I may or may not have had to improvise the dialogue towards the end of the story but oh well.)

Anyway, I love that kind of writing and hope to write a book one day. It could be a memoir about what Darell and I have been through over the years (we went through a lot of rough patches before this blog) or it could be a fiction book. Who knows?

Anyway, so I'd love feedback from you! Did you like the novel-type of writing? Should I share more stories like that? And I have been meaning to do a FAQ-type of video/blog post lately, and I want to make sure I answer any questions anyone may have!

You could seriously ask me a question about myself or anything. You could ask me to do something, like use sign language to communicate, or whatever it is you want to see on this blog or my Youtube channel. I want your feedback and questions! And you can be totally anonymous or leave your Youtube/blog link if you want me to feature your link along with your question. If you're anonymous, as long as it is appropriate, I am an open book! Ask me something like we're on Tumblr, haha.

If you have a question for me, you can ask here.

I'm also currently hosting/co-hosting two giveaways as of right now! One is my blog's first anniversary giveaway, and the other is Alicia of Alicia Tenise's blog rebranding giveaway! The prize for that is a $150 gift card to J. Crew! Preps unite!

These ladies and I are helping out Alicia here by co-hosting with her :] Don't forget to enter below! Good luck.


  1. I would probably get a sweater.

  2. I'd buy a new bag, I think. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! I would probably buy something with a pineapple on it.

  4. Congrats :-)
    Is it Worldwide?

  5. I'd buy new clothes.

  6. I'd buy some new sandals for the summer!

  7. I would probably want anything on J. Crew's website, but I've been dying for a dress lately, so that's probably what I'd buy (:


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