Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chili's At Home is Perfect for College Students!

As a broke college student, I am always trying to figure out how to eat good meals in my dorm room that are better than just instant ramen. So when I found out that Chili's were going to start offering entrees to eat at home, I got so excited! I love Chili's food, so I had high expectations for Chili's at Home to deliver. 

Image source: Chili's at Home

I got myself the Bacon Mac & Cheese, because bacon. What I love about this that makes it different than just simple bacon with mac & cheese is the add-in of poblano peppers because it adds a nice kick to the simple dish. 

So unfortunately, my roommate threw away the box to make space for this in our fridge, but here's how it looks. I got the family-sized entree from my local Walmart. 

What makes this great is that you can just pop it in the microwave and voila, you're done! Since I'm living in a quad-type of dorm that doesn't have a kitchen, it's so nice to know that I could buy this, make it, and share it with the girls that I live with! Even with just eating a little bit of it is very filling, which is great even if you're trying to watch how much you're eating. 

Sorry for the terrible photo. I could've sworn that it wasn't this blurry when I took it!
If you don't want bacon mac & cheese, don't worry! Chili's at Home has tons of other entrees for you to choose from, from different rice entrees to pasta to nachos! 

Thank you, Chili's at Home for sponsoring today's post! 

Who else is excited for Chili's at Home as much as I am? What dish are you excited to try? 
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