Monday, April 27, 2015

The Thing About Being a Full-Time Student with a Blog

It seems like I've been doing a lot of these kinds of posts lately, huh? Well, instead of just apologizing about it and giving you guys a sneak peek at what I've been up to lately, here are some sucky things about being a full-time student with a serious blog: 

+ School has to come first. 
Okay, so it doesn't necessarily, but unless you're making a steady income from your blog, it'll be the first thing to take a back burner when school gets busy. 

+ Your editorial calendar gets screwed up. 
If you keep an editorial calendar like I do, then you know that you have posts lined up. Because you're a full time student and can't blog when school picks up, your posts get backed up and sometimes trashed altogether if it's time sensitive. (Although please do not do this if you are working with a brand--try your best to get your post on time if you agreed on a specific timeline.)

+ You feel a little helpless.
Well, I do at least. I have all these ideas and really have been working on the blog more behind the scenes in the past few days, but you guys haven't seen much of it unless you follow me on social media. 

+ Some people may stop reading your blog as a result. 
People who are faithful blog readers expect posts on certain days, and if you go too long without delivering, well then say bye to those readers, because they may get fed up with you and just leave. I feel anxious every day that I'm not able to post because I get scared that people may feel that way. I know that people always say that your true readers will stay and all that, but let's face it--if your blog is a business (or you want it to be) you need to have people always looking at your stuff and engaging with it. If you have faithful readers that engage with your posts (when I say engage I mean comment, share, engage with affiliate links), then that is great! You must have really created a community surrounding your blog. :]

Basically, all of these reasons surround school and are fears of mine. I really do love this blog and put in tons of effort into it. I'm always thinking about what to do next with the blog but with me paying for school more than what I'm making with this blog at the moment school has to come first. Especially since I'm so close to being done (woo 7 more months!). 

So where are my full-time students at? What sucks the most about being a student & a blogger at the same time?

Chau for now


  1. Blogging is like two full time jobs, I so agree! Stick with it :)

  2. I can relate so much to this post! Last year, I wanted to re-brand my blog entirely, but as my final year of university took over I found it to be way too much. I wasn't able to make the changes I wanted, post regularly and continue with all my school commitments. So I decided to take a step back for while and focusing on my degree, which ended up working out really well for me.

    It's always commendable when bloggers juggle another commitment like school or career alongside their blogs. So go you! ^_^

    With Love, Fatema |

  3. YES GIRL. One thing I'd add is that you tend to feel so much pressure to keep up with the superstar bloggers you know...until you realize they're full-time bloggers and you're a student. It's so hard to stay realistic about what you can and can't do!


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