Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 - Be Brave

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow, I can't believe it is 2016, but you know what, I am ready for it! I kicked off the new year lying in bed because why not (I also have work on New Year's Day) and I'm not mad that I did. It was actually nice for me to chill & relax by myself. 2015 was a very hectic year and I want to embrace the rest that I can get before going into full swing for 2016. 
Anyway, it's a new year, so that means new goals! Here is my plan for the year: 
Blog Goals: 
[] Get back to at least 2 posts per week 
[] Send out a biweekly newsletter
[] Have Instagram following hit 1500
[] Have Twitter following hit 1k
[] Meet up with at least 4 other bloggers/influencers
[] Start selling something (whether physical or digital)
[] Make the move to self-hosted
[] Pose in at least one full-on photoshoot (with a makeup artist/hair stylist, photographer, etc) 

Personal Goals:
[] Go on a road trip with friends (carry over from last year)
[] Take at least two major trips (domestic or international)
[x] Move. away from SoCal (;  (I will talk more about that verrryyyy soon)
[] Read at least 6 novels for pleasure
[x] Go on a trip with Darell to anywhere
[x] Become fully self-sufficient (parents do not financially support in any way at all)
[] Take some kind of creative class (dance, crafting, etc)
[x] Regularly attend a small group
B E  B R A V E.
Last year, having "pursue" as my word of the year was something that I didn't fully realize until about October. It wasn't until very late in the year that I realized just what pursuing God was doing in my life. I was planting seeds for the whole year and I started seeing them flourish, funny enough, during the time of harvest. 
This year, I am deciding to have the word "brave" as my word of the year, but my phrase of the year will be to "be brave." This year is going to be a huge deal for me, especially because this will be the first time that I am not in school since I was in kindergarten. 
There are a lot of things happening in my life and I will be sharing them soon, but this year I need to be brave in everything that I do. Not only do I need to just do what I set out to do, but I need to silence the noise around me that is only tearing me down. I just know that there are things that will happen this year that will be unconventional in many ways and that people will have their own opinions on (good or bad), but I need to be brave enough to seek God and go wherever He leads me despite how crazy it sounds. As a people pleaser, this phrase will really test me this year (not to mention, it will also help me accomplish all of my goals on the list above!). 
If you want to follow along on my journey or if you want to join in and "be brave" this year, I'll be using the hashtag #bebrave2016 on social media throughout the year. I hope to see you join in on this movement with me this year! 
And with that, I'll end this post for now. Don't forget to #bebrave2016. 
Chau for now

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