Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm Hungry For: BOBA

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see my occasional posts about boba, or bubble tea or tapioca pearls as other people may call it. It is the starch from the cassava plant and is most commonly found in milk-based teas and smoothies.

At first glance (or taste), the concept of boba is disgusting and many people don't like it at first, but it is usually because most of us aren't used to drinking drinks with stuff in it. On top of that, boba is really chewy as well, which throws people off. However, I can assure you that if you drink it enough, you will grow to like it!

My family LOVES boba!
I used to hate boba but started getting it with my drinks because all my friends loved it, and I eventually loved it. Every person that I have met that used to not like boba ended up liking it after a few months and getting used to the taste. Boba is really an acquired taste.

Popular boba drinks: The most popular are the milk tea type of drinks. The two most common ones that I've seen and heard and that are at most places that serve boba (and even at places that don't specialize in boba) are Thai Tea and Milk Tea / Black Milk Tea /Earl Grey Milk Tea (but the tea isn't black or gray, it's pictured above). There are also smoothies for those that don't like the teas, but I highly suggest trying at least one of the tea drinks (there are more than just those two I mentioned) before going to the familiar smoothies.

Milk tea is my fave. 
My favorite: I'm not sure if you can tell by my pictures of boba, but my favorite boba drink EVER is the classic Milk Tea Boba drink. It's simple and I like it that way. If that kind isn't around, I go for the Thai Tea. I stay pretty simple and classic as far as boba goes.

If you aren't sure where to find a boba place, go to any location that has a heavy population of Asian people/Asian restaurants. Chances are, at least one place will have it. Boba originated in Taiwan, which is why it is so heavily associated with Asians/Asian-Americans.

I'm not too sure about other Asian cultures, but I know that Filipinos have their own version of boba and boba drinks, and for us, we call it sago (sah-go). I don't mind sago, but I would much rather prefer the Taiwanese version of boba.

Yum. Talking about all this boba is making me want some.

Have you tried boba before? What's your favorite drink?


  1. I really love just iced teas with boba. Have you tried lavender milk tea? That's amazing as well! Also, the slushy ones are so yummy! I'm obsessed!

  2. I've heard good things about lavender milk tea and I've been wanting to try new milk teas lately, I just have no idea what to try! I'll try that next time I get some boba!

  3. Aah yes, bubble tea used to be how I treated myself when I was in college! There was a place that served it right in the food court! :) But I graduated a year ago and haven't had it since then, which is such a problem. I've been craving it recently. I need to run out on a lunch break and get some ASAP!

  4. This is so cool, and helpful! I've only had boba once, and I was not a fan...totally weirded out by it. BUT, I'm vowing to try it at least twice more now after reading your post! I'm hoping it grows on me, because it's such a cool-looking drink, and so many people on my campus drink it - is it bad that I want to boba conform?


  5. I LOOOVE boba!! The regular sweet milk tea with boba is my favorite. But there are some flavored ones too that I like, such as lychee. Now I want some too!!

  6. I've never heard of Boba before. To be honest, I don't think it's something I would pick off the shelf to drink though. After reading this though, maybe I'll be open-minded.

  7. It is a treat, indeed! I say it is always a good time for some boba [:

  8. Haha no, it isn't bad at all that you want to like boba! It honestly doesn't have much of a taste (unless you get the flavored popping boba--but that's for another post for another day), but I think people don't like it because of the fact that you have... balls in your drink. (no pun intended). Just keep getting them with your drinks or try drinking them from someone else's drink until you get used to them!

  9. Oh yay! It's always nice to meet someone who likes milk tea too [: Although I've never tried lychee. I need to venture out more in boba flavors/replacements/whatever you call them haha.

  10. It's definitely not your typical drink filler. When you get the chance to try it, it's good to be open minded because the first time you try it, you probably won't like it! But if you keep trying it, it will grow on you [:


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