Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spending Time with Mommah

As you know, Mother's Day was this past Sunday. Of course I spent it with my sister and my mom. It was a really simple day, really. We went out for lunch at a dim sum restaurant, and we got so much food it was amazing. If you don't know what dim sum is, here is a video that explains the basics of it, as told by a favorite Youtube duo of mine, the Fung Brothers. They explain Asian culture in an entertaining and informational way.

After getting food, we went to a local spa, called Spa Serene, where my mom had her one-hour massage, compliments of my sister and I. The people there are great, and the prices are so cheap for a spa that I am planning on returning there sometime soon to do a more thorough review of the place. (That's why I have no pictures).

My mom and I after her massage -- iPhone 4s front camera quality
I don't normally have much for my mom on Mother's Day because I'm normally broke, but I'm happy I got to give her a little something and show her that  do appreciate her, even if she doesn't see it. Plus she's always asking my sister and I to massage her so I figured that giving her an hour-long massage was the most perfect and practical gift for her. I'm glad you enjoyed your day, mommah!


  1. It is great you got to treat your Mother! I also was able to treat my Mother to a day of pampering with my sisters. It is fun to relax together. Especially when it not something I get to do often for her.

  2. Aww that is so great! Yeah, I don't get to do that kind of thing for my mom too often so she definitely appreciated it.


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