Monday, May 19, 2014

Posts to Read (and Watch)

So today I decided to write this post for you guys because other than my lovely sponsors on the sidebar (you can be on there too if you click here), I definitely don't talk as much about what stands out to me in a blog post or Youtube video. I will occasionally post something on my personal Facebook or twitter, but not always.

That being said, here is a list of a few links I think you should at least check out! I'll divide them into different categories so that you can easily find what you're interested in.

Asian-American Culture, News, & Media

Angry Asian Man Links to other Blogs - Angry Asian Man is a blog I recently discovered and started following that talks about anything happening in the Asian-American community, and no that doesn't just mean Chinese and Japanese people. They talk about EVERYONE who is considered Asian, even lots of South Asians (Asian Indians, Indonesians, etc). I like that because people tend to think only about people with chinky eyes when they think of Asians. Anyway, this specific post links to other news currently happening concerning Asian-Americans, including the new tv show set to premiere this fall, "Fresh of the Boat."

Fung Brothers - This is a Youtube channel that I've been following for a few months now and I LOVE their videos! They do videos about Asian culture in a way that is both entertaining and informational. If you ever wanted to learn more about Asian culture in a light-hearted but non-offensive way (aka no having to ask awkwardly racist questions to your Asian friends), then I say check these guys out! And if you are Asian and want to watch a video and point to it and yell "OMG, THAT'S SO ME!" then I also say check these guys out! Here's one of their videos on what Asian girls like below: (it's funny but it also has a lot of truth!)

Fashion & Beauty

Harper's Bazaar's 16 Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know - Found this through Pinterest and felt like it was really useful for me! When I pin tips and stuff like this, I normally do actually revisit the pins later. I know some people pin just to pin, but when I pin something, it actually is of use to me in the future.

How to Assess the Quality of Garments: A Beginner's Guide - This post is SO useful in helping to figure out how good (or bad) quality your clothes are and to help you decide how much you really want something based on the quality. The blog that wrote this, Into Mind, is my favorite fashion blog ever and it is the most underrated but well-written fashion blogs that I have ever seen. Anuschka (the girl who writes the blog) is so detailed and so knowledgable in wardrobe building, wardrobe organization, and minimalist style. I love it. Please check out her other posts, besides this one.

Stylish Ways to Style a Skater Skirt - I love my skater skirt, so I am always looking for other ways to style it! (Photos above show a couple ways I've styled mine!)

15 Booties to Rock this Summer - I love shoes. As much as I love clothes, I'd go more crazy over shoes, in my opinion. I especially love booties. And dresses. And booties with dresses and shorts where the leg is exposed but the foot isn't just gives off such a cool vibe that I love.


Tame the Tum: Spare Tire or Stress Bulge? - I randomly came across this through Pinterest, and I actually really liked it because I, myself, have a bit of a tummy, but it's obviously not because I'm fat. I know that I have a very thin frame, but my tummy makes me look pregnant at times. So this post was really useful for that. 


  1. I remember watching things Asian girls like; all I remember was disagreeing with mostly all of them and all my friends were staring at me weirdly and asking... "are you even Asian?"

  2. Aww haha that's unfortunate! Well everyone is different, their lists are all for fun and based off of common observations, so if you can't relate that's fine too! I'm not sure if you've watched their other videos, but they're all pretty fun to watch and informational too, especially when they talk about Asian food!

  3. Great links! I wish was still active - I'd reco that blog for ya too. Another one I keep an eye on is Now that I think about this, you might like Blogalicious. Their annual conference is coming up later in the fall (?). Check out their volunteer opps and maybe you can attend that way?

  4. Thank you for recommending these links to me, Chris! I'll be checking them out for sure! And I saw that Blogalicious' volunteer opps are closed for this year, but thank you still for telling me about it, because it'll definitely be on my radar for next year :]


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