Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Filled with Style Envy: Style Stalking Book Review

I love discovering different ways to rock an outfit, and for the most part I'm pretty open about the way I dress. I like trying out different styles and types of clothing for the most part, so discovering Style Stalking by the founders of Refinery29 was not only so great, but also very practical for me. 

I appreciate fashion and the ability to express oneself and transform your look with clothes, and Style Stalking provides different tips to dress for different styles and trends, like denim, tomboy, vintage, black, brights, and so many other types. 

Every section features the basic tips to wearing each trend/style, different ways to wear different pieces, how to dress in each trend/style throughout the year, and more. 

What I really appreciate is that this book is practical, but it's also a good coffee table book where people can appreciate the pretty outfit photos. At least I can. 

This book has really inspired me to take my style to the next level this year--I want to step up my game in the way I dress and experiment a little bit with things like brights and metallics and the ugly-pretty look. Before this book I was already planning on doing a mini overhaul of my closet (as I do every year) and trying to get more versatile and interesting pieces, along with basics that are pairable with anything! I may or may not have outfits on the blog this year that are inspired by this book [;

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fashion and wants some inspiration for their own style. Whether you are just starting to get into fashion or you are obsessed with it and study it the way I do, this book is great for everyone. That's another thing I like about Style Stalking. It's not made just for beginners or for people who have been into fashion for a long time. This book was made in a way so that it can work for anyone. 

So what are you waiting for? Start style stalking!

What are your style goals for 2015?

I received this book courtesy of Blogging for Books. I was not financially compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.
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  1. I've currently got this book checked out from the library and am on the verge of buying it. It's just so good! Thanks for the review. :)


  2. I got this book from Blogging for Books as well. I don't know anything about fashion, so I loved all of the tips in the book, plus all of the different styles are so pretty. I love all the sections about bold colors and mixing patterns.

  3. I'm sure you had so much fun reading and looking through this book! I always love to read style books because they give you such good ideas!

  4. Well that's great that you got this book as kind of like a starter into fashion! I love its practicality & aesthetics :]

  5. They definitely do! I can't wait to apply these tips into my real life wardrobe!


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