Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sweaters Aren't For Lazy People

School is back in session for most of us! It's still winter and pretty chilly in most places (shoutout to New England for braving it through winter storm Juno) so we're all trying to figure out ways to stay warm. 

Another thing about being back in school and cold weather is how easy it is to wear sweats and a sweater everyday. It's easy and it's comfortable, but I think there's also a way to dress comfortably with a crew neck sweater without looking like you were just being lazy that day. 

My sister gave me a super warm crew neck from her school since I gave her one from mine, and it is so soft! It is soft and warm and I love it. 

I wanted to wear it out, but I didn't want to just look like I rolled out of bed. So my solution was to layer a button up underneath like what a lot of preppy people do, and I just dressed up my outfit with cuffed jeans, some booties, and a purse. The beanie was a nice touch for the warmth. 

The result? A comfortable, warm, but yet polished outfit. The layering makes it look preppy but the beanie adds an edge to it. It's one of my favorite outfits to wear. 

San Jose State Sweater: Gifted from my sister // Denim Button Up: Billabong, similar // Beanie: RVCA, gifted from the boyfriend // Jeans: Express // Booties: c/o Macy's // Blush Pink Purse: Forever 21 // Elephant Ring: c/o The Collegiate Standard

This is one of my most comfortable and favorite outfits ever. I will definitely be repeating this outfit over and over again. Don't judge me. 

What is your go-to style for class?
Chau for now


  1. I love this so much! I love the way you put everything together to make a cute, comfortable and chic look! Your boots are really cute too! :)

  2. Love the look!! When I went to university, my go to look was business casual. I worked on campus at the advising center :)

  3. I love that you and your sister traded sweatshirts. Great idea!!

  4. You seriously look like a model for SJSU's catalog and I mean that in the best way possible!

  5. Thank you Gina! I had fun experimenting to find an outfit that worked :]

  6. Aww thanks love! Haha I know I'm advertising for the wrong school!

  7. That's great! I would probably be the same way if I worked on campus in an office like that!

  8. hahaha, we'll just have to do a Vanguard photoshoot next!

  9. We're loving your blog!!! LOVE how clean and beautiful it is :)
    -Kaitlyn and Sarah


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