Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Workout Story and What I Learned About Myself Through Class Pass

I usually HATE working out. I don't mind being physically active, as I used to be a dancer when I was younger and loved it. What I hate is the conditioning aspect of it--most of which includes some type of running. 

From my dancing days, circa 2007--I want to get this flexible again one day!
A little known fact about me: I actually have exercise-induced asthma, but it really only flares up when I do some intense running or any kind of exercise that involves a form of it, like suicides. I always run at the same pace (even though it's slow) like all my coaches recommend, but my asthma still flares up pretty badly. Because of this, I dreaded tennis practices in high school because the first half of practices included conditioning. 

Because I hated the feeling like I was dying every time I tried to work out, I completely stopped doing any kind of regular physical workout after tennis season ended my junior year. 

I remember when I did drill team (a type of dance and not the ROTC kind) and tennis, my coaches would say the same things: "If you can't run a mile, then you can't [do a 3 minute dance routine/play a full match]." However, when it came to doing those very things, it came pretty easily to me and I didn't get tired nearly as quickly. 

Now fast forward to me in college: I don't go to the gym at all. I eat a lot of crappy (but delicious) food, and I only do physical movement if someone is making me (ie: walking somewhere or I'm being forced to help move something). 

I know that this type of lifestyle is not healthy. I may not be overweight by any means, but I know that if I don't do anything soon these habits will catch up to me. It's just that I get so lazy and because most people's idea of working out usually involves running, I am never motivated because I hate the feeling of not being able to breathe. 
Enter ClassPass.

When I found out it was coming to LA/Orange County and learned about the basic concept of it, I was beyond excited! The idea of getting to take a bunch of classes in a bunch of studios in the area sounded great. I love variety and the types of workouts being offered in the classes (dance, barre, yoga, pilates, etc) so I just had to give it a try!

ClassPass contacted me about trying it out for a month and I could not turn down that offer! Free workouts that aren't running? How could I ever turn that down? 

So through ClassPass, I was able to try out a few different types of classes at different studios. I tried barre, pilates, cycling, zumba, and aerial silks. 

I liked barre and aerial silks the most because they both incorporated dance and flexibility while doing things to help build some strength in my body. Barre is basically ballet exercises done at a fast pace to do cardio workouts. Aerial silks are where you are hanging in cool poses from the ceiling, but trust me, it's much harder than it looks because of the upper body strength it requires to lift yourself off the ground. 

So with all of that being said, here is what I learned about myself through ClassPass: 

+ I prefer workout classes compared to working out at my own pace. 
Even though most people work out on their own time and at their own pace, that isn't enough to motivate me. I like taking classes for school, so of course I am the same way with being physical. 

Taking classes forces me to set aside time for it because I have to sacrifice gas to drive to the studio and usually money in order to take these classes. I know you have to sacrifice money to have a gym membership too but with these classes I am also accountable to the instructor to make sure that I show up and don't have to pay a cancellation fee. 

+ Workout classes are just more fun for me in general.
Sometimes classes at these kinds of studios can add up to be more expensive than a gym membership depending on how often you go, but honestly they are just more enjoyable for me than running on the treadmill or lifting weights. I mean who doesn't want to learn how to hang out from the ceiling? 

+ I would have to make a lot of changes to my diet if I really want to see results.
I'm not necessarily trying to lose weight, but I do want to flatten my resting pregnant tummy (I know I am small and I'm not calling myself fat--but trust me my stomach looks pregnant all the time!) and gain some muscle in my upper body because my lower body is still pretty good. 

When I played tennis, even at my most fit self, my stomach was still so big it looked (and felt like) there was a balloon inside of it. Darell told me not too long after I started ClassPass that my diet was the reason that I didn't see results in my core. Not only would I have to limit the junk food I ate, but I would also have to track what I'm eating and what is in it and how often I am eating (my metabolism lets me get away with eating so crappy but staying small that's why). 


ClassPass has really made me excited and have hope for myself as far as workouts go. If you are interested in trying out Class Pass, it's $99 a month to try out as many classes as you'd like! And with some of these classes costing between $20-$30 for just one, you've already gotten your money's worth after 4 classes (although I recommend taking much more than that)!

I'm actually very excited to get more active in my lifestyle thanks to ClassPass. It sounds cheesy, I know, but I swear this is all genuine! If you have any more questions or want more info you can ask me or just head on over to the ClassPass website. 


Disclaimer: ClassPass provided me a complimentary month-long membership but I was not financially compensated nor was I asked to write this post. I just really love ClassPass and what they have to offer!
Chau for now


  1. This is exactly how I feel! I realized it last year when I had a groupon. I cannot wait to start classPass!

  2. I'm so glad we're on the same page! Haha, I can't wait for you to try it out too!

  3. Great post Kriselle!! I had the opportunity to try out the Charlotte version of ClassPass during February (although sadly that month was busier for me then most months usually are so I only got to go to one class- so sad!), but I think that ClassPass is such a cool program. Glad that you had success with it! :-)

    xoxo A

  4. This looks like a blast! Maybe I could get into exercise if we had this at my gym :)

  5. This is awesome! I wonder if ClassPass is available near me.. thanks for sharing your experience! I agree with classes > gym.. I just feel more commitment to it if i'm signed up!

  6. I used to dance, as well, and I'm convinced that's why I only enjoy group classes! Haha. I wish my local studio offered aerials. I'm in love with barre classes, but I am in so much pain the following days.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  7. What a cool concept! I too struggle with exercise-induced asthma, so I hardly ever run 'cause I just feel like I can't breath afterwards. So to say the least, I'm curious to try out ClassPass.

    Bramblewood Fashion

  8. This is so cool!! I tried out exercise classes in college and I really like them too! It gives you a structured environment and it makes it a group effort, not something you do on your own. I think it motivates me more! I think that's so cool you did aerial! My friends and I were just talking about that. I personally love Zumba! And other dance classes like that. As well as yoga! I think exercise can be so fun when you find something you like to do! :)


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