Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Perfect Study Outfit [Guest Post]

HI! I can't believe I didn't write AT ALL last week. I really intended to and had some great posts lined up for you, but tour was way too busy and uncomfortable on the bus for me to be able to get anything done. And even when I had downtime at night, I was so exhausted I knocked out early. Regardless, I had tons of fun and will be sharing my experience with you soon :]

Anyway, I am still recuperating from choir tour/spring break so today I have a guest post from Erin of Erinfinity. Since it's midterms and finals season for many people, she's sharing her perfect study outfit! 


Hello, finals season. We meet again.
It’s that time of year when assignments are piling up and you’re trying to get everything done while staying healthy and exercising and eating right and sleeping enough and having a (miniscule) social life, so who even has time for fashion anymore?
Normally, studying attire is sweatpants and the baggiest sweater I can find, but over the years I have realized that this outfit motivates me to get into bed and nap for the entire day, rather than finish my school work. It’s also embarrassing to go out in public and there’s a fine line between what’s acceptable and what is not – and so, in an attempt to increase productivity, this chic perfect-for-studying outfit was born!

A blouse under a denim shirt is the perfect mix of classy and casual. This outfit is super comfortable, so you can focus on studying AND show off your style at the same time. And don’t forget study breaks – throw on some rain boots and get outside! (Yes, that is what Canada looks like right now. Spring has definitely not sprung, and shows no signs of springing anytime soon…)

Happy studying and good luck to all of you with exams!
Denim shirt: Garage Clothing // Blouse: Le Chateau // Leggings: Aerie for American Eagle // Necklace: Dynamite Clothing // Rubber boots: TSC Stores // Watch: Relic // Knot Bangle: Metal Marvels Store // Socks: made by my grandma!
Chau for now

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