Friday, June 19, 2015

My Life // Transitions // Sorry Not Sorry

Wow, hello there! 
To all of you reading this, I salute you! My life has been pretty crazy & while I am sorry for not posting about all the great things I have to share with you, at the same time I'm not sorry because I'm also just trying to live my life. 
Much of the reason that I haven't been on here too often is because of work. For those of you living on your own, then you know that the hustle is real because bills and rent. I've been working two jobs about 30 hours a week total on top of doing other gigs to help compensate for missing pieces in my expenses. 

Another reason I've been MIA, which I've been talking about for a while now, is Darell leaving for Australia in less than 3 weeks. I've been trying to enjoy every moment I can with him before he leaves, but he's also bugging me to get back to blogging so he's going to be helping me get back on track with that haha. 

Now I write all of this to apologize for not being consistent over the past few months because I have/had so many great posts planned but life has been getting in the way. 

However, having said all that, I'm not sorry at the same time for not posting because life has been getting in the way. 

I mean, not that I haven't been living my life before, but I've been enjoying the things I've been getting the chance to do, even work. I still post bloggy-related things on Instagram, Twitter, and occasionally Facebook when I get the chance, so I'm not completely off the grid in the blog/social media world. 

If anything, I'm more connected to it because of the current job I have. I won't talk too much about it for right now because the last time I did I got screwed over & I'll leave things at that. But once things settle a bit in this job/internship I'll talk a little bit more about it because I'm using the skills I've learned as a blogger & applying it to this job. Once I'm a little more settled in this job I'll talk about what I've learned from being on both ends--as a blogger & as the brand reaching out to bloggers. 

But enough of that for now. I'll be back, eventually. I'll be back to my usual 3 post a week schedule, but until then, I'm gonna live my life, whether that's enjoying the good things or having the private time to deal with the bad. If you are a blogger & in the same boat as me or feeling the same pressures as me to write, you are not alone. & if you do it, like a good blogger friend told me, screw what everyone else thinks. Your true fans will stay committed to you & support you every step of the way. 

Chau for now

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