Friday, November 29, 2013

My Only (Few) Wishes This Year

I hope all of you had a restful and blessed Thanksgiving! Now, it's almost December, meaning that Christmas is coming up soon! That being said, I decided to make a wish list because it's an easy way to tell certain people what I want without telling them *ahem, cough cough*

Haha, I'm just kidding. But I did create this to mostly remind myself what I do still need (want) for myself. There are a couple other things I'd like, but this is my main list.

From the top-left going down through the columns:

Army Green Double-Breasted Coat: currently on sale $29.95 // H&M
I have like three coats: two black, one red. The two black ones are faded and the red one fits me weird. I've also had all three of these coats since my freshman and sophomore years of high school, so a new coat is a little fitting, right? (Get it? haha). I also want a coat that could potentially be longer on me so I can wear it as a trench. I'm short so this isn't so hard to accomplish. This coat looks thick and the right length for me, so I'm aiming for this one or one like this!

Corduroy Skinnies: $34.94 // Old Navy
I think I definitely have enough jeans, but sometimes they're too uncomfortable for me and I want something different, whether the color, texture, or both. I also just feel like corduroys make you automatically look more comfortable, except they are more acceptable to wear out than leggings.

Fuzzy Cable Knit Sweater: $15.80 // Forever 21
I need more layering pieces! I also need some more plain sweaters like this one to wear comfortably, whether at home or out with friends. A friend of mine just gave me a black one she didn't like anymore, and I just noticed how many dark pieces of clothing I have in my closet. Forever 21 also makes this sweater really cheap.

Black Maxi Skirt: currently on sale $14.97 // Cotton On
I love skirts and dresses, and while I currently have one maxi skirt already, it's more of a tribal print that seems more appropriate for summer. I just like having neutral versions of any piece I have in my closet. Cotton On is also my favorite store, ever!

Black Crop Top: $17 // Foreign Exchange
I don't currently own any crop tops, but I want one because I like the effect of wearing it with something high-waisted (which are all of my skirts/most of my shorts). I simply chose this one because it is really simple but has cut-outs on the shoulders. I actually don't mind if it isn't black, but I chose it for this specific style. It can be printed or another look, but for the sake of this post, I'll show this simple, but notable one.

Lace-Up Boots: currently on sale $36 // Cathy Jean
My last pair of lace-up boots were from Forever 21 that I had for a couple years, but my dad threw them out over the summer because the soles of the shoes were coming apart, and I couldn't even wear them in the rain anymore because water would seep through. Since then, I've been wanting a new pair to replace those ones, and I like these ones.

Wooden Crate: currently on sale $14 // Typo
You're probably wondering why there is a random wooden crate on my wish list. Well, I'm always trying to find ways to reorganize my things, and a wooden crate would help store some stuff near my desk, and another one could also help organize all the food my roommates and I have on top of our fridge! We always like to stay stocked on food, but sometimes it looks really messy and it blocks our tv, so having a wooden crate to store all that would be nice and make our room look less cluttered.

Canvas Satchel: $108 // Anthropologie
This is definitely the most expensive item on this list by far, but that's why it's a wish list, right?
Anthropologie is one of my dream stores to shop at, simply because their home furnishings and clothes are just exactly everything I would want in my life. As you can tell from the price of this really nice bag, the prices aren't exactly in my range. I remember looking at baby clothes from there once, and a dress for a baby girl was 78 dollars. Really?! That is waaaaay too much for a baby dress. But anyway, that is beside the point. I own a couple large tote bags, one really small one that can't even hold my wallet, and the one that I use all. the. time. It's time to change it up with the size and style, so why not want myself a satchel?

RGB Oxblood Nail Polish: $18 // Otte
I actually put this on my wish list to represent the fact that I am currently obsessed with the color oxblood! It's a really deep red that looks maroon-ish. I'm not sure why I like it so much, but I would love getting anything in this color, whether it be a bag, shoes, pants, a hat--anything!

So that is it! I'm hoping that I'm able to get something like these things on my list for myself or for Christmas sometime during the next month.

What do you want for Christmas this year? (If you're my friend and you're reading this, I'm seriously asking hahaha)

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