Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Girl Expo Winter 2013

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go to my first-ever expo! It was entitled the New Girl Expo, hosted by fashion blogger Roxy Limon and presented by Klix.

The expo was all about anything beauty and fashion--there was an eyebrow bar, free body/face art and makeovers, fashion shows, panels with beauty/fashion bloggers/vloggers, and so much more! I had the opportunity to go as a blogger just visiting (not part of the panels), and I still thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

The bloggers/vloggers that were at the expo: Jaime Walsh of @GlamLatte, Kasheera Hickson of @KashTV and Wild Sunshine Bliss, Melanee Shale of @Melanee, Dawn McCoy of @BeautyFrosting, Melissa Rodriguez of ModanistaJunkie, Joann Doan at Love Fashion | Live Life, Laura Yazdi at, Kier Mellour of Fashion Addict, and Elizabeth Keene at A Keene Sense of Style blog. I was able to quickly stop by for one of the vlogger panels, but I focused mostly on the vendors for the expo.

I had the opportunity to meet with and talk with Kasheera (better known as Kash) of @KashTV within the first few minutes of my arrival. I'd just started looking and walking around the booths when I ran into the booth she had for her shop and website, Wild Sunshine Bliss. I talked with her and her boyfriend about what they do, how living in SoCal is like (they're originally from Philly), and of course, blogging related things. I found out that we both had quite a few things in common other than blogging, like boyfriends who help us with photos and videos. I hope we get to keep in contact and that I get to work with her or meet up with her again sometime in the future.

We Cupcakes had a booth with some yummy-looking treats! I wish I was able to have a goodie.

I found so many great brands through the expo! Before then I had been searching for local brands to connect and shop with, and this expo was the perfect opportunity for me! I met so many great people and loved interacting with them! It was so great.

Some awesome brands I discovered (prices listed on some are cheaper due to special expo prices. Check website for accurate pricing):

Nailed Kit--I love designs on my nails but sometimes they're really difficult and time-consuming. That's what got the girls behind Nailed Kit to create cute nail designs that are easy to apply! You can shop their nail designs and even customize them for yourself or whoever you're giving them to, whether for a Bachelorette party, birthday party, or even a baby shower! Plus, they have a monthly subscription box for $14! I'll be reviewing one of their designs soon!

Bon Bliss--They focus on bath and body "treats," and they're not kidding when they say treats! They smelled really good and got to try out their Scrub-2-Go "candies" for a little bit, but they have body truffles for you too, and both of these come in so many different scents! I was given a tin of candies and a few body truffles to try out, so keep an eye out for a thorough review of their stuff!

Selvedge Goods--What I love about this brand: not only do they have an Etsy shop, but they travel in a fashion truck! It's like a food truck, but with cute and vintage clothing and accessories, what every girl needs nowadays, right? The truck itself travels between the LA and Orange County area, but any items posted online can ship to anywhere. I got the chance to meet the owner, Monique, and she is such a sweetheart! I definitely will be buying something from them in the future. I bought myself a flower crown and was given a beautiful head chain, and so I also have a fashion post featuring those headpieces, coming soon!

City Color Beauty--This brand is like Elf, except I don't know why more people don't know about them! They are just as affordable as Elf and have a wide range of products to choose from. At the expo, I bought myself a bright red and a deep berry lipstick, along with a purple-grayish nail polish. The swatches of the lipsticks (from sample tubes) looked great on my skin, but I have yet to try out my goodies. Expect yet another review of those as well!

Fab Glam Fierce--Okay, so the people who work here are truly TALENTED. They are not just makeup artists, but the people with Fab, Glam, Fierce are also amazing face and body painters and henna tattoo artists. (In case you didn't know, I love Indian culture and think hennas are amazing.)
They are located in Pomona and offer classes, but once every season offer a free class as well! They are great. One of the ladies, I believer her name is Stacy, she painted cherry blossoms on my arm and they turned out beautiful. A couple people thought I just had a really awesome tattoo, which would've been cool too.

Pelon's Organics--I met this really nice couple over at Pelon's Organics, and all their products live up to their name--they're all organically made. All their products are vegan as well, as told by their websites. They specialize in hair care, shaving and skin care, and other bath and body products as well. I'll be doing a review of their shampoo, coniditioner, and a couple different soaps in the future!

Chella Skin Care--I had never gotten my brows done by anyone other than friends or my sister, and Chella had a free brow bar at the expo; I just had to try it! Nava, the girl who did my brows was so nice and really easy to talk to. I unfortunately forgot about getting a picture of them but they looked very natural and clean. Expect another review of one of their products soon!

Global Trunk--This brand gets their accessories from places all around the world. They do trunk shows for you too if you want them to come to your place and you want to host them. They have stuff from places like Guatemala, Thailand, and the lady also told me they were getting stuff from Peru (which I love)!

Cali Girl Hair Co.--Here they do anything involving hair! They have hair extensions and hair accessories, and I captured some of the hair accessories because they were so cute that I even bought a piece for myself (not pictured)! I bought myself a burgundy bow headband with adjustable wires in the bow, but if I didn't get that I would've gotten myself one of the gatsby-inspired headbands!

A Touch of Grace Jewelry--As the owner described it: "everything is very dainty." I love that about the jewelry! It's made for stacking and everything is small but still cute and noticeable. I received a simple, but elegant braided necklace with gold magnetic knot.

Miss Mary Mac--Their slogan is "Where the ladies shop," and I see it as true! Everything is so pink and girly and exactly the types of things I would wear and buy! Their shop is currently down but you should stay connected to their Facebook page to get their updates! And if you're in the Southern California area, they have a store in Glendora!

These are obviously not all of the shops/vendors at the event, but these were definitely some of my favorites and the people working for these places were also some of the nicest that I had met throughout the expo. Just know that some of these companies might be a little pricier for the average college student (or maybe just me), but I honestly wouldn't mind saving up and spending some money on these places. They are small companies trying to go somewhere and they have the stuff to do it! I hope to maybe work with some of these companies in the future, and I am excited for what the New Girl Expo holds in the future! I will definitely go again!


  1. So many fun things to see! That would be a great place to do some Christmas shopping; and those cupcakes made me hungry.

    1. It actually would've been a great place to Christmas shop! I plan on budgeting better so I can shop more next year [: & I wish I got myself a cupcake.

  2. Wow you're pictures are great! Looks like it was an amazing event. Those caramel apples look delish!!


  3. Looks like a great expo!!! It'd be hard to resist not buying something there =)

    1. It was very hard! Next year I am definitely budgeting better so I can buy more [:

  4. Wow Kriselle! I love this recap and you took some AMAZING pics!! It was great talking with you and getting to know you. Perhaps we can do a collab video together!! : )

    1. Aww thanks so much, Kash! I would love to do a collab video with you in the future!

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