Thursday, December 26, 2013

The 1st Day After Christmas: Top 13 Outfits of 2013

This is Day 1 of my New Years' countdown, and on the first day after Christmas... I counted down my top 13 outfits!

I've always loved clothes and fashion and with this year being my first full year with Instagram, I've been able to share my outfits throughout the year as well! I don't see myself as a top-notch fashionista, but I am definitely a fashion enthusiast who enjoys dressing up and experimenting with what I have.

My favorite outfits of this year:

1. This outfit was my first one of 2013, taken on New Year's Day! Living in Southern California has its perks, like allowing me to wear these sheer black tights with my high-waisted shorts.

  • Beanie: On sale, $5 // Cotton On, I think? 
  • Pink Polka Dot Shirt: On sale, can't remember the price either haha // Forever 21
  • Black Pea Coat: Approximately $15 // Charlotte Russe
  • Rust Orange Knitted Scarf: Approx. $6.80 // Forever 21
  • Black High Waisted Shorts: On sale, can't remember price // Forever 21
  • Sheer Black Pantyhose: $7.99 for pack of 2 // Target
  • Black and White Polka Dot Crew Socks: $4.80 // Forever 21
  • Black Ankle Bootie Wedges: On sale, $9.50 // Forever 21
2. I decided to go a little vintage with this outfit because my friends and I all decided to dress up and go swing dancing at Downtown Disney at Disneyland! I always love a reason to dress up! 

  • Gray Cloche Hat: Gift from a friend
  • Black and White Button-up Sleeveless Collared Dress: On sale, don't remember the price // Forever 21
  • Gray Coat: Borrowed from friend
  • Brown Oxford Heels: $28 // Love D Shoes
3. For this next outfit, I had the privilege to go on a trip with the newspaper staff at my school to San Francisco for a journalism conference. We had to dress in a professional-looking way, so I went with this outfit on the first night! 

  • Floral-patterned Scarf: Gift from H&M
  • Black Pea Coat: Approx. $15 // Charlotte Russe
  • Navy Blue Pencil Skirt: $9.50 // Forever 21
  • Brown Tote Bag: Gift from H&M
  • Sheer Black Pantyhose: $7.99 2pk // Target
  • Black Oxfords: Less than $20 // LA's Fashion District
4. I wanted to keep this look as monochromatic as possible. I paired the loose top with the fitted high-waisted shorts to emphasize my waist and my shape. For my shoes I wore lace-ups with crew socks (as you can probably tell I'm a big fan of exposed socks). I also loved those patterned tights and wanted a reason to wear them! (I wish I knew where they were now) :(

  • Black and Gray Sheer Button-up: $6 // Cotton On
  • Black High Waisted Shorts: On sale, can't remember price // Forever 21
  • Black Rosette Tights: $5.80 // Forever 21
  • Cream Crew Socks: $2.80 // Forever 21
  • Brown Lace-up Boots: $29.80 // Forever 21
5.  I went to a He is We concert a few months ago and put this together. I think denim/denim-like/chambray shirts can look good with almost any kind of style. Booties are a nice touch to any outfit. 

  • Spaghetti-strap tank: $2.80 // Forever 21
  • Denim Shirt: Gift from Mom // Billabong
  • Black Chiffon Hi-Low: $8.92 // Amazon
  • Brown Lace-up Boots: $29.80 // Forever 21
6. This outfit is one of my favorite outfits on this list! (There was a collage of this but there was a filter and I wanted to display this without it.) I wore this outfit to an awards night for the music department at my school. I dressed up a dress that I could wear casually if I really wanted to, and I paired it with high heels to balance out the long hemline of the dress. This elongated my legs and made me look taller! I wanted to look sweet so I added the layered pearls that a friend had given me and used my wallet as a clutch. (Can you spot my friend taking my picture in the mirror? Oops, hahaha.)

  • Layered Pearl Necklace: Gift from Forever 21
  • Burgundy A-Line Dress: $10 // Cotton On 
  • Blush Suede Platforms with Chunky Heel: On sale, can't remember price // Payless
  • Orange Patterned Wallet: Gift from Friend
7. This was my 4th of July outfit! I posted about this with a different version of the outfit, but this was the nighttime version (and a better version) of the outfit, in my opinion! With the cardigan, the outfit looks more preppy and put together but the red loafers make it pop a little bit. 

  • White Collared Blouse with a Ribbed Chest: Gift from Forever 21 Philippines
  • Dark Gray Cardigan: Borrowed from Sister
  • Navy Blue High-waisted Shorts: $4 // Goodwill
  • Red Snake-Skin-Patterned Loafers: $19.95 // Target
8. It was a hot, summer day and I really wanted to wear the knitted top underneath the light coverup. The knitted top worked like a crop top, so I used the blue sheer coverup to help make the outfit more suitable and comfortable for me to wear out. 

  • Blue Floral Coverup: Borrowed from Sister // Macy's 
  • Multicolored Knitted Top: Hand-me-down from Aunt
  • Brown Khaki Shorts: On sale $9.50 // Forever 21
  • Black Sandals with Shimmery Strap: On sale under $8 // Target
  • Blue-Green Bag: Borrowed from Sister // H&M
9. Honestly, I wouldn't mind wearing this outfit (or another form of it) again! It was my friend's birthday and I wanted to dress up but didn't feel like dressing up in a dress. I borrowed my roommate's peplum top and wore a striped pencil skirt to offset the shape of the top. And of course, black booties automatically make you look that much cooler [; haha. 

  • Sparkle Peplum Top: Borrowed from Roommate
  • Striped Pencil Skirt: From Sister // Forever 21
  • Black Wedged Booties: On sale $9.50 // Forever 21
10. I got inspiration for this outfit from my friend, Selah! I wanted to dress up a little and cover up a little because the dress is strapless and the weather was a little too cool to wear it alone. 

  • Red Maxi Dress: $7.99 // Goodwill
  • Denim Shirt: Gift from Mom // Billabong
  • Black and Brown Sandals: Can't remember // Target
11. Like I said earlier, I think that denim/chambray shirts work well with anything, and I also like wearing knee-high socks! 

  • Denim Shirt: Borrowed from Roommate
  • Black Flared Skirt: $15.99 // Cotton On
  • Gray Knee-High Socks: Can't remember // Target
  • Black Wedge Booties: $9.50 // Forever 21
12. Another one of my favorite outfits (and beauty looks too!) My school had a Great Gatsby-themed event and all the girls dressed up for it! This is another one of my interpretations of the Roarin' Twenties! Themed dress-ups are always fun because you get to put your take on another style that may be completely out of your comfort zone! 

  • White Laced Dress: Borrowed from Roommate
  • Black Pantyhose: $7.99 2pk // Target
  • Brown Oxford Heels: $28 // Love D Shoes
13. For this last outfit, I wanted to end it with a recent outfit of the day that I did, right on time for Christmas. This outfit to me is reminiscent of what winter in Southern California looks like. The weather here makes it possible to wear a cute dress with boots and a flower crown. This is not how I normally dress, but I had fun putting it together! This picture was taken at my church in front of our rustic Christmas tree [:

  • Flower Crown/Headband: On sale $10 // Selvedge Dry Goods (They are this cute little boutique and I love all of their stuff. Check them out!)
  • Dark Purple Floral Dress: On sale $5 // Cotton On 
  • Cream, Coral, Salmon-colored Knee-High Socks: Can't remember // Target
  • Brown and Black Knee-High Boots: $38 // Target
So those were my top 13 outfits of 2013! I had so much fun dressing up, but of course these are only the outfits I recorded on camera. Next year I hope to get better at taking pictures of all my blog-worthy outfits to share them with you guys next year! Tomorrow, I will be counting down my top 13 beauty moments, and that will include makeup looks and products I discovered, anything with beauty. Until then, 

What was your favorite of these outfits? What is your favorite outfit that you wore/put together this year? 


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