Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday Best (Ootd Post)

This weekend has been lots of fun! I've been pretty busy so I haven't been able to post until now. I have a food review post coming up for you guys soon, but until then, let's talk about today (Sunday)!

Today, I got back on stage to sing worship at the church I've been going to for the summer! It's been a little over a year since I last sang worship on stage. It felt good. It was kinda like a reminder of how good God has been to me over the past few months. He is so good. 

Anyway, so back to the outfit post! This is the outfit that I put together to wear to church today [: I wanted to look nice, but I also wanted to cover up a little bit because the top of my dress was just knitted and hole-y (get it? Hahaha I'm so punny). Besides, I was also going to be on stage so I wore the button-up top instead of a regular cardigan.

  • Billabong Chambray Button-Up (was a gift from my mom)
  • White lacey and knitted dress from the Philippines (Also from my mom, haha)
  • Forever 21 Black Waist Belt: $5.80
  • Forever 21 White Crew Socks with Pink Bows: $2.80
  • Forever 21 Black Wedged Leather Booties: On sale $9.50

I love this dress that my mom got for me from the Philippines! It's very simple but it's so pretty. It's very easy to dress. I decided to wear the black booties instead of flats because I wanted to toughen up this pretty dress. And even though you can't see it, my button-up has studs on the pockets too. Another random thing I like is having exposed socks when I wear booties or boots. 

I haven't done an ootd post in a while. I was so excited to wear this today, so I just had to share it with you all! I hope you had a very relaxing Sunday [: Until then, chau for now!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer of Something New: Blog Update!

So if you're reading this, I'm pretty sure you can see that there is something different with my blog. I got it redone yesterday with the help of my friend, Kate, over at Kaleidoscopic. She did a great job, right? She was my co-editor when we worked on yearbook together in high school and we also were on the newspaper together as well, so I was very well familiar with her work. That's why I asked her to help me! I was going to pay her for doing so much for me, but she did it all for free! I know, one of my favorite words ever! I'm so blessed by her, you should go check out her blog because she's a starting blogger like myself, and she could use the love!

Another cool thing: I added an easy way to look through my posts and find exactly what you're looking for. On the sidebar to the right, there's a section entitled "Through the Eyes," and it has different categories. You can click through the links and see my posts about each category. I got the idea from my friend Caroline over at The Caro Diaries. I love her blog too, you should check it out!

Last but not least, it's my About Me page! I got around to fixing it a little too and adding some pictures for you to enjoy something to look at. I'm a visual person so I really appreciate looking at something when I'm reading (I even added a link to a video of me singing to a certain famous judge/artist ;). Click above at my pretty cool new menu (which isn't completely done... yet!) or here!

What do you think of my new blog? I sure hope you all love it! I really like the simplicity but I still have some stuff to add onto it, but until then, I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

We're Young & in Love, so what?

Right now, all I want to do is just pour out whatever is on my mind. I've been reading a few things and hearing things about relationships and there's been a lot going on in my head about the subject. I don't normally talk too much about Darell (my boyfriend, in case you didn't know) online but it's only because I've been thinking about a bunch of different things that I'll talk about us in this post.
*NOTE: These thoughts are all completely my own, and I'm just typing out whatever comes to mind so apologies ahead of time if it doesn't make sense.

Darell & I in 2010 after one of our first dates
Darell & I last Sunday at church!

I've been with my boyfriend just over three years, and I can tell you now that those three years have definitely not been a walk in the park. Last year (2012) was, hands down, our roughest year. Somehow, we managed to get through everything and this year has been our best yet. 

Yesterday, one of my friends shared an article on Facebook entitled, "My husband is not my soul mate." I decided to read it because it seemed interesting, and I agreed with what the woman was saying in her post. I'd read similar posts before, and that reinforced certain things I was thinking about. 

This is what some of the blog post said: 
 "God’s plan is for us to be made more holy, more like Christ… not marry a certain person...
There is no biblical basis to indicate that God has one soul mate for you to find and marry. You could have a great marriage with any number of compatible people. There is no ONE PERSON for you. But once you marry someone, that person becomes your one person. As for compatibility, my mom would always pipe up when my girlfriends and I were making our lists of what we wanted in a spouse (dear well meaning Christian adults who thought this would help us not date scumbags: that was a bad idea and wholly unfair to men everywhere) that all that really mattered was that he loved the lord, made you laugh, and was someone you to whom you were attracted. The rest is frosting." -Hannah from (you can read the rest here.)
I'll admit, I've been guilty of this before as well. Of course everyone wants to think that out of the six or so billion people in the world, you found "the One." Throughout the past few months, I've definitely realized that there really isn't one person for you. However, when you're with that person you're with, it is because you consciously choose to be with them and love them every day. 
Now I'm not married, so my situation is a little different. But I bring up that whole concept because I also recently had a conversation with a friend about why I'm choosing to be with one person for the rest of my life and not going out and seeing what else is out there for me. 
I can easily choose to leave my boyfriend and "experience different types of love" as I've heard before, or "test the waters." And although I'm indecisive about a lot of things, my love life is not one of them. 

From growing up in a divorced family and getting my heart severely broken (so much that it affected my self-esteem and self-worth), I decided at a young age that I'd take dating seriously, and that I'd date with the intention of a long-term relationship/marriage. 

So many people think that people who get serious at a young age are more at odds to divorce and have their relationship not end well. I'm not completely disagreeing with that thought. As young adults, your mindset is set on different things like having fun, partying, friends, or whatever it is. But what I am saying is that it does not apply to everyone. 

God gave us the ability to choose for ourselves, so yes it is possible that my boyfriend or myself could change our minds about each other down the road and not end up together. But whether or not that does happen, I will still choose to love him every single day. 

Two people whose thoughts on love and marriage that have really stuck with me over the past few months are things that Darell's mom and uncle have said to me.

His uncle was telling us about the hardships he went through with his family before he married Darell's aunt. Through all of that, he knew what he wanted, and he stood up for it, no matter how crazy he may have seemed. 

One day, I was talking to his mom about my dad's thoughts on relationships, that one fight automatically equals a bad relationship. His mom had been married to his dad for 21 years, and she said that fights are normal and not always a bad thing. In any relationship, romantic or not, it's gonna happen. She said that if you want your marriage to last, you have to fight through those fights, even if you don't want to deal with it. The problem with so many marriages today is that couples forget that promise they make to each other on their wedding day (for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do us part) and once they get to the "for worse" part, they call it quits. 

However, I am NOT talking about extreme situations like domestic violence. That's something different. What I am talking about is when couples argue or fight or aren't having the best part of their relationship for whatever reasons there are. What Darell's mom talked to me about is that she and her husband talk through whatever it is that they go through and make it work. They still choose to love each other every single day. 

People may say whatever they like about our relationship or the relationships of others who may be in similar situations, but as a word of encouragement, stand up for your relationship and fight through whatever may be going on. You're not alone. 

So even though I may not be married, these kinds of thoughts go through my mind all the time. It's normal to think about, especially if you've been in a long-term relationship with someone. Marriage is a lifetime commitment you make to your friends and family, but more importantly to God. It is something that we all want to do "right," but there is no formula other than having God first, your significant other second, and you last. Everything else is a variable. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Her Campus National Intercollegiate Conference 2013

If you've noticed to the right of this post, there is a section on my sidebar entitled "My Affiliates," and one of them is the Her Campus Blogger Network (HCBN), a blogging network through the website HerCampus, targeted at mostly females aged 15-30 and in college or just graduated from college. 

I must say that it's been great being part of the network, as it has opened up so many opportunities for me. Another opportunity is coming up, and although I can't make it, I highly encourage all of you to take it! 

This weekend, July 27-28, HerCampus will be hosting their National Intercollegiate Conference in New York, NY. There will be guest speakers, panels, workshops, and so much more that will be available to those who go! Did I also mention that there will also be goodie bags with free stuff and more? [: 

There will be people from all the brands mentioned above and more! There will be speakers from Vogue, Seventeen, the Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, TV Guide Magazine, just to name a few! Workshops will be about things from journalism, working at a magazine, breaking into PR, and resumé building! The opportunities to learn and network from some of media's most influential people are endless! 

July 27 is for HerCampus members only, July 28 is for all members and readers of HerCampus. Reserve your spot before it's too late! 

For more information, go to: Her Campus' website.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Camp Whittle 2013 // What I've Learned as a Camp Counselor

I'm finally back from camp, and although it was so amazing to be back, I am also very thrilled to be back at home to rest.

It was my first time at Camp Whittle in Big Bear with the San Pedro and Peninsula YMCA in five years, so I was so excited to come back as a camp counselor. When I went to camp as a kid, I had always told myself that I would keep coming back. After my first year of college, I decided that the timing was perfect.

My co-counselor, Victoria, & I!
When I went to my first camp meeting after missing most of them due to being in Peru/RFKC, I suddenly felt very out of place. I know that people will always come and go, but I was surprised to see how many unfamiliar faces filled the room. Mostly everyone was already well acquainted with each other, leaving my sister, my friend Samm, and I with each other. However, I was thrilled to see two old camp friends I made when I was a camper myself so long ago. It reassured me that it was a good thing to be back. 

I'm so happy that my co-counselor was someone that I was friends with when I was a camper myself. It made the idea of me being back with all these new people and minor changes to the camp feel familiar again, since I had someone who had shared some of the same memories I had of camp. 

To make it short and simple: this week wasn't as good as it could've been due to my co-counselor and I having 7 out of 8 of the girls being probably the most disrespectful and selfish little girls I have ever encountered. We weren't sure if it was just all of them being together or if they're really like that at home, but it was definitely a hard week. Regardless of all that, however, I must say that for one second I never regretted making the decision of coming back to camp. 

However, what made it easier was having the support of my co-counselor, my counselors-in-training (CIT's) (we all suffered together), my friends, and the directors. It was comforting to get encouragement, suggestions, or similar stories from others, which reminded me that I wasn't alone.
My sister & I with our rags

I also was able to get my brown rag and have the privilege to tie my sister's silver rag. The rag program is a program that the YMCA camps do where each person sets certain goals for themselves as they move up in the rag program. These goals are meant to be long term, lasting either a year or longer, maybe even 10. My friend Yasmine, one of my first friends at camp six years ago, was the one who had tied my brown rag. I am so blessed to have her in my life and still have kept in touch with her throughout the years.

So in short, this week was definitely... interesting. Haha. It was one heck of a ride, but it was all worth it. I'm so happy to have reconnected with my happy place, one of my favorite places to be in the world. I've also learned a few things from being a camp counselor this past summer...

  1. Pack more than you need! I know that this sounds like an obvious one, but I was trying so hard to pack lightly that I just thought I could reuse my jeans and sweaters over and over again. WRONG. With all the dust and dirt that comes with being at a camp in the middle of the forest in the mountains, you need to pack adequate changes of clothing to deal with the dirt. Thank goodness my sister let me borrow a sweater and pair of shorts from her to wear for the week. 
  2. Go all out! When you're a counselor, it is already a given that you need to actively participate in any and all camp activities. That being said, go big or go home! When you dress up for a themed day/meal, dress all out! You may look or feel stupid, but that's the beauty of camp. You shouldn't care about what others think of you because it's supposed to be a place for people to come together and be themselves. I think this can also apply to daily life as well. I've been learning a lot lately how important it is to put effort into everything you do, rather than making something mediocre just to say you did it. Everything has so much more meaning and feels so much more worth it if you do things that way. Besides, people always say, "If you feel stupid doing it, then you're doing it right." 
  3. Patience, my love. Being a camp counselor really teaches patience. If I could only say one thing I'd learn from being a camp counselor at the two separate camps, it would definitely be patience. Whether it is with the kids, with your co-counselor, with an activity, or with the week in general. No matter what goes on in your head as a camp counselor, it is really important to remind yourself constantly that eventually the time will come for whatever it is that you're waiting for. Disciplining myself not to say anything offensive or overtly hurtful to my campers was honestly a struggle that I had to fight at both of my camps. It was all good for me in the end because I'm more familiar with the way that kids work and am slowly learning how to deal with it. Kudos to all you parents out there for that, haha. 
My summer still isn't over, but it's been such a growing experience for me the past couple of months. Just when you think you know yourself, you learn something new. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Asians Eat Weird Things ft. AJ Rafael (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers

I came across this video through one of my friends on Facebook last week, and I found this video HILARIOUS! I also felt like it was pretty accurate!

I wanted to share it with you all because what they were saying about the Asian culture was relatively true, and I wanted to share about the food with you guys!

Most of you have probably heard about some of the weird things that Asians eat, whether it's shark, dog, canned meat, raw fish, or anything else like that.

The video basically acknowledges that yes, we do eat some pretty weird stuff, but you should still try it! It's one of those things where, to people that aren't used to it, it tastes a lot better than how it may look or smell. Shoot, I think it's pretty amazing food, if I do say so myself. [;

Lots of people know about Chinese food, like chow mein or orange chicken, or Japanese sushi, but have you ever tried anything different? Have you ever even heard of other Asian food? Cambodian food, Filipino food, Indonesian food, Thai food, Korean food... I could go on forever.

I have lots of pride for where I come from, so I love talking about it, especially the food! I just really appreciated this video because the article that reviewed it said that Asian food was finally getting the recognition it deserved. And I totally agree with it.

I know it smells weird and it sounds disgusting, but next time you get a chance, try some Asian food! If you like it, then great! You just discovered some awesome food [: If not, then that's cool too, I think it's still cool that you tried it!

What are your experiences with Asian food? Could you relate to the things that was said in the video? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Update: Summer Camp, Once Again

Hey everyone!

Some of you may be wondering why I'm not posting much this week, but this whole week I've been gone at camp! I'm currently a counselor once again, except I am at Camp Whittle through the San Pedro and Peninsula YMCA. This is a camp I used to go to as a kid so I'm really excited and happy to be back here again after 5 years of not being able to go. I don't have any guest bloggers this week, but I do have a scheduled post for ya'll later on this week. I hope that you all are doing swell! I'd love to hear updates on you; follow me on Bloglovin' and if you have a blog yourself, I'll follow you back! If you don't have a blog of your own, just comment below or contact me through any of my other social networking sites and I'd love to talk to you when I can! [:

 Chau for now! ♥

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer of Something New: Pacific Rim Movie Review

This is a very late post, but better late than never, right? I've decided to try this project out that my friend Annaliese over at Southern Belle in Training is doing as well! I've already been doing and trying out so many new things this summer, I might as well add them into a post!

So for the rest of my summer, I'll be posting about something new I've done for that week (except for next week, I won't be here). Having said that, let's get on with this! [:

I started reading a book, courtesy of my lovely boyfriend called "The Gospel According to Jesus." I haven't gotten too far into it, but I'm excited to read it because anyone could always use more clarification on the Bible. I love reading about that kind of stuff.

I also watched the new movie, Pacific Rim, when it came out Thursday night! I watched it with some really good guy friends of mine, and I must say that the movie was pretty good!

*NOTE: Spoilers ahead! 

It's about a war between the human race and monsters from an alternate world called kaiju. The humans develop jaegers (yay-gers) to fight off the kaiju. They are successful at first, but as they begin to adapt to the jaegers, they get stronger. Years later, the program gets shut down and there are only four jeagers left. Former pilot Raleigh is re-recruited to fight in the old jaeger he fought with his brother in until his brother was taken out of it and killed by a kaiju. He is paired up with Mako, adoptive daughter of the marshal of the entire fleet of jaegers, out of compatibility to "drift," or share thoughts and fight together, basically.

Long story short, after two jaegers go down and another one gets injured, Mako and Raleigh team up to help fight off the last bit of the kaiju and close off the bridge that is connecting the two worlds. You can guess how the story ends.

I totally butchered the movie's plot, but I think it's a movie everyone should watch for themselves. Of course, being the girl that I am, I wished that the relationship between Mako and Raleigh had progressed more throughout the movie, but I do like the deep emotional (and almost spiritual) connection they had to each other without physically showing it, unlike most movies. Some of the acting by other actors on some parts were really cheesy and bad, but I think that was intentional.

Although I love Romantic Comedies and Sci-Fi Action films aren't my first choice, this movie was done really well! I loved the special effects and just the flow of the plot in general. It also had its funny moments, which I enjoyed as well.

This week wasn't too crazy; I spent most of it preparing for the camp I'm leaving for later on today (Saturday). This is it for now! Chau for now, lovelies [:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Nail-ed It

Because of my busy schedule this past summer, for all of the month of June, my poor nails had to be without nail polish. From playing hardcore soccer with Peruvians to hiking up a mountain to helping campers build items in woodshop, it was probably for the best that I didn't paint my nails.

However, now that I've been home for the past two weeks, I've been able to paint my nails twice! I was originally going to get them done at a salon, but I figured that it would be more practical for me to do them myself.

For the 4th of July, I didn't know what to paint my nails until I found a nail color I'd gotten for Christmas but hadn't been able to use! It was a nautical and very "American pride" kind of polish, but it looked really nice on my nails [:

I used Sephora's Nonfat Soy Half Caff (it's a neutral, cappuccino-type color) as a base color to have underneath the glittery goodness that says "America." The red, white, and blue with stars glitter polish is Julep's America the Beautiful polish.

I actually thought my nails looked really nice with the red, white, and blue glitter on my nails. However, it started to chip after a couple days, so I decided to repaint my nails.

I wanted to do some kind of pattern on my nails with two colors that were summery but looked good together. I originally wanted to do a solid color with an outline of the nail on the edge, but I didn't feel like I had any colors that went well enough together to do so.

I came up with a simple geometric design using Nicole by OPI's Am I Making Myself Claire? from the Modern Family Collection and Forever 21's sea-greenish color (there's no official name for it) from their Teal Ombré Nail Kit (it's the second color from the very left in the set of colors). Unfortunately, my hand isn't steady enough to keep the polish from being messed up, but I think it looks pretty good, considering I did it free handedly (except for the pinky, which was an attempt to do a stencil).

So here are my summer nails for now. What do yours look like? I love seeing what other people do and swapping ideas for nail designs and all that. Leave a comment (or a picture) about your nails for the summer! I'd love to see/read your ideas and thoughts!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thrifty Nifty

I've been wanting to do some shopping lately, and yesterday I decided to go thrift shopping, or as my friends and I call it, thrifting. I'm so happy to have found a floral long sleeve top and white Gap high-waisted shorts for only five dollars for both! 

Two new additions to my wardrobe: for the cost of a Subway footlong! Haha. 
I have a lot of friends talk about thrifting, but then they tell me the prices of some of their pieces and it's the price of new pieces of clothing from a store like Forever 21! Honey, that's NOT thrifting!

Now, if the item originally costs more than 100 dollars or is designer, then sure, 20 dollars for it is a great deal! If something is also vintage and you can't find it anywhere else, then sure, that's acceptable too. But for most pieces of clothing, you can usually find really good quality pieces for less than 10 dollars at really good thrift stores. Now that's a deal! 

Shoot, if I can buy an outfit for only five dollars, then you can surely do the same! All it takes is a good eye, and patience. Here are some tips for thrift shopping: 

  1. Scope out different stores until you find one with really good deals! Notice how I don't say, until you find a store with lots of pieces you like. You can find key pieces that you like at any store. The problem that most of us have (including me) is the patience to look thoroughly through the racks to find that diamond in the rough. 
  2. Goodwill or Salvation Army are good stores to start thrifting in, but in most places, there are local thrift stores that can get cheaper than the chain thrift stores as well. I got my two pieces above at a local thrift store. 
  3. Check, check, check! Of course, when you go to any store with second-hand items, there tends to be little rips/tears, stains, and weird fits with some of the items. That's why it's really important to try the clothes on and check for little things you can't fix like stains before buying if possible. Even though these clothes are dirt cheap, it's always sad to fall in love with a piece of clothing, only to realize that you can't wear it because it can't fit or there's a nasty stain somewhere on it. I found a really cute pair of Tommy Hilfiger denim shorts (probably from the 90's) yesterday that I would've bought over my other shorts, but they were waaaay too tight on me when I tried them on. So please, check. You want your money to be well-spent. 
I wish you the best in your thrift shopping adventures! I hope you find cute pieces at cheap prices so you can bask in the glory of saving money. Got any more tips for thrifting? Leave a comment! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Gave in to Pinterest!

Hey ya'll! From the title of this post, I bet you can guess what I'm about to say. After a year of resisting the urge, I finally gave in and made myself a Pinterest!

I pushed it away for so long because I've seen my friends get so addicted to it, plan their weddings and things like that. I know myself well enough that I would love Pinterest for those reasons if I had ever made one. 

The reason I gave in today was because I'd seen a lot of my blogger friends from the Her Campus Blogger Network with Pinterests, and after asking "To pin or not to pin," I threw my hands in the air and decided to go for it. One of the girls said that it has helped a lot with gaining followers and moving traffic to her blog, so I'm going to give it a try. As of right now, I honestly don't feel too confident about Pinterest for me, but who knows, maybe it could work for me as it has for some of my friends! Besides, now I get to have access to super cute ideas for things like my dorm or future outfits [:

Follow me on Pinterest here! 

Thanks for your support [: Chau for now, lovely readers! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Imagination Exploration / Outfit of the Day

Today, I went to the California Science Center with my friend, Danica, and her family to see the space shuttle Endeavor! I love museums, and I love how the science center is so interactive, so I was pretty excited to go.

When we saw the Endeavor up close and personal in the exhibit it was in, I almost couldn't believe it. It was so weird but really cool that I was staring at the same space shuttle that has gone back and forth between Earth and space 25 times. Now it was sitting in a room in LA, where I could go see it. I like that it's here because it can serve to be an inspiration to those that want to aspire to be part of something historical or do something that seems totally crazy, like all those astronauts did when they went up into space. It's a cool reminder of what humans can accomplish.

Another aspect I liked about today: my outfit! Haha, I totally wasn't expecting this, but here's another ootd post about what to wear when you're out and about! 

I wanted to come up with an outfit that was easy to move around in for going to a museum, but nice-looking at the same time. I threw a few pieces together and came up with this outfit! The skirt is a little too nice for a museum visit, but the shirt and denim together make it a little more casual and fitting to the situation. Note: Denim is perfect to make any outfit more casual!

  • Top: Gold-chained printed shirt from Cotton On, on sale for $5! It was hard to find something similar to this that looked decent, but here's something.
  • Vest: This is a gold-studded denim vest from Forever 21 that I got for $17.80, I believe. Here is a similar one.
  • Skirt: This bodycon skirt is from Forever 21 (got it from my sister). Here's something similar.
  • Shoes: Well, I wore these yesterday. Check out yesterday's blog post if you wanna see where you can get a similar pair! 

So that was today. Stay tuned for this weekend! I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing, but I'm hoping it'll be something fun or different!

 Chau for now [:

Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebratin' Amurica (Ootd Post)

Hi everyone! It's technically July 5th (my boyfriend's and my own 37 month anniversary haha), but I hope you all had a great Independence Day/4th of July with your friends and families! I know I did with mine!

So since I haven't done one in a while, here's my ootd (outfit of the day for those who didn't know) for today!

Now I know that most people do holiday-inspired outfits before the day of so that you can have an idea of what to do for that day, but even I didn't know what I was going to wear until today, and besides I think that for some people, they don't need one day to celebrate America! Some celebrate us all year long! #AmericanPride haha.

The picture quality is a little weird... yay for iphone cameras haha!
  • Headband: Actually it's a scarf from the Philippines that my boyfriend's mom gave me a couple years back (Thanks Tita!). You can find something similar here.
  • Top: I'm wearing a white pleated bib button-up from Forever 21 in the Philippines (Thanks Mom!). You can get it here.
  • Shorts: These navy blue, high-waisted shorts are from Goodwill. I got them for only $2! You can find a similar denim version here.
  • Shoes: These red printed loafers were from Target for $19.99! You can get something similar here.
This outfit mixes the colors of America in a really simple, yet 60's inspired manner with the headband done the way it is and my cat-eye liner (which you may not be able to see well). This is my own version of colorblocking, haha. 

Wanna see more from my 4th of July celebration with my family? Follow me on Instagram or Twitter! I'm always updating on days like this and more! Until next time, chau for now! [:

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Why You Should Go to Camp

(UPDATE 07/01/14: Photos from camp 2013 were added to this post after this was posted.)

I just came back from a summer camp last week, and in a week and a half I'll be off again to another camp. It's my first time going to summer camps since I was in middle school, and I had never been more excited for summer because of it. As I was talking to my boyfriend about it, he didn't realize how much of a big deal camps are to me. Actually, most of my friends within the past few years probably didn't realize (but probably aren't surprised) that camp was a huge part of my life.

A few of my camp friends and their cabin years ago! (I was not there that year) Source: my friend Heaven

Camp is the place for lifelong memories

In middle school, I went to a few different camps through the San Pedro and Peninsula YMCA, and coming back as a counselor to one of the camps and Royal Family Kids Camp brings back so many memories that I cherish so much. Camps were always the highlights of my summers. 

That being said, here are a few reasons why you (or anyone) should go to camp (even if you're a counselor): 

  1. You get to be out of the house! One of the things I always dread about summer is wasting my life staying at home and watching tv. Going to camp gets you out of the house and keeps you busy for a few days. If you're lucky (and can afford it), you can go to camp for a few weeks, or maybe even a month or so! 
  2. It gives you something to look forward to! Most of the time, you have to register for camp weeks or months in advance, probably while you're still in school. Even if all your other plans for summer are up in the air, camp will get you excited that you at least won't be doing absolutely nothing the whole three months of break. 
  3. It makes for a great job/volunteer opportunity! Both of the camps that I'm working at are volunteer-based, but there are tons of camps that pay you to be a counselor for them! (You'd have to be over 18, of course). I have a couple friends working at camps for most if not the whole summer, and they get paid a set amount for the whole summer and have weekends and I think nights off as well! Whether or not you want to work for a week or a month, there are camps out there for you! 
  4. You learn and try so many new things! It's usually only at camp where most people get to do things like banana-boating, horseback riding, archery, high ropes, or do arts and crafts like "shrinky-dinks." Camp lets you explore so many different areas that one wouldn't normally get to do at home, and it makes that activity that much more special because you get to look forward to it at camp every summer. Even if you're a counselor, you get many opportunities to act and feel like a camper. 
  5. You meet amazing people! The two years I went to four summer camps with the Y as a camper, I met so many different people! I may not talk to them all the time, but we all definitely remember each other when we run into each other outside of camp. Since coming back to camp as a counselor for the first time in five years, my friends and I still clearly all remember each other from camp. These people become unforgettable to you.
  6. Last but not least, these memories last a lifetime. If camp wasn't great, people wouldn't keep coming back as counselors years later, long after they've outgrown being campers. After my last year as a camper I always promised myself I'd come back, and after five years, I'm able to make that happen. Other people have been going to camp for 25 years, even longer. It may only be a week or a month, but regardless of the time, you will remember it forever. 
What do you miss about camp? What was your experience like? Did I forget any other reasons to go? Do you disagree? Leave a comment below!