Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Your Story Blog Hop: Your Happy Place

I'm back from camp! And as inspired by camp, I decided to make this week's prompt about your happy place. We all have one--where do you feel at most ease? 

What is your happy place? Where is it and why do you see it as your happy place? How did you discover it and often do you visit it? 


Hands down, my happy place is a place I like to call Camp Whittle. This year was my 4th year going, although it isn't my 4th consecutive year. I went for two years as a camper before going on a 5 year hiatus, then I came back as a camp counselor last year. 
Me as a camper in 2008 before my unexpected hiatus

When I left camp my second year in 2008, I had fully intended to come back the next year for my last year as a camper. Actually, I had fully intended to continue going to camp for the next few years until I got older, but life happened. I got super involved in my church at the time and couldn't leave for camp the next year, or the years after that. Paying for camp was also an issue and I didn't want to burden my parents with paying for it. So as a result, I stopped going.

Even though I stopped going to camp for those few years, every year around the time of camp I always got sad, knowing that all these people were going to my favorite place in the world while I was stuck in the city. They were off making great memories while I was at home. I promised myself that I would return one day and also continue on in the ragger (goal-oriented) program the YMCA has as well. 

Last year, as I was finishing up my last few weeks in my freshman year of college, I remembered camp and that I was finally old enough to be a counselor and to go for free. I emailed the head director of camp, and he sent me an application to apply. 

Long story short, I returned. And it was so amazing to be back. It was weird to go back because there were so many new people and new changes in the ways camp was run, but at the same time, camp itself remained the same. The same trees, the same dining hall, and the same cabins. 

My co-counselor and I from last year
I was lucky enough to be a co-counselor with a girl I knew as a camper, although we weren't really close friends back then or anything. I was just happy to know that she remembered me, even if it was only a little. Most of my friends that were still going camp remembered me as the girl who could sing (if they remembered me at all). 

My cabin wasn't the easiest cabin, to say the least, but that wouldn't stop me from coming back again. I came back this year more ready and motivated to make this place a happy place for the girls in my cabin, as well as reconnect myself with nature. 

These pictures are out of order and I don't have many of nature or any of my cabins because we couldn't have our phones out for most of the camp. But I can assure you, Camp Whittle is a beautiful place. I don't ever want to go on long, 5-year-breaks from camp ever again. 


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I'm still recovering from being at camp, so I apologize for getting this post up super late! I'm extending the time to link up from tomorrow at midnight to the end of July 31st! Tell me about where you like to go and be happy!

Chau for now

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