Thursday, July 10, 2014

My New Baby: The Dell Venue 8

Let's face it: we're all addicted to the internet and always want to feel connected to the world around us, whether we like it or not. First there are computers, then smart phones, and now tablets.

I'll be honest and say that when tablets first came out, I didn't think that I'd ever want one, much less own one. I didn't think they were necessary and thought that my iPhone and Macbook were all I needed.

Then, Intel decided to gift me with the Dell Venue 8 and my world was changed forever.

I was excited, but nervous to receive my new tablet because the possibilities of what I could do with it were endless.

One of the main things that I love about the Dell Venue 8 is its small and portable size! It is small enough for me to pack in my purse and go wherever I need. And even with its portable size, the screen is still large enough (8 inches wide) and clear for someone wanting to type out an email or watch videos on it! Because of all of that, I always take it with me because it's so much easier than lugging around my laptop.

This tablet is my first Android product ever, so I've really enjoyed using it and getting familiar with the Android operating system. There were things that I preferred from the Android system from before because of my parents having Android phones, but now I get to have it for myself! Like for example, I like being able to use some cool design for the lock screen. It makes me feel like my stuff is more secure. I just have to make sure that I remember it.

I love being able to use Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook on my tablet. The bigger screen just makes everything bigger and makes me feel cooler because I'm holding it in the palm of my hand, compared to a laptop that is bulkier and my phone that is smaller.

I'm still getting used to using a tablet, but I'm loving it so far. Another feature I love is that it has both a front and back camera, perfect for skyping people (and selfies... whoops haha)! I haven't taken many photos because I still feel weird using a huge tablet to take photos, but I'll probably talk about that more in another post.

Until then, I just want to know what apps I should download from the Google Play store. I have a few (like Buzzfeed, Evernote, Blogger, the Bible App), but what else do you recommend?

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  1. Beautiful new tablet! Having new tech is always a thrill. Glad you're enjoying it.

    Also, I love your nails! :D


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