Tuesday, July 1, 2014

An Eventful Weekend: Jumping, Rafting, and Camping

I'm sorry, I've been so off my blogging schedule lately. This past weekend was a pretty eventful one, which is partially why I'm a day late in posting this week. 

FRIDAY: I did nothing for most of the day, but later that night I went to a place called Skyzone with a bunch of people from my church! It's a place where you can just jump on trampolines everywhere. You can even play dodge ball, dunk basketballs, and do flips into the foam pit. It's a lot of fun, and I wish I had more pictures. I didn't want my phone falling out of my pocket while jumping so I kept it in a locker with my other stuff. 

SATURDAY: The boyfriend and I spent Saturday river rafting with one of his cousins and his cousins for his cousin's birthday! Because of the drought that California is currently in, the river wasn't as high or strong as it has been in past years, according to the workers. Regardless, we still had a great time! I recommend doing river rafting or white water rafting if you ever get the opportunity to!

SUNDAY: I had a normal day at church as usual, then I had an all-day training for the camp that I will be working at in less than two weeks! I don't have any pictures from the training, but after that I can tell you that I am seriously beyond excited for it! If you want to know why camp is such a big deal to me or if you're interested in going to a camp next summer, check out my top reasons to go to camp post that I wrote last year! As tiring as they are, camps are worth it.

So that was my eventful weekend; these next two weeks are going to be hectic as I prepare to go to camp next weekend (not this weekend). How was your weekend? Have you done any of these things?

Chau for now

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  1. I have not been white water rafting in SOOO LONG! It is by far one of my favorite outdoor activities.


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